Eupheus Learning: Bridging the Gap Between In-Class and At-Home Learning
Sarvesh Shrivastava Ved Prakash Khatri Amit Kapoor EUPHEUS LEARNING
Sarvesh Shrivastava Ved Prakash Khatri Amit Kapoor EUPHEUS LEARNING

From offline to online solutions, and new app-based learning gaining much traction, EdTech has come a long way, particularly at-home learning. Technology being utilized for research and learning evaluation has resulted in more successful pedagogy for the attainment of higher learning outcomes. Moreover, the addition of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have become a common mean in learning with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics to allow customized learning.

A solution provider that we present today was founded amidst such a transition. The journey started when its Founder and Managing Director, Sarvesh Shrivastava witnessed a paradigm shift in the nation’s educational sector. He came to the conclusion that due to rote learning, a majority of students feel under-confident when they enter into the job market.

Mr. Shrivastava saw a major need for setting up a liberal educational system, which involved critical thinking and problem-solving abilities alongside a curriculum that is in line with the 21st-century skills. His vision entailed a learning path that exposes learners towards their skill sets or talent so that they can hone those talents and not follow blindly in already walked steps. Thus, Eupheus Learning was born.

Based in Delhi, the firm aims to bridge the gap between in-class and at-home learning. The EdTech firm accomplishes this by offering pedagogically differentiated, technology-led solutions through their portfolio of curriculum solutions, reference books, and at-home digital solutions in the PreK-12 market. With the solutions at home and the classrooms, the firm makes sure that there is no disparity in what is being learned.

Consequently, at present, the firm has carved its own niche in India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Further, it aims to reach every student in this country with its solutions to forge a learning environment that adapts and suits every child’s individual needs and pace for learning.

More Info about the Director

Mr. Shrivastava brings with him more than 30 years of experience in the education and IT sectors. Prior to founding the firm, he has held progressive leadership positions in organizations such as Telecom Australia, NIIT, Pearson, and Encyclopedia Britannica.

Leveraging such a vast experience, Mr. Shrivastava has expanded Eupheus’ reach to 3700 schools including names like Narayana Group of Educational Institutions, GD Goenka Group, and Delhi Public School Society. ‘I have always envisioned creating an organization dedicated to offering pedagogically differentiated technology-driven solutions that lead to critical thinking and achievement of higher learning outcomes in the PreK-12 space,’ asserts Mr. Shrivastava.

He also led Eupheus to raise a significant amount in a Pre-Series A Funding Sixth Sense Ventures in 2018.

Going an Extra Mile

Eupheus not only bridges the gap between in-class learning and at-home learning by seamlessly integrating both but also ignite curiosity in young learners’ minds with curriculum specially curated with educational offerings. This includes Kinesthetic Learning, Reading Enhancement, STEM / STEAM, and English Language learning via exclusive tie-ups with award-winning EdTech companies from across the world.

The reason behind the firm’s success is the hybrid solutions comprising of textbooks and digital material (in an offline and online form) to seamlessly integrate in-class and at-home learning. Subsequently, it makes it much easier for a student to understand a concept. Offered on a subscription basis, these innovative solutions can be bought as a bundle or as a standalone service.

Unlike other players in the market, the firm is a 360-degree educational solutions provider with solutions not only for curricular but also extra-curricular activities. While others focus on Mathematics and Science, the firm concentrates on promoting coding, reading, handwriting, learning languages, and many other skills that are need of the hour.

Furthermore, with the world going digital, Eupheus also provides digital solutions to its consumers which will help young children and schools to learn and teach the 21st-century skills required in this tech-savvy era.

‘We have partnered with 17 international companies such as ETS, Zaner Bloser, Sanako, Fiction Express and Robo Garden to curate ed-tech products that meet each and every requirement of kids and schools. Where other companies are confined to online or offline approach, we take the approach that best suits the needs of our customers,’ says Mr. Shrivastava.

Product Milestones

Bridging the aforementioned gap, the firm has achieved certain noteworthy milestones. These are:

  • World Book Inc. (USA)- Reference solutions in print and digital form
  • Sanako (Finland)- Language Learning digital solution in the offline and online form
  • Fiction Express (Spain)- Reading program in the form of Live books where students vote for the next chapter of the book to be written by the author
  • Cubetto (UK)- Coding program for three to eight-year-old kids via wooden robot, a board, and instruction blocks.
  • Wizefloor (Denmark)- Kinesthetic learning program for kids thru Interactive floor
  • RoboGarden (Alberta, Canada)- To learn coding in a gamified environment via adventures, journeys, and missions.
  • ETS (USA)- TOEFL Certification for kids of Age 8 – 14
  • Avocado (USA)- Analytics-based app to practice Maths and Science questions that also identifies problem areas which require intervention
  • ABC Tiger -Interactive storybook app in collaboration with Pickatale for young learners in the age group 3-12
  • Zaner Bloser (USA) – Zaner-Bloser, part of the Highlights Family of Companies, is the world’s oldest globally acclaimed handwriting solutions company.

Perfect Adaptation of Technology

The EdTech firm is of the opinion that technology and the advent of the internet age have transformed the world. Mr. Shrivastava cites, “We are now connected with each other at a much larger scale than anyone could imagine. It has also impacted education and the way we now learn and consume data. From online classes to apps, kids these days have nearly all kinds of tools to learn and develop their skills even when they are not at school.”

Keeping these developments in mind, Eupheus caters to its aforementioned solutions in line with the 21st century forming a strong bond between traditional and digital solutions in the educational sphere. From coding kits like RoboGarden and Cubetto, which help young kids learn how to code to language labs like Sanako which enables kids to learn languages in a technology-based laboratory environment, the firm delivers exceptional value. “Our educational app Avocado helps children practice the questions from their Maths and Science textbook. The app also identifies the gaps and helps in understanding the intervention required from a teacher or parent,” says the Founder.

Next Steps

The organisation will continue its quest of providing exceptional and quality education in the PreK-12 market. Revealing the plans, Mr. Shrivastava concluded by stating, “We plan to create an impact in more than 10 million students’ lives over the next five years. Be widely accessible to schools and students all over the country and curate more products that will make learning fun and easy for all the students.”

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