Deepti Chandak- A Trendsetting Entrepreneur and Fashion Influencer
Deepti Chandak

What is fashion? Fashion is the balance of comfort & style that makes one unique. Fashion keeps track of the transformation in the political and historical moments of life. It is escapism, which changes our identity and looks along with the shifting times.

It took aeons to change the traditional attitude towards the fashion industry. It was the 20th century that created a revolution and expanded the fashion industry worldwide. From the royal attires of the medieval period to the modern designer’s clothes, fashion renovated the attitude towards our appearance. In today’s world, the fashion industry is one of the most reputed sectors and many fashion influencers are expanding its boundaries with their unique styles.

Deepti Chandak – a smart, confident, and self-made woman – is one of the prominent names on that list. Deepti is a lifestyle content creator who works with the fashion, tourism, beauty, and entertainment industry. Deepti’s attire is a manifestation of her personality & character. Fashion is an inherent part of her daily life, and she combines the classic styles with a modern edge.

Unfolding the Journey

Deepti is an inspiring individual & her life is filled with enthralling experiences. She has significant influence in the international realm too. Applauded by celebrities and giant brands, she quickly became a wellknown personality for fashion advice. Deepti said, “To be honest, I wasn’t a fashion person. I was more into tees and denim until college. Fashion happened when I was employed in the luxury/fashion industry as a media manager in Dubai.”

Her boss, Karima Liusie, was her mentor and she inspired Deepti a lot. With great fashion sense and style, Karima’s presence had a vibrant vibe. Deepti learned a lot from her about fashion and also how to conduct one’s life with dignity and poise. Deepti has interviewed various celebrities for her social channel. Deepti said, “The experience has been wonderful and interacting with the brands has given me a lot of confidence. Being close to well-known personalities also helps me understand how they handle pressure, and their happening lives also add zest to my life.”

Deepti was one of the pioneers in social media influencer, having started it way back in 2012. She won several accolades for her excellence. She has over 14 years of work experience in luxury fashion. She has worked with Al Tayer group for over 9 years with various brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, BVLGARI, Al Tayer Motors, Jimmy Choo, Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales to name a few. She has worked on the successful launch of Bloomingdale’s Dubai and Kuwait and OUNASS Dubai and KSA.

She has worked with brands like Samsung Arabia, Amazon, The Dubai Mall, Emaar, Dubai Tourism (DTCM), Dubai Food Festival, Address Hotels, Spain Tourism, Mauritius Tourism, Zurich Tourism,,, Al Jaber Optical, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, and many more. She was featured in the advertising campaign for Emaar at The Dubai Mall Screens, Reel Cinemas, and Emirates In-flight Entertainment.

Deepti specialises in offline (print, cinema, radio, OOH events) and digital media (display ads, content creation, social media, and influencer marketing). She has very good relations with the key publishers in the market. She has also done various event collaborations with top media houses.

Jive With Deepti: The Success Story of a Blogger

Deepti was very enthusiastic to explore her views on topics like travel, lifestyle, fashion, and food. This enthusiasm led her to develop her blog ‘JiveWithDeepti’ in Dubai, in 2012. The international blogger shared her experiences from the Middle East region in her blog. But the story was not only limited to the gulf region. She has also explored the beauty of different locations across the world such as – the vintage streets of Europe, the serene shores of Mauritius, the majestic skyscrapers of Dubai, and many more. Today Deepti is a well-known influencer in Dubai and India with over 450,000 followers on Instagram at

According to Deepti, when it comes to social media, consistency is really the key. She said, “I have been focused since I started in 2012. I have shared my journey with my followers, and they have loved my work. It has encouraged me to keep moving forward. It feels wonderful to gain appreciation and it makes my work more fun.”

Deepti also showcased Indian culture through her blog and today she is a well-known social influencer in India as well as in the Middle East. Her blogging career has helped her rediscover her inner qualities that define her personality. Today she is regarded as a trends-enthusiast, and nothing makes her happier than receiving messages from her followers for sharing positivity in their lives through her words. Blogging is her passion, and she loves it.

Pandemic Days and The Inception of Luxpresso

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything as it affected travelling and a lot of her projects got held up. So Deepti focused a lot on her health in the last year. She spent over a month in Rishikesh completing the training course of a Yoga teacher. She realized fashion cannot be a priority in these times when people are stuck at home trying to survive. But her passion didn’t allow her to merely sit and watch the world through the windows.

When the world was stuck in lockdown, and people generally felt miserable, Deepti pushed herself to use her time wisely & worked on starting her dream magazine – Luxpresso. It’s a definitive guide to the luxury lifestyle in the world with features on fashion, people, design, accessories, travel, arts and culture, home, beauty, auto, and weddings. Team Luxpresso seeks to cover everything that defines luxury living with a focus on global trends.

Deepti is overjoyed with the experience and thinks that the journey has been great until now. She is currently focusing on the vision that she had envisaged for the magazine and has faced many challenges since the inception of the magazine. The main challenge was to establish Luxpresso in a very competitive market. It is still a work in progress and would be early to consider it a success.

The Luxpresso is a medium through which Deepti shows her take of the luxury industry. She is hopeful that people will like her version and appreciate the hard work that goes into making her magazine successful. All her accomplishments can be credited to her strong self-belief and her neverending zest for achieving more. She aspires to reach her potential and experience all facets of life.

Shining Feathers in Her Cap

Apart from winning the hearts of her readers, Deepti won a ‘Best Asian Blogger 2013 Masala Award’. She was nominated for the same in 2014 and 2015, highlighting her successful influence in blogging. She was also nominated for the ‘Best Female Personality’ at Ahlan People’s Choice Awards, UAE 2014.

She was nominated twice for the award – ‘Best Blog’ at the Ahlan People’s Choice Awards, UAE for years 2015 and 2016. Also, she was nominated for ‘Best Female Personality’ at Ahlan People’s Choice Awards, UAE in 2014. Another nomination was for ‘Lifestyle Social Media Star of the Year’, for the Stylist Magazine UAE Social Media Awards 2016 and 2017. These accolades demonstrate her excellence and the milestones she achieved.

The Success Mantra

Deepti shares her secret for success – “There is no free lunch in this world. And behind every successful endeavour there is a lot of hard work. So be ready to work hard. You will be discouraged or feel demotivated at various steps during this journey, but never give up. Be smart, consistent, and relevant. Find out what your audience wants and work around it. Be patient and you will be successful. Most importantly believe in yourself and the universe will guide you.”

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