Earn Up to $250/hr in High-Demand Remote Job, No Degree Needed

If you’re aiming for a six-figure income while working from the comfort of your home, a career in marketing might be the ideal path. The Covid-19 pandemic has driven a surge in demand for digital marketing, with businesses adapting to online strategies. Even after three years, this demand continues to grow, making marketing managers one of the fastest-growing careers in the U.S., according to LinkedIn.

Job boards like FlexJobs and Freelancer.com are witnessing a rise in remote, hybrid, and freelance marketing roles. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 6.6% growth in jobs for marketing managers over the next decade, surpassing the average for overall occupations.

Contrary to some misconceptions, a bachelor’s degree is not a mandatory requirement for building a successful remote marketing career. Toni Frana, FlexJobs’ lead career expert, emphasizes the importance of technical skills, such as SEO, data analysis, and social media proficiency. Platforms like YouTube and online courses, including Google’s certificate in digital marketing and e-commerce, offer opportunities to acquire these skills.

Frana suggests creating an online portfolio showcasing relevant marketing projects and client testimonials. For those looking to turn a marketing side hustle into a full-time business, freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr offer a plethora of remote opportunities. Searches for “digital marketing manager” on Fiverr rose by 640% between April and September.

Experienced marketing managers can set higher rates, with some charging as much as $250 per hour on platforms like Freelancer.com. Alex Martkovich, a freelance digital marketing manager in Toronto, shares his success story of turning a side hustle into a full-time career. By building a roster of recurring clients and upskilling through online courses from Google and Meta, he now enjoys the flexibility of remote work, averaging 30-40 hours per week while traveling. Martkovich highlights the stability of remote marketing, emphasizing its global demand, as businesses worldwide recognize the crucial role of successful marketing in their success.

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