Dr Meenal Satkar Sahu: Making Significant Strides to Overcome Medical Barriers
Dr Meenal Satkar Sahu
Dr Meenal Satkar Sahu

Progressive women have been making significant strides in various fields, breaking barriers and achieving great success. In recent times, women have been taking up leadership positions in politics, businesses, education, healthcare, and various other fields. Their contributions and achievements have brought about significant changes, benefiting society as a whole.

One such woman is a healthcare professional who has been making significant strides in her field is Dr Meenal Satkar Sahu.

Dr Meenal’s achievements include being recognized as a Corona Warrior and receiving awards for Women’s Empowerment and Health Excellence. She has also launched a magazine to educate society about health and wellness. Her passion for providing laser training courses and promoting the benefits of phototherapy highlights her commitment to improving the well-being of others. Her vision and mission to educate society with positivity and provide the best from her side are commendable and inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

Dr Meenal was born on March 4, 1986, in Bhilai. She attended Kalibadi for pre-primary schooling and S.S.S. 5 and S.S.S. 10 for primary and secondary education, respectively. Her father changed residences frequently, and they were assigned schools based on their living area.

Despite her father’s desire for her to become a doctor, Dr Meenal was interested in interior design. Her family members were all musically inclined, and her father was a writer and editor, while her mother was a homemaker, and her brother was an entrepreneur .

After completing her schooling in 2003 with high marks, Dr Meenal prepared for medical and engineering competitive exams but ultimately chose to focus on medical entrance exams. She spent a year preparing and was ultimately accepted into a Bachelor of Dental Surgeon program.

Striding through Adversities

Dr Meenal found her graduation years to be a challenging yet enjoyable experience. While studying was breathtaking, it was the friendships she developed during this time that made her feel more comfortable. As one of the pioneers of her institute, Dr Meenal faced many difficulties and hurdles, but she learned to be more creative and powerful through these experiences.

After successfully completing her final exams and consistently ranking among the top 10 to top 15, she began her internship. In 2009, she got married to the person she adored most in her life.

Dr Meenal acknowledges that life is never easy and that one must face rugged situations at any cost and strive for betterment. Though dealing with the demands of her professional career while also managing her marriage was tough, she persevered and achieved almost everything she had wanted.

Baby Steps Towards a Desired Future

After completing her graduation, Dr Meenal worked as a teaching faculty in private clinics and colleges, where she also gave paper presentations and provided clinical training to students. Eventually, she fulfilled her dream of joining as a Lecturer at her own institute.

Despite facing many challenges, she never gave up and remained positive. She began exclusively practising in her own set-up just one and a half years after completing her graduation and trained numerous students from her centre.

Dr Meenal Satkar Sahu is an accomplished dental and cosmetic surgeon with 13 years of experience in the field. She is also an international researcher for Photomedicine, a professor at Central Christian University in Malawi, and holds multiple certifications, including a B.D.S., AFLD (Singapore), and IFLD (COLL, Germany). Additionally, she has a Master’s in Laser and a PhD in Biophotonics and is a Laser Therapist certified by COLL, Germany. Dr Satkar Sahu is also the coordinator-Chairperson of Dental Health in the Indian Dental Association for the year 2022-23.

She was born and bought up in Bhilai and did her schooling, and graduated from Bhilai only. She is the proud mother of two kids – Drishya and Ishaan, who are studying in the esteemed institution Delhi Public School, Bhilai. She lives in a joint family.

Her belief is: “Live happily with your elders and respect them. They will respect you.”

She truly believes that her achievements are by believing in herself and with the support of her husband and family.

She is Professor and International Researcher for Photo Medicine at Central Christian University, Malawi, P.H.D. in Biophotonics, Coordinator-Chairperson on Dental Health, I.D.A., Durg Bhilai.

Long List of Credentials and Experience

  • D.S. (Maitri College of Dentistry and Research Centre, Durg)
  • AFLD (Associate Fellowship in Laser Dentistry, Singapore, AALT Academy)
  • IFLD (International Fellowship in Laser Dentistry and Photomedicine, COLL, Germany, AALT Academy, Affiliated to CCU University, Malawi)
  • She has been Practicing in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, in her owned Clinic – Ora Dental Care and Laser Centre, for 11 years (Director and Proprietorship)

Her previous work experience includes:

  • Worked as Clinical Observer (House Surgeon) in Sector 9 (JLNH) Hospital, Bhilai, in 2011
  • Worked as Lecturer in Maitri – College of Dentistry and Research Centre (in 2011-12)
  • Done Clinical course in Aesthetic Dentistry held by Ivoclar – Vivadent in 2012 – 13.
  • Training for Clinical Research Work done in 2022 in Hubli, Karnataka (Laserveda Institute)

With Case Presentation

Dr Meenal has submitted many cases of Laser Surgeries and PHOTO therapy (Photobiomodulation) in AALT Academy with clinical proofs and videos in Singapore and Coll, Germany. Her research work in Anti-microbial Therapy and Faster Wound Healing Management (Bedsores) has been submitted to the Journal of Germany – PUBMED. She has treated many Skin and Arthritis Patients with Photo therapy (PBM).

She has participated in different Seminars and Webinars at the National and International Levels and presented free case presentations as well. She organized free dental diagnosis and treatment camps and provided medical services too in different schools, industrial premises and religious places. She is involved in social services, too, with the N.G.Os.

At the latest, she has been working on her book – Clinical Dentistry and Photomedicine.

Also, she is passionate about singing as well and participated in different events and also fetched the third position. She loves cooking and gardening. Being a doctor! She believes ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ so she has a keen interest towards her fitness. She has been invited as Special Guest in many social and cultural programmes and has been honoured.

Giving Back to the Society

Dr Meenal was awarded Corona Warrior in 2020 (a health excellence award). She has been awarded as ‘Women Empowerment’ in her field ‘Health Excellence Award and Social Services’ from the Governor of Chhattisgarh ‘Anusuiya Uikey Ji’ in the programme organized by Atulya Shakti Gunjan’s Ayojan in Rungta Dental College.

She has been awarded for her excellence in Health Services as ‘Chikitsak Samman,’ in the media houses programme held by Nai Duniya Team in 2022.

She has also received the Title of ‘Most Beautiful Supermom 2022-Chhattisgarh’ and was crowned the ‘Best Personality.’

She launched her magazine ‘Sure Health’ for the benefit of patients and their queries in the year 2022. She was awarded representing her city ‘City Excellence Award’ by an Indian news media house in 2023. Her vision is to educate society with positivity, and there should be an improvement on the outside, so they feel comfortable and better on the inside by providing the best from my side.

She is passionate about providing laser training courses to people who wish to feel positive about phototherapy. She is trying to provide the best results from photo medicine or phototherapy so that society gets rid of the side effects or the problems faced by the excessive or improper usage of medicines.

Her mission is to educate society with positivity, and there should be improvement on the outside so they feel comfortable and better on the inside.

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