Dr. C. Ananda Vayaravel: Driving Force of Positive Intent in Medical Education
Dr. C. Ananda Vayaravel
Dr. C. Ananda Vayaravel: Driving Force of Positive Intent in Medical Education

When you are told that you are not good enough, what do you do? In such a scenario, it is imperative for a human mind to give in to the fear of failure and abandon their passion ventures.

Fear and failure are inevitable! Success, too, is inevitable if one finds the inner strength to rise from failure and stride forward. But sometimes, this inner strength needs exterior interventions to bring it to the surface.

Dr. C. Ananda Vayaravel, a Professor and Principal at Sri Venkateshwaraa College Of Paramedical Sciences (SVCPMS), Puducherry, is also a dynamic educator who practices and trains attain skills of positive thinking.

The Knowledge Review proudly presents a highlight of the story of this versatile educator and his esteemed Medical Institute.

A Charismatic Leader

Dr. C. Ananda’s professional journey began as a member of the Faculty at Pondicherry University in 2000. In the past 22 years, his career has steadily advanced to the present position of Professor and Principal. He has earned his MBA and Ph.D. degrees and is currently pursuing international excellence. His passion for teaching and research has consistently earned him numerous awards and prizes, including Best Researcher, Best Academician, Best Educator, Best Writer, Top Ten Principal, and the Visionary Principal from renowned organisations.

As a member of the Board of Studies, Dr. C. Ananda constantly strives to ensure that the curriculum meets the gold standard. He has played a vital role in expanding the repertoire of SVCPMS. The number of courses on offer has grown from 3 to 6 since he has assumed leadership. The institute is looking forward to adding 11 more new courses ranging from diploma to doctorate in the near future.

In addition to being an academician, Mr. C. Ananda is also an entrepreneur, and he likes to keep a positive frame of mind at all times. Reading positive mental attitude books and listening to motivational speeches have enabled him to stay positive and motivated even during tough times. He says, “I am greatly inspired by Robert Schuler’s quote “tough times never last, but tough people do.” I spend a considerable amount of time counseling my students, both during the time of admission and in their final year, to help them make the best choices for their future.”

Stellar Medical Institute

Sri Venkateshwaraa College of Paramedical Sciences was established in 2010 in Ariyur, Puducherry, with a vision of developing skilled Technologists to attain the goal of “Creating a Healthier Society.” The institute’s mission is to lay a strong foundation by imparting the highest calibre of professional knowledge and providing the best learning experience with a great emphasis on hands-on training. While discussing the same Mr. C. Ananda asserts, “We strongly believe that this would equip our students with highly competent skills and enable them to achieve their fullest potential.”

Overcoming Challenges with Grace

According to Mr. C. Ananda, the COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a significant challenge in his academic career. He asserts, “At the height of the pandemic when we had to switch to online, virtual training, it was exceptionally difficult in getting several students, especially from the rural areas, accustomed to this mode of training. We gradually overcame this hurdle by opening up several lines of communication, including group texting, direct calling, WhatsApp group texting, etc., until all the students were comfortable and competent enough to adjust to the online training module.”

Mr. C. Ananda believes that the expansion of the virtual world of teaching due to the suspension of in-person learning has encouraged him to innovate. He took this unique opportunity to reach out to his friends and colleagues who are currently experts in their respective fields of study to participate in a webinar and E-lecture series. This proved to be highly informative and was very well received by the students, who benefited immensely from these virtual lectures.

Mr. C. Ananda adds, “The resumption of in-person classes in the post-pandemic era also brought along its own set of hardships. Re-calibrating the student psyche to fall back on the pre-pandemic non-open book mode of testing was no mean task. More importantly, the continued paid educational training of several students whose parents had faced financial ruin due to the pandemic tested my mettle as the leader of my institution.” However, with the able support of the management and the enthusiasm of his students and staff, he was able to steer through these troubling and testing times successfully.

Advanced Learning Methodology

When asked about the SVCPMS’s unique approach to learning, Mr. C Ananda explains, “The advantages of studying in a teaching hospital are that in addition to attending their regular classes and rotations in the clinical laboratories, the students have an opportunity to participate in medical camps, be involved in other social activities etc. that helps them gain valuable hands-on experience.” As the leader of the institution, he strives to amplify these opportunities, whenever and wherever possible, for the benefit of his students.

During the pandemic, the institute organised several subject-oriented and environment-oriented online events and quizzes well attended by several participants from several states across India. This helped the students form a group of more than 750 allied health science students across India on Telegram to provide updated information about educational and job opportunities. Some of the students were also placed in premier hospitals across the country.

Mr. C. Ananda’s responsibilities also extend to providing freelance advice and guidance to students and professionals across India, on authoring book chapters and research articles (Glimpse of Medical Sciences, by Immortal publications, Recent Advances in Health Sciences, by Scieng publications)

He was also honoured with a ‘Certificate of Empowerment’ by Young minds publishing house for guiding more than 50 students to author a chapter in an e-book during the COVID-19 pandemic (‘SCIENCE- Inviting your perceptions’).

Word of Advice for the Students

When asked to share a message of advice for students worldwide, Mr. C. Ananda replies, “I firmly believe that success is a journey and not a destination; similarly, education is a continually evolving process with no end in sight. It is every educated individual’s responsibility to influence positively and inspire our fellow beings and contribute to the community’s sustainable development.”

Heading into the Future

As its leader, it falls on me to ensure the sustained good reputation of my institution, broaden its horizons, explore and expand its repertoire. I plan to achieve this by being innovative and providing an inclusive and healthy environment for all my students to thrive. My short-term goals are to identify and address deficiency areas by developing and introducing newer courses, obtaining the necessary accreditation, and providing a framework for future novelty and innovation.

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