Planning to Choose IB Education for Your Child in South Mumbai? Here Are Its Future Prospects
IB school

It is that time of the year when the critical decision to enrol one’s children to the best schools comes about. Parents understand that a child’s formal education is closely tied to how the child progresses through life. These formative years are critical to the overall and holistic development of the child. An excellent academic setting often proves to be a strong foundation. But more important than that, the academic curriculum matters too.

Thrown with many choices to choose from, parents find it difficult to choose from admitting their children to IB, CBSE or ICSE schools. Although all of the aforementioned curriculum systems contribute to a child’s growth in different ways, the question arises as to which curriculum has the most inclusiveness. Because the need of today’s times is holistic development.

IB education focusses on holistic development.

When it comes to top metropolitan cities like Mumbai, any IB school in South Mumbai will be a perfect start for a child to experience holistic development. IB curriculum provides students with exposure to a wide variety of subjects. Students are given the choice for choosing from a plethora of subjects. Therefore, holistic education is not related to being a Jack of all trades, but a master of none. Whatever subject the student is learning, the focus is to enable the student to gain mastery over it.

IB educational schools prioritize personal development.

Mere learning, memorization, rote learning, attending exams and passing exams won’t do much for the overall development of the child. Personality development is a vital accumulation of behaviours and belief systems that will hold the child in good stead throughout life. The constant reinforcement of values, work ethics, lifestyle, discipline, outlook, and several other behaviours by leading schools in South Mumbai will create a well-established personality. A strong personality along with sound education becomes a potent combination for the student. The student will be equipped to respond to life’s challenges and make the best decisions.

IB school education is globally recognized.

Choosing an IB school in South Mumbai is the best decision because IB board school education is globally recognized, accepted, and valid. All premier universities recognize all IB programs, including the Diploma, Primary, Middle-years, and Career-related programs. After IB education, a student is equipped with the necessary education and personality to compete on the global stage. On the other hand, country-specific curricula don’t have the same global status. International universities find it harder to accept students without judging them based on their own set of assessments.

IB board school education automatically provides school children with the required global exposure. They are not strangers to different cultures and lifestyles. Even when they travel abroad, they can easily assimilate into international cultures. They conduct themselves with the required behaviour and social skills that help them be accepted into international societies. By being able to communicate effectively with people from other countries, an IB educated child will grow up into a well-rounded adult. Someone who can function as a global citizen and be as much a contributing citizen of their country.

What are some of the interesting aspects of IB education?

  • IB is the default curricula in more than 150 countries adopted by more than 5000 countries worldwide. Top ranking institutions from Europe’s premier institutes to the USA’s Ivy League colleges recognize IB education.
  • IB was founded in 1968 by the Geneva International School, United World Colleges, and United Nations School.
  • IB education from top IB schools in South Mumbai encourages students to be more expressive. They develop critical life skills such as writing, critical thinking, debating, and researching ability. They are also required to actively participate in community and sporting activities.
  • Theory of knowledge. Instead of simply processing knowledge, IB education focuses on the theory of knowledge. It considers different opinions of students on the knowledge based on what they know.
  • Application of knowledge. One common activity that students are required to do by the best school in South Mumbai is to write research papers on the subject that interests them.
  • Creativity, resourcefulness, and activity. Students are given hands-on exposure to a range of subjects and activity areas. They are made to be involved in projects. They can take up activities such as coaching, mentoring, or be part of a sports club. They can also launch community service campaigns or raise awareness of an issue through campaigns.
  • Choice of subjects. In the IB Diploma program, students are given the flexibility to choose a handful of subjects that fall into the following categories, namely, language acquisition, math, sciences, arts, and literature.

IB education makes the world the child’s classroom.

Choose the best school in South Mumbai that emphasizes holistic personality development through education. An IB school in Mumbai such as this will ensure that their students develop a global perspective. Instead of being restricted to bookish knowledge, they become exploratory. Their well-rounded personalities in the making; let them explore all options and be open-minded. With such a mindset, it becomes easier to mould a child to become an exemplary citizen of society.

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