edYOU’s Dr. Michael Everest’s Pay It Forward Pledge
Dr. Michael Everest's

Recognizing the importance of individuals and organizations committed to overcoming socioeconomic barriers and providing equal educational opportunities is essential. Dr. Michael Everest, a visionary philanthropist, has made a significant impact through his “Pay It Forward Pledge,” a commitment to transforming lives through education and creating a ripple effect of positive change across the globe.

The Vision Behind the Pay It Forward Pledge

Dr. Michael Everest, a dedicated CEO and philanthropist, has long recognized the profound impact of education. His commitment to the “Pay It Forward Pledge” stems from the belief that education is a powerful force for individual development and positive societal transformation.

What is the Pay It Forward Pledge?

edYOU was founded on the core idea of creating shared prosperity through education by empowering individuals with the tools to take charge of their learning. Its patented AI technology stands at the forefront of innovation and impact, making waves in the educational, sports, political, and business sectors. More importantly, it exists to uplift humanity by making learning personalized, effective, and accessible to all.

The Pay it Forward Pledge ensures that for every institution subscribing to edYOU, edYOU will provide its platform at no cost to an underserved school in the developing world. Knowledge should not be limited by geography or income.

Moreover, for every 20 annual subscriptions in developed nations, the Pay It Forward pledge grants a fully subsidized subscription to an underprivileged learner.


Dr. Michael Everest’s Pay It Forward Pledge embodies the transformative power and impact of accessible learning. By providing individuals with the necessary tools and opportunities to thrive, the pledge initiates a chain reaction of positive transformation that reaches far beyond the initial beneficiaries.

As more individuals and communities benefit from the pledge’s initiatives, the vision of a world where education catalyzes social progress becomes increasingly attainable. Through the collective efforts of those who believe in the power of paying it forward, Dr. Everest’s pledge inspires hope, drives change, and creates a brighter future for all.

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