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Destiny Planners
Yogesh Satishchandra Baheti | Founder | Destiny Planners

The current world is a place where there are a lot of opportunities to succeed. While there are many options to achieve the goals, at the same time the challenges are also enormous. The market situations combined with interpersonal issues are creating enough chaos in India and abroad. In such situations, people tend to come under work pressure leading to switching in jobs.

The two major reasons behind decreasing job satisfaction are the lack of awareness and balancing work life and personal life. Destiny Planners provide counselling to develop a sense of awareness towards the job and to identify one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Destiny Planners helps professionals in getting conscious with their core competencies such as preferred working style, psychological wellbeing, professional interest, character and anger management. It guides them in correcting their attitude towards work, learning pattern and managing their behaviour under pressure. Such guidance gives clarity and ultimately helps each individual to get a great boost to achieve their goals in life.

Extraordinary Mind Behind Destiny Planners

Yogesh Satishchandra Baheti is the Founder of Destiny Planners. He founded Destiny Planners in August 2011. On the educational front, he has received a Professional Agency Builder Degree from Kinder Brothers International, Dallas, USA.  He has an overall experience of 21+ years and has worked for various MNCs such as Glaxo Smith Kline, MaxLife, Birla Sunlife, TATA AIG, Just dial and a few more.

Currently, Yogesh is a certified career analyst by Edu Milestone, learning specialist by Energeia SOI-USA. Apart from this, he is certified by SEBI for the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI).

Providing Career Guidance

Depending on the age of the students, Destiny Planners provide a customized career plan. The basic career analysis at this counselling are provided to students who are still in school. Depending on their interest, talent and various multiple intelligence assessments, the counsellors suggest the stream to pursue a career. It also provides counselling to engineering and other graduate students.

Apart from that, Destiny Planners provides counselling to professionals who are facing problems at their workplace. It helps the clients overcome early and mid-level crises. People suffering from personal issues are also counselled through behaviour analysis and a viable solution is provided.

Along with this, students who are willing to move abroad for higher education are provided counselling. Destiny Planners also offers immersive learning through 360-degree virtual reality.

Overcoming the Challenges

Speaking about the challenges, Yogesh says, “We know of no more difficult occupational challenge than that faced by a counsellor as he or she moves from their formal education into doing counselling. A physician can learn from other physicians how to set the broken leg so that the body’s systems will mend it. Then that physician can use that skill in his or her practice.” However, every counsellor brings a unique personality to the counselling situation and every client responds to that personality differently from every other counsellor. Yogesh adds, “And you as a counsellor respond to each client uniquely because of who they are! Each client-counsellor relationship is unique!”

Embracing the Technological Advancements

In this digital world, technology plays a significant role and Destiny Planners has excellent enforcement of technology. It has online career guidance platforms and online meetings sessions. The counsellors are available on Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube Channel so as to reach students, parents and professionals present at any part of the world. Due to this many students who are from Australia, Muscat, India are being benefitted.

Yogesh says, “We make people aware of – Google Hangout Now Duo, Skype, Zoom, Goto Meeting, any desk, TeamViewer and Video Call apps for Counselling and Online payment systems.” Students are also equipped with artificial intelligence-based output by using technological tools like dashboards. This helps the students clear their respective entrance exam.

According to Yogesh, “There are eight vital kinds of Intelligence by which one person differs from another. Though we have eight bits of intelligence, each one is developed in a particular way that makes us unique and different from each other. Multiple intelligence theory asserts that individuals with a high level of aptitude in a particular type of intelligence do not necessarily have a similar aptitude in any other type of intelligence. If a student has an interest, passion, skills and abilities in a particular career then he becomes a genius in that domain.”

Endless Students Assistance

The aim of Destiny Planners is to develop the best interpersonal skill. This is done by understanding one’s natural character traits, identifying and further developing their core competencies. The team at Destiny Planners help its clients in making a proper plan to achieve their goals and live their dreams. It helps them identify the most suitable learning and leadership styles by discovering their own abilities and choosing the right career path.

At Destiny Planners, students are helped to set a smart goal according to their age and their talent. Concluding on this note, Yogesh says, “By giving them online student dashboard for monitoring their progress, we take a timely review and assign the best mentor for particular courses. It is done to help them get technical knowledge and for development in particular fields. We also provide job assistance across India.

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