Do Boarding Schools in Bangalore Add Value to the Lives of Students?
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There is always an ongoing debate about whether sending your child/children to a boarding school is a feasible decision or not. There is no definite answer to this question and there are pros and cons to making this decision as has been discussed so many times before. If you are confused whether you should take admission for your child at a boarding school in Bangalore, then you must first analyse both sides of the coin and take an informed decision.

It is an opinion and can differ from person to person. Schooling in a boarding house is a significant and essential phase of a student’s life as it contributes immensely towards the holistic development and growth of the child. It has the power to influence life in many ways and this is the reason why parents residing in cities like Bangalore want the ideal educational experience for their children by enrolling them at the best boarding school in Bangalore.

Residential schools have their influence on the upbringing of the child, overall character development and are an excellent option for inculcating moral values in young ones. Learning does not stop in a residential school wherein your child gains social skills and experience.

Let us look at some of the benefits of residential schools for your child: 

Enhanced Communication Skills

Students at residential schools get higher opportunities in academic and co-curricular events. In the process, they maintain and grow active communication skills. Some of the best ICSE boarding schools in Bangalore ensure that students are encouraged, challenged, and involved in various activities held on campus. Students learn to voice opinions, ask questions, and develop a specific set of communication skills which is highly beneficial for higher education and career goals.

Resolution Skills

Students in Residential schools have their battles to fight and thus they learn to resolve issues on their own. They are self-dependent and self-reliant and have consistent, long-term, and positive relationships with peers and teachers. They become responsible beings and learn to sustain healthy relationships within the enclosed environment. Visit the best boarding schools in Bangalore and observe how the school takes necessary steps to impart these essential qualities of life in the minds of students.

Personal Responsibility

Residential students learn to take responsibility for themselves and their possessions from a young age.  They develop independence and self-reliance and beneficial character traits. They practice freedom within a broader community environment, which boosts their confidence levels in multiple areas of life and learn to live in the real world.

Perseverance and Patience

The wisdom, patience and perseverance that students at residential schools attain are noteworthy and they inculcate strength and determination to endure the entire process of staying away from their comfort zone. They face setbacks and learn to resolve their issues which teaches them to rise from any obstacle that they face in their growing years. They learn to refocus and make new plans when something gets hard.

Opportunity for Expanded Activities

Most boarding schools or hostels offer a wide range of activities for their students, from academics to sports to extracurricular activities wherein students spend considerable time and effort in excelling at the activities which are of their interest. Residential schools not only provide a stronger education base but a broader one. When you are looking for a boarding school in Bangalore, check if they have the right infrastructure to engage students in a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Value-based education

Hostels are all about inculcating the holistic development of a child. It develops a well-balanced individual with great principles and character. The boarding schools in Bangalore focus on academics and offer value-based education to its students. It believes in inculcating principles, life skills, ethics, and other personality traits so that they imbibe the values that they require to live their life in the right manner.

Building self-esteem

Staying in a residential school builds a positive effect on their self-esteem and confidence which further improves their emotional wellbeing. Children make their own decisions, have an opportunity to claim their independence and find out who they are.

Growth of High Moral Character

Most residential schools adhere to higher moral codes, which include respect, honesty, integrity, teamwork, and ethics. They continually practice their values and manners, and it becomes their second nature as they are used to staying in the same environment and adjusting to varied circumstances. They follow a busy schedule that is disciplined with a stronger work ethic. These features in the future distinguish them both in the community and the workforce.

Children get introduced to a Greater Cultural Diversity

In a boarding school, a child comes from various areas, cultures, states, and religions. Your child gets the advantage of interacting and appreciating the basics of another culture and language. Students at boarding schools form lifetime bonds with people they have never met earlier in their lives.


Living and studying in a residential school is an experience that is a league apart. It is incomparable to studying in a day boarding school. With the facilities, morals, ethics, perseverance, and patience that they learn to live independently away from their homes and families is commendable. They understand their priorities, learn to take their decisions independently, and solve their issues. Their sense of community and personal growth is enhanced, and they are given strong academic opportunities. This is the real preparation for real-world life after school. Enrolling your child at a boarding school in Bangalore has several benefits; all you have to do is allow your child to live an independent life without any fear.

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