Didacta Asia 2024 Focuses on Rethinking Education Transformation Theme
Didacta Asia
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Didacta Asia, in collaboration with high-level educational representatives, sponsored a luncheon discussion to discuss the “Didacta Asia Congress 2024,” which will take place concurrently with “Didacta Asia 2024” under the topic “Rethinking Education Transformation.”

Led by the SEAMEO Secretariat, the congress will bring together experts from Thailand and Southeast Asia to discuss education policies, equality, and professional development for teachers and educational personnel.

Hans Stoter, Managing Director for China Asia at Messe Stuttgart, the organizer of Didacta Asia, stated that this year’s theme, “Didacta Asia 2024: Shaping the Future Skills,” focuses on improving learning and skill development by efficiently employing technology to promote efficient learning and comprehension.

The aim is to create an educational environment that meets both current and future needs in our rapidly changing world.

As a result, the event will include the Didacta Asia Congress, a major seminar platform that will bring together educational specialists from many countries and key educational government agencies to collaborate on developing educational policy orientations and presenting essential tools and curriculum.

Didacta Asia 2024 and the Didacta Asia Congress 2024, taking place from October 16-18, 2024, will include experience-sharing sessions, training seminars, workshops, student competitions, and an exhibition of educational technology and innovation from around the world.

John Arnold Siena, Deputy Director (Programme & Development) at SEAMEO Secretariat, expressed pleasure in co-organizing the congress. SEAMEO will present two sessions. The first session will focus on implementing policies and technology to promote educational equity, joined by educational ministers from various Southeast Asian countries. The second session will focus on technology, inclusivity, and equitable education in Southeast Asia.

Panpermsak Arunee, Acting Advisor for Development on Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation at the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation, highlighted the IGNITE THAILAND vision for sustainable economic growth, emphasizing the need for continuous learning and the Sandbox Curriculum Project for innovative education models. The Congress will promote this ambition through knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Phonraphee Thummaphan, Deputy Secretary General of The Teachers’ Council of Thailand, stated that the Teachers’ Council has been developing standards and accreditation for teacher qualifications and has identified a need for further education and development in the teaching profession. The Didacta Asia Congress can greatly support teachers’ lifelong education. The Teachers’ Council of Thailand invites teachers nationwide to attend Didacta Asia 2024 to develop their skills and gain new insights from the event.

Kritsachai Somsaman, Director of SEAMEO STEM-ED, stated that at the Didacta Asia Congress, SEAMEO STEM-ED will present project-based learning approaches. Successful case studies will be showcased, with students sharing their knowledge, methodologies, and the benefits they gained from learning through various project activities.

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