ERC Institute – Transforming Students into Confident, Effective, and Respected Business Leaders

The institute aims at grooming and mentoring a new generation of business leaders equipped with skills to analyze and solve real world business challenges of today.

ERC Institute takes pride in creating unique experiences for their students – with “The ERCI Experience”. ERC Institute is a platform for students to transform their lives and let their passion grow by maximizing their potential to achieve personal developmental targets.

The ERCI Experience is delivered through a suite of value-added programmes and activities in different areas and ERCI prides itself in a two way learning model approach where Practical Real-Working world experiences are interlinked with the classroom for all students.

Their ERCiCulture programme promotes social integration, inclusivity and appreciation of diverse cultures resulting in a respectful and positive campus atmosphere through heritage and cultural visits and celebrations activities. ERCI students could also expand their connection and meet students from other countries through Exchange Programmes.

Moreover, their lecturers are from over 10 nationalities, which bring in multicultural learnings,

Outstanding Academic Programmes and Infrastructural Facilities

ERCI graduates achieved the Highest Overall Employability and Top Median Gross Monthly Salary according to the PEI Graduate Employment Survey 2015/16 and 2016/17 conducted by the Committee for Private Education (CPE) in Singapore.

ERC Institute works with top leading international industrial partners such as Facebook, Google, Mercedes Benz, DDB Advertising, and Bloomberg. Students are geared to receiving first-hand practical knowledge at an early stage through industry visits into these international organizations and be work-ready upon graduation.

The institute’s lecturers are all ACTA trained. These extraordinary lecturers and educators are facilitators who go beyond teaching and education.

With this pedagogy, they aim at nurturing students who are ready for the real-world. They want to walk with students through this journey of emotions of joy, tears, stress and failure. At ERC Institute, they understand that all these emotions are open doors of grooming and exposure for students as they enter the real world.

With all these preparation in place, students are geared to first hand industry knowledge at an early stage, giving them more added values when they enter the workforce.

ERCI students enjoy excellent facilities so as to receive an outstanding holistic education experience. The ERCI Campus, located in a centralized area of Singapore provides more than 20,000 sq metres of space and classrooms with state-of-the-art teaching facilities to accommodate approximately 1,000 students on-campus. Not to mention, students are eligible to study and relax at the student lounge, BIGFitness gym, BIGWork co-working space, and their latest FUNZone area with pool and foosball activities.

In addition to ERCiCulture programme, they also mentor and develop their students in personal development and life skills through the following programmes:

ERCiLead – Promotes practical and servant leadership resulting in an innovative mindset and entrepreneurial spirit (e.g.: entrepreneurs sharing sessions and leadership opportunities).

ERCiActive – Promotes teamwork, improves mental and physical health resulting in a boost of self-esteem and confidence (e.g.: dragon boating, martial arts classes and futsal competitions).

ERCiEnrich – Promotes the acquisition and application of life skills, soft skills resulting in career readiness (e.g.: industry visits, career workshops and skills workshops).

ERCiCare – Promotes social awareness and community service resulting in a compassionate and generous mindset (e.g.: local CSR projects and overseas charity outreach projects).


Scholarships and Financial Assistance

ERC Institute provides the annual CEO and Chairman Scholarships in order to recognize outstanding student leaders who have been an exemplary role model, and students who have exhibited strong pursuits for academic knowledge, great leadership ability and actively participated in co-curricular activities.

These Scholarships cover  full final year Bachelor Degree and full Master’s Degree, respectively, and are given to deserving students who showed both academic and leadership qualities. In addition, various scholarships are available to students with good results from high schools. ERCI also offers entrepreneurship scholarships to enterprising students.

Career Opportunities and Exposures

ERC Institute aims at overall developments of the students. Their graduates have the Highest Overall Employability and Median Gross Monthly Salary among the top Private Education Institutes in Singapore. This is a testament to showcase that ERCI is not just a normal school but an educator with a purpose and a mission.

The institute provides a variety of career opportunities to the students. It offers a unique two-way learning model interlinked between the practical real working-world and the classroom.

Students are geared to receiving first-hand practical knowledge at an early stage through industry visits into international organizations. This learning experience of understanding how organizations function in the highly competitive world gives students more added-value especially when they enter the workforce.

ERC Institute proudly works with over 300 top industry-leading partners such as Facebook, Google, Bloomberg, New Water, Unilever, Singapore Expo, Nielsen, HSBC, NTUC, and more, to help students expand their relationships with corporations and enhance their learning curves, grooming them to be work-ready upon graduation.

About the CEO of ERC

The direction of ERC institute is set by a joint-effort of management team at ERC Education Group level. Alan Go is the CEO of ERC Institute. He oversees all ERC Institute Singapore academic programmes, academic operations, student services, partnerships alliances, university partnerships and quality assurance.

Alan leads the ERC Institute lecturing team to revamp the new Advanced Diploma Business Management programme, by redesigning the modules to be practical and industry relevant for students to be ever ready to enter the workforce upon graduation. Under this programme, students have to complete a final capstone industry project that is jointly graded with international business corporations. He developed the KSA (Knowledge, Skills, Attitude) learning model where all lectures must incorporate applied and experiential learning as key pedagogy of teaching.

“Words of Trust”

The learning journey at ERC Institute was very meaningful where the school had been instrumental in grooming me and preparing me for my future career in life. ERC Institute offers students realistic and practical knowledge compared to other traditional theoretical education universities.

  • Zhou Jiayi (China), Currently works at Absolute Piano LLP (Singapore) as Customer Service Executive (Business Development)

ERC Institute is not your typical educational partner. It focuses a lot more on practical application and development of the knowledge and skills imputed in the course. I enjoyed the discussions in class here, whereby viewpoints could be exchanged freely without bias or scrutiny. ERCI’s team of experienced and dedicated business lecturers are able to provide wise guidance and enable all the students, especially myself, to see things in much broader perspectives.

  • Eu Chong Keng (Singapore), Currently works as Sale & Marketing Manager at Citisafe Pte Ltd, Singapore.

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