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Stuti Agarwal

Surfing on the tides of the internet in search of motivation and inspiration, the quote of Will Smith always catches the attention and showcases the importance of ‘Running and Reading.’ Keeping the running part aside, he especially emphasised reading. He says that the world has housed gazillions of people to date, and there is not a single problem that we’ve faced that hasn’t been faced by the people in the past and have not written about it.

Documentation is one of the most prominent parts of humans. It not only shares the unique experiences from a completely different time but also leads us in the direction that provides the solution. Also, change is the law of nature, and life sustains it. And documenting that change has been the habit of humans.

Also, in this contemporary world where everything seems to be changing so fast, the decisions taken by professionals are even some or the other way related to this change. Highlighting one such significant change in a person’s life that forced us to track her for our latest edition, ‘Parent Counsellors Making Parenting Easy,’ is Stuti Agarwal, Blogger, Proud Mother and Former Journalist, who is also popularly known on the internet amongst mothers as @mombae.blogger.

As interesting as her career as a journalist was, it was the birth of her first when the most significant change of her life was documented. At this time, Stuti decided to quit her career and be a full-time parent and document all the little and major moments with her child.

But being a significant journalist with a passion for writing, lifestyle, and healthcare, she combined all these while following her newly discovered passion for parenting and practising citizen journalism or modern-day journalism. And with respect to this, she became a parenting blogger, documenting the highs and lows of holistic parenting and taking it to the world with her engaging, informative and realistic blogs.

The Inspiring Tale of @mombae.blogger

The birth story of @mombae.blogger is as interesting as the story of Stuti Agarwal. Adding more details to her story, Stuti Agarwal says, “I am a journalist by profession, and I worked with national newspapers for 13 years. But it was when I became pregnant with my first child that I decided to take a break from work and spend all my time with the child. I used this time to read up and understand parenting.”

Further explaining the unique relationship of a mother and child, Stuti further adds, “We travelled to many countries with my baby and was asked to document it. So, when I had my second child in 2019, I decided to document my parenting journey with her. Thus the blog @mombae.blogger was born.”

And when asked about her inspiration for venturing into parenting blogging, Stuti reflects, “I had a vague memory of my firstborn’s childhood just two years into parenting. So, when I became a mom the second time around, I thought of documenting my journey in the rawest way possible. I laid down my struggles and my insecurities, which resonated with people. I think providing value to people, making their life easier, and in turn getting their love is my biggest inspiration.”

A True Journalist

Having spent 13 years in the field of media and journalism, the knack of writing has always been an integral part of her life. Apart from that, being in the 21st century surrounded by modern technology, she has stayed true to her passion for journalism while starting her eccentric journey as a blogger.

Emphasising her vision of starting the blog, Stuti expresses, “The whole idea of starting the blog was to help other mothers navigate parenthood more smoothly. I had no idea that a world of influencers existed and that you could earn money from it. In fact, it was a revelation later. And to date, I strive to give researched informative articles to parents-to-be and parents so that they are prepared and take informed decisions.”

Educating while Experiencing!

Being a blogger and a journalist, Stuti Agarwal is quite familiar with the impact bloggers and educators have on the target audience. And after starting her journey as a parenting blogger, Stuti has become a guide for many parents.

Through her parenting journey, she has immensely contributed to and helped parents to become better parents. When talking about her proud parent experience and how her blog is helping new parents, Stuti asserts, “I love it when parents come and tell me that they opted for delayed cord clamping or were prepared to breastfeed after reading my posts. Many parents do small things differently after seeing my content, and in turn, try to parent better consciously. That’s my motivation.”

“I talk about gentle and respectful parenting, which makes a huge difference as parents get to know how exactly to implement it,” she further added.

Overcoming the Challenge of Consistency

‘You don’t have to be extreme, just consistent!’

The major challenge for any blogger or for anyone is discipline and to be consistency in what they started. Expressing her struggles with this challenge, Stuti Agarwal says, “The biggest challenge was the one and only one running the page. I am my own researcher, content writer, strategist, model, and photographer, taking brand queries, posting, engaging, handling finances and whatnot. And that, too, while looking after the kids and a home. It is not easy.”

However, despite all the challenges, Stuti has managed to stay consistent with blogging and helping her reader-parents become better parents.

Helping Others Understand Counselling

Stuti Agarwal has been a proficient and practical person throughout her life. With varied experiences in the field of journalism, she has carved a niche for parenting and advised people on various parenting tips and tricks through her experience.

Stuti, a proud parent of two, has always talked about children’s changing nature. Understanding and expressing why parents need counselling for raising their child, Stuti expresses, “There is no proven time when one requires a parent counselling session. If you are attuned to your child, bonded to your child in a healthy relationship, you’ll never need counselling as such.”

Further advising the parents about parenting, she shares, “Be gentle, treat your child with respect and think from their perspective. It will change things a great deal. Also, try to fill your cup and do things you love.”

Sneak Peek into @mombae.blogger Calendar

Expressing her views of the future of parenting counselling and her plans according to it, she envisions saying, “We have a huge responsibility on our shoulders as parenting content creators. Not only do we provide value to parents, but we also give visibility to small brands and mompreneurs, so I think this profession will just grow by leaps and bounds.”

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