A.I. and Machine Learning and its Impact on Education Technology

A.I. or Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are some of the terms which are creating a buzz all around the world. The importance of machine to our lives has given its growth at a rapid pace. A.I. and Machine learning are the next level of the technological revolution where the machine meets human knowledge and intelligence. It sounds interesting and complicated too. But in a true sense, it has a great deal of importance in almost every sector of our lives, including the education system. That means the machines will be filled with human intelligence to understand the level of human intelligence! Let us simply the factor for a better understanding.

Inclusion of A.I. in Human Lives

It is very interesting or rather relatable to say that the importance and the presence of machine and the technologies related to them, were in ancient days too. There are quite a number of examples scattered all around the world to vouch for it. But the expansion of this unique technology in recent times has a colossal effect on our lives.

AI and machine learning is currently crucial part of our lives we at times don’t even realize we are using it at an extensive level. When anyone calls an Uber or Lyft for a ride, he/she gets to know the details of everything, from the distance to the expected reaching time, the car’s location, name and number of the driver for contact, and these are nothing but simple way ML providing information to the users. Facebook is a perfect example for A.I. conducts which scatters from suggesting the names by identifying the face for tagging a person, or offering relevant pictures to create a particular album. The shopping sites too suggest probable preferences as per one’s previous searches and browsing history. All these are nothing but getting the help of the world of A.I. and M.L. for us.

Impacting on Education Technology

When A. I. and M.L. have left no stone untouched, it will be underestimating the power of A. I. and M.L., if they are not thought for the educational advancement. In fact, it is making quite an improvement in this sector. Till the recent past the world was only known to one method of leaning and that is interactive and mostly instructive between the teachers and students. But this method includes some faults and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can deal with them professionally, to create a positive impact on the students. Let’s get to know how?

  • A school or any institution allots one teacher for a good number of students, and these students can be very different in their personalities, and the weaknesses and the strengths of these students are different. But it is not possible for a teacher to understand them all while focusing for the course.
  • There is still very limited recourse in this world to educate the specially-abled students. The scarcity of teachers and the proper equipment and method of teaching them, are some of the major issues. But A. I. and M.L. are the powerful resources which can solve these issues perfectly and efficiently.
  • ‘A teacher for every student’ is a concept that is still farfetched for this massively populated world. But with the artificial intelligence, it will be easy to provide the teaching guide for every student in every corner of this world.
  • Elimination of bias attitude of a human teacher is one of the best parts of A.I. and Machine learning. The fact is understandable that, it is difficult for a teacher to see every student of him/her in the same light. There are preferences which can reflect in the method of teaching or providing grades.
  • Leaning at one’s ease and in own pace is the most scientific method of learning, rather than pushing the students to learn something in an allotted time, as every student has their own ability to grasp something. This factor gets denied in our education system. But when there will be the option for ‘a teacher for each student’ and the teacher (A. I. and M.L.) will be most patient to deal with the need and ability of each student, study will never be a nightmare for the kids.

There are already a number of apps which are proving assistance to be a great help for the kids for learning, which one can avail for better learning. But there are still a massive scope to enhance the quality of the sector of education through A.I. and machine learning.

Some of the institutions have already started with the procedure of adding the help of A. I. and M.L. in their training process, but the majority of world institutions are still to improve in the latest aid of technology. The future is too promising for the coming generation to avail the opportunities to learn in the most unique way possible to become more resourceful for the need of the time. A report suggested that “While 16% of U.S. jobs will be lost over the next decade as the result of artificial intelligence and technology, 13.6 million jobs will be created during that time due to the trend.” So the need for A.I. educated students will be escalated in the future and it is high time to get our future generation prepare for it.

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