EQ: An Ingredient for Assured Success
EQ education - Insights Success

Why students are not able to cope up with the exam stress besides being called the best? Is there something which cannot be handled or the students are unaware of the stress resolving strategies? Scientists have discovered that EQ has accounted for 80 % in the factors of personal success. This has proven that EQ is the most critical factor that keeps the best performers ahead of the best performers. An authoritative survey reveals that the business tycoons, political leaders and other renowned personalities have one factor common among them and it is their non-intellectual factor EQ.

EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is throwing impact all over the world. Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient is the key ingredient in the recipe of success of college students. EQ level describes a person’s ability to understand the emotions and the use of emotions to perform their related tasks. It is a way to understand yourself better and others, that too on an emotional level.

Implication of bolstering students’ EQ education

College students are in the transition phase of intellectual growth. EQ can promote the intellectual development of students especially in the thinking activities. It helps to keep the student’s brain in the active state, open minded and can help to carry on the search from the perspective of breaking the stereotypes, ramifying their potential, which will help them to develop the creative thinking.

The stage in the university is an important phase where developing and nurturing the qualities will build the personality accordingly. EQ will help students to achieve self-consistent psychological feelings along with good character and invincible quality. It will also deal with the students’ tolerance level. It may prevent negative emotions and then turn them into the positive and healthy thoughts improving the immunity and resistance against student’s depression. Emotions are very closely correlated to the mental and physical growth of the students. A healthy mood will always keep the student’s body more coordinated and more creative.

EQ can also provide better sense of interpersonal relationships. Optimistic interpersonal relationships and multi-level harmonious relationships will coordinate students to achieve mandatory personality related values, beliefs and social desirability behavior which will speed up the process of socialization. It can also help students to get positive relationships, high self-esteem reducing the frustration and enhancing self-adaptability.

There are various ways where EQ can be intensified among college students. These can be:

Amend and Adapt Curriculum Structure & Bring EQ into the University Syllabus

The improvisation and perfection in IQ somehow depends upon the level of EQ. Introducing courses such as moral sciences, humanistic quality education, occupation moral education, public relations, psychology, etc. will bring on more opportunities for students to be emotionally intellectual.

Strengthen the campus culture and create good atmosphere

Creating colorful campus cultural activities such as sports activities, calligraphy and painting activities, volunteering the activities and so on will help the students to increase their EQ. The colleges may make use of the holidays for the generation of various activities such as social practices, social contacts, and understanding the society, developing the student’s sense of group honor, duty sense for enhancing the EQ.

Construction of High EQ Teacher’s Team

EQ is a matter of concern for not only students but also for the teachers. Teachers should infer body teaching and should constantly encourage the students via their own character, emotions and best quality of the personality. The teachers must improve their own level of EQ and cultivate students with their high IQ.

Establish Harmonious Relationships and Build Team Spirit

Students should be involved in the harmonious relationships, strengthening the spirit of team education. Teachers should primarily give attention to increase the EQ level of their students, making students realize that friendship is important and convincing them that tolerance and cooperation are the key ingredients that are used for the wellness of society and future. Secondarily, the teachers should guide the students to remove their inferiority complex, to make their life more relaxed and happy. Finally, teachers should teach students to make view from other people’s perspective, to think of the matters from another point of view, to be caring, understanding, to be self-disciplined, to be open-minded for the spirit of unity and cooperation.

Formation of Evaluation System of EQ Education

Any type of education system running within the university will be of no use if the performance is not evaluated. The education purpose is achieved or not can only be judged from the evaluation. The timely EQ analysis, encouragement, diagnosis and supervision, will be conducive for the students to regulate their emotions in a disciplined manner so as to achieve success.

Emotional Intelligence can be learned at any stage as it is a lifetime process. The influence of EQ is very significant but is acquired post birth. It is very essential for the college students to intake the EQ quality within them as it will be the sure shot way to achieve success. Once EQ is developed within the students, they can cherish this quality lifetime at their workplaces, personal relationships and so on. The students are the future of the world and they are the core way through which the world can improvise and do progressions. Therefore, the basic moral values and education should be given to them through emotional intelligence courses at the college level which is the golden period for the students for crucial development.

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