EasyShiksha: Student’s Best Go-to-Stop for Simplified Learning

To bring everything that an educator or an Edu-seeker needs under one roof

World Wide Web has revolutionized every other sector. From banking, shopping, IT, everything is now available at a push of a button. In the same essence, online education has also poised its unyielding roots in the industries. Online education industry will be a $1.96 billion industry by 2021 according to research conducted by KPMG. This virtual education has long evolved from the traditional ways of just being digitized correspondence courses. Today, it features videos, blogs, podcasts, and even live chats and is becoming more popular than ever.

EasyShiksha is one such prominent name in online education as an online platform. It is a child company of HawksCode Softwares Private Limited. It provides simplified online education with a prime aim of delivering better education to every Edu-seeker. Being the firms’ motto of access education as easy as pie, it converts simple student’s dreams into a product Easy for simple and Shiksha for education. The firm provides a coordinated stage to profit of instructive substances like understudies, workforce, colleges, and various other instructive establishments.

The obvious advantage is the virtual location wherein students build their own infrastructure surrounding them. Whenever they feel comfortable, they can start learning there. By using this virtual infrastructure, Edu-seekers can learn from online courses, online test series, college listing, school listing, online news blog, educative videos, magazines and so on.

Virtuous Agendas

The firms’ long shot is to fetch everything that an educator or Edu-seeker needs under one roof. The firm feels very proud of providing the same and hitting the targets every single time. It does not stop there, and after attaining one, it sets up a new target. Talking about the vision, the firm states, “we want to keep combining the education with the solution coming from the technology. We want EasyShiksha to provide you with every single opportunity that will help you grow into the best circumstances. We will strengthen our preeminent programs and encourage the development of specific new programs that present strategic opportunities for all”.

A Wizard with a Digital Wand

Sunil Sharma is the tech wizard at EasyShiksha as its CEO. He devotes his inspiration to his family, who taught him to be decorous and disciplined. From his family, he learned the joy of hard work and mentored himself with such experiences.

While growing up, Sunil faced many financial difficulties. His situation led him to think about the others who were facing the same. Hence, after graduating from Computer Science, he decided to be responsible for everyone’s education. Afterward, by learning new business aspects, he planned to upgrade every student into “Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere”.

Sunil recognizes two barriers in the Indian education system. These barriers are preventing students’ talent from achieving a better platform to rise. He counts these as the social and economic barriers. Because of money and orthodox thinking, the students are not able to attain quality education, which they truly deserve. All these circumstances made him realize that just being a software developer will not complete the task, hence he jumped into the technical world to build a strong empire that eradicates all the barriers in the education system.

Splashing the Colors of Success Everywhere

Recently, many magazines have recognized the firm for its outstanding educational offerings. It was featured in YourStory on their digital magazine website. CIO Review has featured it as “Top 20 Most Promising Edu-Startup” and also been recognized by Silicon India. However, the firm feels exceptionally proud of being recognized by the State Government of Rajasthan. In 2017, EasyShiksha ranked in top 25 startups in Rajasthan and the Former CM of Rajasthan, Vasundhara Raje Sindhya, gave the recognition certificate.

The firm considers its every success as a big one. It has set separate milestones set as goals. Recently, the firm took a huge risk of making a presence in Magazine world. The risk paid off and its first magazine was a huge success and is planning to launch another one. Furthermore, EasyShiksha is also planning to make its video channel big too.

Fabricating the Next-Gen Generation

As already said before, EasyShiksha is committed to providing high-quality online education. It makes the difference by offering a platform where everyone can access the right information. Many programs like campus ambassador, career helper, online courses are offered free of cost to everybody, helping students to make a better career. It also provides free online test series to its students who are eyeing for government jobs.

For easy accessibility, EasyShiksha is also available as a mobile app, considering all the students’ requirements. The application can be accessible by everyone from everywhere. The app is building its audience swiftly, all thanks to the feedback from students, parents, and institutes, which are inspiring the firm to work better and improve their services.

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