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EC-Council University aspires to be an educational leader in cybersecurity

EC-Council University is a 100% online university dedicated to providing higher education in cybersecurity. ECCU helps students reach their highest potential by training them to be the cybersecurity leaders of tomorrow. The students who enroll here learn to embrace the challenging position of information security and cybersecurity specialists in organizations worldwide.

Below-mentioned are the main principles this institution was built on:

  • Technology Revolution: Preparing the students to excel in the future.
  • Learn Anytime, Anywhere: Sharing knowledge anywhere, irrespective of space, time, and medium.
  • Fresh and Relevant Courses: Course content and materials that are from many research and development labs.
  • Professional Faculty: Seasoned faculty members who share their experience and knowledge with students.

ECCU is accredited by the Distance Education and Accrediting Commission (DEAC), listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a recognized accrediting agency. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).;  ECCU is home to students from all across the globe. The advantage of having this vast pool of international students increases the interaction with one another and faculty. The students interact and form professional relationships with other cybersecurity professionals from various countries, irrespective of their ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Tailored Academics for the Cybersecurity Warrior

Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security: This program of the university prepares students to attain knowledge for various careers in cybersecurity. The course encompasses topical areas dealing with cybersecurity management, incident response, and security threat assessment. Moreover, the students also receive instructions in leadership and management in preparation of becoming managers and directors.

This course is delivered 100% online and asynchronously provides flexibility of time management whereby students can attend to coursework at any time of day/night or weekends (24×7). Each course is instructor-led by academically credentialed professors with industry experience. Guided discussions, engagement, assistance, and feedback are done by the assigned professor weekly as the course progresses. Courses typically consist of a mixture of weekly threaded discussions, reading materials, iLabs, presentations, quizzes or exams, and research projects or papers.

Master of Science in Cyber Security: This program prepares professionals to assume cybersecutity leadership roles in corporations, agencies and organizations. The curriculum of this course is rich in computer security management, IT security threat assessment, organizational management, incident response, and behaviour and leadership challenges. The ultimate goal of this course is to nurture students into becoming the creators of knowledge and inventors of processes. Developed from a learning model based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, this program is established with a mix of business management and technology applied practical studies.

The MSCS program has 5 sought-after specializations, each bundled with industry certifications from EC-Council. Students can select any of the 5 specializations offered by the university:

  • Security Analyst
  • Enterprise Security Architect
  • Digital Forensics
  • Incident Management and Business Continuity
  • Executive Leadership in Information Assurance

Graduate Certificate Program: This program emphases on the skills that are needed for cybersecurity professionals, who are aiming to become managers, CIOs and directors. Along with getting a specialized technical training in a variety of IT security skills, the students also acquire an understanding of organizational structure and behaviour; the skills to work within and across that organizational structure, and the ability to analyze and navigate its hierarchy successfully.

Information Security Professional

This program focuses on, Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures, Managing Secure Network systems and Research and writing. The combination of these areas creates a functional and organizational skill set required to design and direct the implementations of any information security plan. On the completion of this certificate course, students will possess the skills and ability to maintain, build, test and communicate a secure structure at early level of the organization.

Security Analyst

On the completion of this certificate course, students will be able to identify and mitigate risks to the security of a company’s infrastructure.

Enterprise Security Architect

This certificate program focuses on planning, designing, analyzing, testing maintaining, configuring and supporting an organization’s computer and network security infrastructure. The curriculum also covers hardening enterprise architecture from any advanced attacks and secure programming practices to overcome these inherent drawbacks to pre-empt bugs from the code and designing and implementing cloud security.

Digital Forensics

This focuses on demonstrating the required skill set of a Computer Forensic Investigator. Through this specialization, students will learn the various aspects of digital forensics, including investigating network intrusions and mobile forensics. With this specialization, students would qualify as a Digital Forensic Investigator with the government at any level, as well as a private industry, both on or leading an incident response team.

Executive Leadership in Information Assurance

Focusing on providing the fundamental skills that are needed to understand global leadership concepts, this program also brings together all the components required for a C-Level position. Furthermore, the students gain the knowledge of how to manage IT security projects to enhance the success rate for both organizations and IT managers.

Incident Management and Business Continuity

Mainly focusing on handling and responding to various security incidents, identifying vulnerabilities and taking appropriate countermeasures, the course also gives skills to identify, structure, forecast, envision, design, plan, implement, account for, and lead a team through change that has been strategically planned to advance the organization.

Non-Degree Status: Students looking to improve their professional or personal development without having to fulfill degree requirements are welcome to apply as non-degree students. The Non-Degree Status is designed for scholars from across the world looking to take a specific course or courses from ECCU’s Bachelors or Masters degree programs.

Benefits of a Non-Degree

  1. Build College Credits

All non-degree students can attain course credits that can then be used in a variety of ways, including toward a degree program if you later decide to pursue one. This can be done simply by applying courses taken to the degree requirements for the program you gain admission into.

  1. Learn In-depth without the commitment

The non-degree status is created for students that wish to gain in-depth knowledge on a subject without having to commit to a full-fledged degree.

  1. Attain an industry-recognized certification

Certain non-degree status offerings at ECCU give you the chance to attain a certification along with the course. This gives you the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and attain a certification to prove your knowledge and skills.

Why Choose ECCU?

Knowledge and Skill-Based Learning (iLabs)

Students studying the degree course at ECCU are granted access to the iLabs where they can put into practice what they have learned in theory, ensuring that their learning is both knowledge and skills-based. This makes them better prepared for work-life and helps them stand out from the crowd.

Transfer Credits from Your Degree to a Certification

EC-Council University has certain EC-Council cybersecurity certifications within the degree programs, so that students can master certain specialities along with their courses. Once a student has completed and passed their ECCU degree, they will be eligible to attend the certification exam. At the same time, EC-Council certified holders have the option to transfer the earned credits to their degree, after achieving a successful application!

Gain Access to a Variety of Scholarship Opportunities

An education is a major foundation of any person’s professional and personal growth. At EC-Council University, we not only recognize and help many students gain access to a chance at holding a scholarship, but also have many scholarship opportunities for our students, conducted through the years.

Learn from the Best

Although, ECCU is known for its world-class education, the faculty of the university are an added asset to this university. ECCU has made it a point to hire only experts who have real-world experience. ECCU’s team of well-versed educators is the result of over 200 years of combined experience and tenacious work of various cybersecurity leaders and practitioners.

Internship Opportunities

ECCU team will assist in matching students based on their learning experience, skills and academic specializations. ECCU will help provide students with ongoing support in all aspects of internship experience. All internships jobs are pre-qualified to meet ECCU standards and guidelines established for internships by the Department of Labor Fair Labor Standard Act and adherence to ECCU International Internship Policies.

ECCU Initiatives: Cyber Talks – Global Webinar Series on the Science behind Cybersecurity

ECCU is constantly working towards the betterment of cyber community. Our Corporate initiative, ECCU CYBER TALKS, is aimed at raising awareness about the latest threats and developments in the world of cybersecurity.

During these voluntary free talks, we bring together the best of the industry on a common platform to share knowledge about the current global scenario in this field. The webinars are conducted on a regular basis with thousands of cybersecurity professionals interacting with top leaders in the industry to discuss the science behind cybersecurity. The word of the day is to save the Cyber Kingdom from the Wolves of Dark Web, and CYBER TALKS are here to spread the word.

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