Dejan Štancer: Championing Mentorship and Leadership for Positive Change
Dejan Štancer
Dejan Štancer

The global economy is a progressive intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship and collective aspirations for a brighter tomorrow. Here, diverse perspectives converge to drive progress, sustainability and inclusive growth. Boundaries dissolve as collaboration ignites transformative ideas, propelling societies towards a prosperous future.

Within this competitive environment, the Global Chamber of Business exemplifies visionary leadership. Established in 2014, this esteemed organization celebrates its 10-year anniversary as a stalwart advocate for international commerce and corporate excellence within the European Union.

At the helm of this prestigious institute is Dejan Štancer, the President whose journey epitomizes resilience and commitment. From a young age, Dejan harbored dreams of a world characterized by connection and cooperation. His path to leadership was paved with fervent dedication and a thirst for knowledge, marked by a series of transformative experiences that shaped his unique leadership style.

In his words, “Every experience, regardless of successes or failures, has contributed to the formation of my leadership style and approach. And today, from the point of view of success, I can say that there were indeed many falls, but perseverance was always greater than the falls.”

Through the Global Chamber of Business Leaders, Dejan embodies the essence of collaborative leadership, leveraging his profound insights and expertise to foster meaningful engagements and drive impactful initiatives across borders.

As the organization marks a decade of influence, Dejan’s visionary leadership continues to guide the global discourse towards sustainable growth and prosperity, embodying the spirit of innovation and resilience that defines the realm of international business.

From Ambition to Action

Dejan’s motivation to pursue his career stems from a profound ambition to lead on a global scale and effect positive change. “I wanted more cooperation and less conflict and hostility,” he shares.

This aspiration led him to focus on a leadership role within a global organization, where he could actively contribute to fostering progress and growth through enhanced economic integration and cooperation. His journey embodies a commitment to translating vision into tangible impact driven by a desire to shape a more collaborative and harmonious world.

Celebrating Success

Throughout his career, Dejan has been honored with recognition and praise for his contributions to sustainable organizational leadership, youth development, and empowerment, among others. These awards reflect the dedication and hard work of the team, highlighting their commitment to excellence and innovation.

The greatest reward for me is the one I receive from my colleagues when I see their dedication and commitment to the realization of common goals,” shares Dejan. “Nothing can be better than this feeling when you share a vision with someone devotedly,” Dejan emphasizes that organizations are ultimately comprised of people who work together, united by a shared idea and vision.

Promoting Prosperity and Unity

The mission of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders is to connect business leaders worldwide, foster new business opportunities and drive positive global change. “Our vision is more cooperation and less conflict and war,” emphasizes the organization’s commitment to promoting collaboration over discord. The organization believes that increased economic opportunities and prosperity reduce susceptibility to empty political agendas.

Maintaining a steadfast dedication to ethics and solidarity is paramount. This commitment ensures alignment with broader aspirations shared by many who lack the means to realize them independently.

The Global Chamber of Business Leaders advocates for enhanced economic connectivity and development, prioritizing personal integrity and ethical conduct in all endeavors. This approach underscores the organization’s unified pursuit of its mission and vision for a more cooperative and prosperous world.

Overcoming Adversity

As a manager, Dejan has faced a spectrum of challenges, spanning financial constraints to human resource management issues. These trials have served as crucibles for testing his resilience, problem-solving abilities and leadership acumen. They demand constant adaptation and evolution in the face of changing circumstances.

Overcoming these challenges involved a combination of strategic planning, effective communication, collaboration, and persistence,” says Dejan. By fostering a culture of resilience, open dialogue and leveraging the strengths of the entire Global Chamber of Business Leaders team, especially the Managing Board, Dejan states, “We were able to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger and more resilient, but with the awareness that challenges are part of our journey.”

Driving Efficiency

In the Global Chamber of Business Leaders, technology plays a pivotal role in operations. “Technology allows us to constantly improve the efficiency of processes and communication and creates the conditions for the promotion of innovation,” explains Dejan.

By adopting cutting-edge technologies and staying abreast of industry trends, the organization is better equipped to adapt to changing conditions and seize new opportunities.

We follow trends and always introduce new technological processes, some of which are already based on artificial intelligence,” Dejan adds. This commitment to innovation simplifies operations and fuels continuous organizational growth.

Balanced Leadership

My main priority is to ensure that my leadership style is inclusive and accessible to all, and, of course, that it delivers results,” says Dejan. “By fostering a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion, we create an environment where each individual feels valued, respected and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents.”

As a leader, Dejan strives to be inclusive, fair and correct, while maintaining a pragmatic approach. “Pragmatism and experience are what you can never go wrong with, neither in the way of leading nor in the direction,” he adds. This balanced leadership style ensures effectiveness and inclusivity in achieving organizational goals.

Empowering Future Leaders

Mentoring and empowering other leaders are integral aspects of Dejan’s leadership approach. He explains, “I prioritize mentoring by constantly ensuring that new guidance and support is provided, fostering opportunities for the development of the Managing Board and other hierarchical structures within the organization.”

Dejan emphasizes the adoption and implementation of new development strategies while actively mentoring and supporting new staff joining the Global Chamber of Business Leaders. “The addition of new colleagues to our organization is a constant process, and mentoring and training are essential components of this ongoing effort,” he adds.

Fostering Unity Across Boundaries

As a leader, I strive to leave a legacy of inspiration and strength for the youth of the future,” shares Dejan. “By leading by example, advocating for positive change and nurturing the next generation of leaders, I hope to instill a sense of purpose, resilience and passion to create change.”

Dejan finds great fulfillment in witnessing a collective spirit of cooperation among individuals from diverse cultural and life backgrounds, who might otherwise be expected to maintain reservations due to political or other reasons. “This reflects my ability as a leader to create conditions for cooperation and co-creation, fueled by the right energy and charisma,” he notes. This inclusive approach underscores Dejan’s commitment to fostering collaboration and unity across boundaries for the greater good.

Creating a Fairer, More Connected World

Looking ahead, my aspirations and goals for the future, both personally and professionally, include continuing to drive organizational growth,” explains Dejan. “I believe we have initiated a significant change that will make the world fairer and more connected in the future.” Through ongoing dedication, innovation and collaboration, Dejan remains committed to realizing these aspirations and contributing to a brighter future for all.

Leadership Principles for Positive Impact

I always advise young people to surround themselves with experienced individuals, maintain keen hearing and vision, and keep an open mind to new ideas, even if they are not fully understood at first,” shares Dejan. The knowledge and experience acquired will prove invaluable in the future, empowering them with the perceptiveness and strong intuition essential for leadership.

Dejan recognizes the importance of mentoring and guiding young individuals to become leaders in the 22nd century. “The more young people I can empower to bring positive change to the world, the greater the legacy I will leave behind,” he notes.

My advice to other leaders who want to make a positive impact in their fields is to always follow their minds and hearts; stay true to their values, embrace continuous learning, encourage collaboration and lead with empathy and integrity while respecting ethics,” shares Dejan.

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