Dental Implant Facts to Know Before Taking the Final Plunge
Dental Implant

Missing teeth necessitate filling the gaps to facilitate proper chewing and maintain oral aesthetics. Conventional dentures and bridges may do the needful, but they may not be suitable for everyone. You may have to opt for a different dental restoration technique in case of soreness, discomfort, poor mouth structure, etc. According to the National Library of Medicine, we began to acknowledge the health-associated quality of life since WHO extended the conventional definition of health back in 1948. Oral health implies not just the absence of any issues or disease but the overall well-being so that an individual can perform fundamental functions such as smiling, talking, eating, and contributing to the community or society creatively.

Dental experts firmly believe that dental implants are best for replacing missing teeth. They are best for protecting your jawbone. There are several reasons why dental implants are gaining so much popularity.

Facilitates Comfortable Fit and Ensures Natural Look

Dental implants have been designed by experts so that they function, look, and feel like natural teeth. Moreover, implants are best for instilling confidence in you so that you can eat, engage in socializing, and smile without any worries about falling dentures or how you look.

Reliable & Durable

With consistent care and proper maintenance, dental implants can be long-lasting. You can rely on them and rest assured of positive outcomes.

Assured a High Success Rate

Well-planned and well-maintained implants usually offer better survival rates than any other teeth replacement technique. They promise high success rates thanks to cutting-edge implant technology and enhanced techniques. Healthy individuals can expect successful implants. Get in touch with Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions office in Honolulu for positive outcomes.

Much-Improved Eating & Chewing Abilities

Dental implants are strategically placed, like your natural teeth in the jaw bone. Over a period, dental implants will work toward the preservation of your jaw bone and reduction in bone resorption. You can speak far more clearly and chew your food much better with the help of dental implants.

Enhanced Bone & Facial Features

Dental implants are best for preserving natural bone tissue as you can avoid cutting down your adjacent teeth for traditional bridgework. Dental implants help preserve your bone and remarkably reduce bone deterioration and resorption. You may no longer fear losing jaw bone height. Dental implants are effective in restoring your jaw bone structure since they assist in reducing the pressure on the remaining teeth or oral structures and preserving natural tooth tissue.

What is the Ideal Time for Getting a Dental Implant? 

If a tooth needs to be removed, it is critical to get it replaced at the earliest for maintaining your overall dental health and aesthetic appeal. Even a missing tooth has the power to adversely impact the alignment of the remaining natural teeth. If you delay treatment, your teeth may start shifting out of their position and trigger bite issues.


You may opt for immediate implant placement after an extraction. Alternatively, you may wait about a couple of months after removing your tooth. Waiting for some time post-tooth removal facilitates initial gum healing. You can expect fantastic aesthetic outcomes.

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