Edwisely: Enables Engineering Students to Learn Faster and More Efficiently

Ever wondered what technology acts as the backbone of large-scale platforms such as Google Search, Facebook, and Microsoft? It is the Knowledge Graph. It represents a collection of interlinked descriptions of entities – real-world objects, events, situations, or abstract concepts. Where the meaning of the graph is encoded in its structure, the relations and entities are unambiguously identified, a limited set of relations are used to label the edges, and the graph encodes the provenance, especially justification and attribution, of the assertions.

Now you must be wondering why we are telling you about the Knowledge Graph. Well, in our quest to find The 10 Most Promising EdTech Companies to Watch, 2020, we came across one such firm which is the only company in higher education focusing on learning science with an approach to use knowledge graphs to personalize learning for individuals. We would like to present Edwisely, an EdTech firm that creates innovative learning models within the institutional framework. The firm applies an Engineering Knowledge Graph (EKG) to map every topic/concept in Engineering Education.

A Versatile Management

The mantle of leadership at Edwisely is teamed amongst:

Kashyap Kompella is a Co-founder and leads Marketing, Partnerships, and Strategy at Edwisely. He holds a B.Tech in Mechatronics Engineering from JNTU and MSc. in International Production Management from Technical University of Hamburg, Germany. At Edwisely, he has been instrumental in creating a vision and exploring innovative pedagogical solutions to improve the learning outcomes of individuals.

Yashwanth Tudimilla leads Learning Science and Product Strategy at Edwisely. Yashwanth has a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Madras. Before Edwisely, he headed Revenue Management Innovations Team at Etihad Airlines, Abu Dhabi, where he conceptualized, designed, and implemented Technology Solutions to increase the top line of $5 Billion.

Harsha Kankanala is a Co-Founder and leads Product Management at Edwisely. Harsha, a Doctorate in Engineering is passionate to transform the quality of higher education globally. He comes from a strong industry background and worked as a Project Feasibility Consultant in the Netherlands before coming back to India. At Edwisely, he has been instrumental in shaping the right product to address some fundamental challenges in the scope of teaching and learning.

Hanuma Tej is a Co-Founder and leads the Technology Team at Edwisely. He has experience in Software Engineering, IoT, and Wireless Systems and worked for companies like Airbus, HERE Maps, Helmut Schmidt University of Federal Armed Forces, and Nanotron Technologies based out of Germany. Tej started his career as a Research and Development Engineer in the areas of Image and Signal Processing building ubiquitous indoor localization systems, then later he moved into product development building ML and Analytics engines for retail and public mobility sectors. Tej did his Masters in Information and Communication Systems from the Technical University of Hamburg. He has consulted multiple early-stage startups with tech stack development. His key skills are in System Architecture, Backend Development, and Data Science. In Edwisely he built his interest in areas of personalized learning models, Evidence-Centered design and Learning science.

Y.S. Rao leads Corporate Affairs and PR at Edwisely. A seasoned professional with 30 years of Industry & IT consulting experience, he built and managed competencies & delivery practices, set-up processes and methodologies for medium & large IT/ ERP consulting organizations.

Adaptive and Personalized Learning

With proven learning frameworks aligned with the technology, Edwisely delivers highly personalized and adaptive learning experiences to individuals. The platform helps students like a personal guide through a highly engaging and innovative app. The User Interface is in the form of a Mobile App to access EKG with availability on Play Store and App Store with 5000 pilot users in just 2 months after launch. On the app, students get curated content on relevant interests through this micro-learning interface. The content intends to give students an overall exposure to their field of study, by giving them seamless access to all the relevant information.

Edwisely provides a learning experience to students with tremendous flexibility, allowing them to learn in their own way, at their own pace, and most convenient way. It guides through a recommendation engine powered by Artificial Intelligence so that students can reach their goals. The company automatically provides students with the learning support that a tutor would provide at the times the students need feedback, while still allowing students to retain the freedom and control the system already provides.

Self-learning is also an established concept at Edwisely for students to embrace true powers of their own. Such learning relates to the capacity of students to support their learning by deploying various techniques to increase understanding and retaining information. Factors involved in self-learning include cognitive, metacognitive, behavioral, motivational, and emotional aspects of learning.

Furthermore, the firm continues to research to enhance and evolve the platform and will be releasing an advanced system in the next phase.

A Culture That Harbors Innovation

The team at Edwisely loves to solve Irodov’s Physics problems, not to mention, just for fun. At Edwisely, the culture is highly driven by having regular learnathons as a part of core activities. Defining themselves as a bunch of learners, the team places itself at the forefront of everything, whether it’s solving complex problems in calculus, understanding through first principles of quantum physics, or attending lectures on astrophysics. “We constantly hire passionate people who love solving challenging problems and have created a strong team of people who are experts in Data Science / AI/ML / Content Design /Learning Analytics”, states the management.

Going Forward

Edwisely will continue to demystify learning science and accelerate an individual’s learning. The firm also believes that it carries the potential to globally disrupt the e-learning market. It has its keen eyes on serving every online learning platform/ MOOCs with its unique Accelerated Learning Technology.

Learn more about the firm by visiting www.edwisely.com

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