Ekta Varma: Curating a Trustworthy Parents’ Guide in the Digital World
Ekta Varma
Ekta Varma

The digital world has put everyone around us in the dilemma of trusting the internet. Digital media has opened a window of immense knowledge and wisdom. In the ocean of knowledge, content consumption has escalated to various mediums in a very short span of time.

According to varied information present on various platforms, the average content consumption time on the internet is almost 7 hours. This, indeed, is a significant amount of time. Yet, amidst the process of content consumption, the question that arises is the question of credibility!

Is the content consumed on the internet trustworthy or credible?

What and whom to believe is the question that has been asked again and again by netizens for a while now. Despite there being some platforms that verify the content that is being consumed, the lack of awareness is something that is still keeping most of the netizens under the impression of unverified and credibility-questioning content.

The people who are most affected by it are the children and parents. Moreover, being a part of this digital era, parents are always looking for ways to be better parents, and the lack of proper guidance for this also results in poor parenting and other effects of that which follows.

But the silver lining in this dark cloud is Ekta Varma, Mom-counsellor and the new age Digital Influencer. Understanding and studying the market for a while has allowed her to understand the intricacies of parent consoling and choose a full-proof tried and tested way to communicate with her audience.

As a mother, she also believes that word of mouth holds significant importance in communication.

So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into the indigenous and trustworthy journey of Ekta Varma.

A Journey of Continuous Learning

Emphasizing her journey as a mom counsellor, Ekta Varma says, “I am a mother of two children (Khushaansh, 9 and Saanvika, 2), a mom influencer, model and fashion influencer by the name of @mommy_modeon. From 2017, it has now been almost six years or such in this industry. And over time, I have experienced many things.”

“I do not expect extraordinary from myself, but I am confident that I am exceptional, and this belief in myself led me to my achievements. I am the winner of BOI, featured in many magazines and newspapers and have been a public speaker at Dainik Bhaskar,” she further adds.

Finding a Mid-way Out!

During the start of her journey, Ekta has always been outspoken and busting myths about parenting in the 21st century. Ekta Varma postulates how she overcame the question of credibility on the internet, saying, “I believe mom often trusts the words of other moms. What else could be the beginning of my career as a mom influencer? As a parent, we are loaded with a lot of responsibilities, which is rewarding and challenging at the same time; raising good children always comes first. Being a parent, I can say that parents are vulnerable to many other problems, and they too need support to survive.”

The First Teacher’s Guide

Ekta has been guiding and counselling parents to holistically complete the learning arc of parents as well as children. Her vision has always been about allowing parents and children to have good relations with each other and flourish over time.

Explaining her vision and responsibilities as a parenting influencer, Ekta Varma says, “As a mom influencer and parent counsellor, my intention is to maintain harmony between parents and children. I guide parents to help them survive as parents and cope with the range of difficulties affecting their children. I always try to focus on a parent’s strengths and accept them. After all, they know their child’s behaviour well. Through my clear and prescriptive advice, I envision a mellow and friendly relationship between parent and children.”

Educating the Modern Way

The relationship between a mother and child has been fulfilling and delicately balanced on the thread of love. Mothers being their children’s first teachers, it has become quite difficult for them to educate themselves about parenting. Finding a way to educate such an audience and reach out to them, Ekta Varma asserts, “Think, ‘Mothers are asked to read Ramayana, but not Mahabharata while they are carrying the baby in her womb. Why? Because we believe that the Mahabharata has a bad influence on babies, even if they are in the womb’. At every stage, from getting pregnant to giving birth, from childhood to teenage and from adulthood to later phase, parents’ responsibility becomes to set a good example for their child.”

Further postulating her views on the traditional and modern ways of parenting, Ekta adds, “But I feel these three are the phases when parents need to be precautious. ‘Childhood’ is when their minds are like blank slates, and they adapt to what they are surrounded by; ‘Teenage’ is when they start applying what they have seen and adapted in their childhood, and ‘Adulthood’ is when they actually need support directly or indirectly and are struggling with their abilities and disabilities. I found the most challenging part in guiding parents is their expectations towards each other and of society also.”

“In this era of digitization and as a mom influencer, it is also challenging for me to reach out to parents with good content and to take care that they do not adapt bad influences through social media,” she further added.

Experimenting, Experiencing and Educating!

Ekta Varma has been a trendsetter and parent influencer in this modern world. Curating her mentoring style through an example from her own life, Ekta Varma says, “In Saanvika’s school, she was told to bring some fruit, but I got informed through other parents that fruit is a theme, which was a misconception. I was so excited that I would make my daughter cute little grapes as per the theme. And here comes the funny part, when I dropped Saanvika at school, I learned that she needed to bring fruit in the lunchbox! And I was speechless. Oops… now what!” This was the smallest example of how small mistakes we can make, but it’s ok to make mistakes; we all make.”

“To everyone who needs to reach out to their child, I will say adapt the nature of acceptance and show your love in easier forms like being their friend is one of them. Nothing that parents can’t do,” she concludes.

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