Ever Aspire Consulting: Guiding Students to Aware and Awarding Choices!
Ketan Trivedi
Ketan Trivedi is the Founder & CEO of Ever Aspire Consulting. he shared some of the detailed intricacies of the consultancy & how it is one of the most trusted consultancies.

Choices, this is what it all comes down to in the end. The choices we make for ourselves impact hugely and significantly the life we lead. Our choices allow us to explore the potential that we have stored in us and make all the difference. Though these choices are often not reflected in the lifestyle we lead, it surely reflects in the career opportunity we have.

Having said that, the critically acclaimed poem of Robert Frost, ‘The Road Less Travelled,’ shows us the meaning of how this choice can influence one’s life greatly. In the last lines of this forever young masterpiece, Robert Frost writes,

“I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.”

With the burden of choices falling on youngsters, they often end up making wrong or uninformed choices that limit their growth for a fulfilling and holistic career.

However, India is a place where knowledge has always been prioritised for the holistic growth of the community. Many renowned names have moved abroad for further education and impacted the world in leaps and bounds.

Moreover, India has searched the world for better knowledge and has set many examples. And as the world has opened its wings to bring humanity closer, Indians have always found a way to study their educational ventures from some of the best universities that offer them various opportunities.

Though connectivity has enhanced the careers of many, there are still students to make unaware career choices that limit their growth and career options.

On the other hand, with proper guidance and connecting with the right people, these choices can be enhanced and allow the youth to make the right choice even before the beginning of their career.

When we, The Knowledge Review, in our latest endeavour to find ‘The Most Trusted Study Abroad Consultants in India,’ we came across Ever Aspire Consulting, which has carved a name for itself as one of the most trusted studies abroad consulting agencies.

And in an exclusive interaction with the Founder and CEO of Ever Aspire Consulting, Ketan Trivedi, he shared some of the detailed intricacies of the consultancy and how it can become one of the most trusted consultancies in the country.

So, let’s dive deep into the indulging story of Ever Aspire Consulting:

The Inception Story

Talking about the inception story of Ever Aspire Consulting, Ketan Trivedi says, “The initial seeds of getting into a career services line were sown many years back through several examples within our family and friends where people got into wrong career lines & wasted precious years, time and effort, difficulties faced in study abroad planning etc. All of which motivated us to do something in this space to help individuals better plan their careers at different stages of life.”

Looking at the graph that has put unnecessary commas and full stops to many careers, leaving all the corporate entities and harnessing the experience from it, Ketan ventured out to start his own consulting practice to wing youngsters with the opportunities to lead an ideal life.

Further sharing the intricacies of ever aspiring to consult in its business space, Ketan highlights, “The growth potential that this business offers also was one factor that motivated us to choose this line. As per some estimates, more than a million Indian students are pursuing higher studies abroad presently. A recent study estimated that 1.8 million Indians will be spending US $85 billion on education overseas by 2024, a large majority of whom are looking at global professional opportunities and world-class universities as key reasons to study abroad. Today’s young generation is relatively more independent in their outlook and motivated highly with self-dependence and for living life on their own terms.”

Other than that, the specific code of conduct of the domain allows a direct and active contribution to the lives and careers of many, which is also one of the major factors that drove Ever Aspire Consulting’s growth.

The Journey

Starting in January 2019, Ever Aspire Consulting has today carved a name for itself in its domain by being one of the most highly rated consultancies on Google. Personalised service and guidance put at the centre of the process made the firm recognised in the industry.

Further highlighting some of the milestones in its journey, Ketan Trivedi says, “Over these last four years, we have grown to now offer the most comprehensive services for study abroad to our clients that cover career guidance, country/course/university shortlisting, applications, student visa work as well as allied services students need in the process like the writing of essays, and Sops, Education loans, student accommodation abroad, student travel and foreign exchange needs as well as guidance on scholarships and financial planning for study abroad.”

With dedicated work and team, Ever Aspire Consulting has counselled over a thousand students to study abroad, and some of its students are even studying at some of the top universities in the world. And the 95% success rate of the students consulting through EAC is proof of its able and effective strategies.

The Dynamic Duo

Ketan Trivedi is the firm’s founder and CEO, and his partner and wife, Mita, has taken EAC to greater heights. Today, under the guidance of dynamic leaders, EAC offers study-abroad solutions across 30 countries worldwide and is directly or indirectly associated with more than 1000 renowned universities and colleges worldwide.

Talking about the leadership and the growth Ketan Trivedi has given to EAC, his partner and wife Mita says, “Besides study abroad, our firm also offers permanent residency and citizenship programs across 15 countries worldwide. We also run an online Ever Aspire Academy that helps our student and immigration clients to get best-in-class coaching for mandatory entrance exams like IELTS, TOEFL GRE, GMAT, PTE, Duolingo etc. Our online Academy has become very popular now as we have highly experienced tutors, reasonable fees, convenient batch timings and excellent section and mock tests built into all our online classes.”

Moreover, Ketan Trivedi has overall played a major role in the success of the firm handling all the important aspects and hindrances.

An Honest and Transparent Consultancy

The firm is founded on the core principles of honesty and transparent advice. Explaining this unique strategy curated, Ketan Trivedi says, “We are not a fee-hungry agency and often do not take up clients where we feel their profile does not match the requirements of their target area of study or immigration. We customise our solutions for each individual’s specific needs and do not run study abroad fairs where university targets given to the firms frontline consultants are forced upon unsuspecting students.”

“We see ourselves as one of the biggest and best known overseas study and immigration services organisations over the next five years with the widest choice and best quality of services for individuals across all age groups from 14 years onwards up to retirement age,” Ketan Trivedi further adds.

‘Challenges Come with Opportunities’

For a consultancy that heavily relied on transport and immigration, COVID-19 Lockdown came too early for Ever Aspire Consulting. In contrast, many of the enrolled students had to be deferred to future intakes for the global uncertainties and restrictions to stop the wide spread of the virus. However, Ketan carefully plucked the opportunities in such situations as well.

Explaining that in detail, Ketan Trivedi says, “We saw an opportunity in this adversity, and the online medium allowed us to enrol new clients from across the country during the pandemic times. We actually got clients from outside our home city without ever physically meeting them. We also used this period to strengthen our service offering in terms of offering a much wider array of solutions to our clients.”

“Today, we have reached a stage where a student planning their study abroad journey through us does not need to look elsewhere for a service that they may need during their planning journey. We offer all services to them under one roof,” he further adds.

A Certified Firm with an Experienced Leader

Throughout the journey, the firm has stayed true to its core values and has provided highly personalised service and customised solutions according to the suiting of each student. Emphasising this, Ketan Trivedi says, “Due to our focus on this, we do not take a very large volume of clients, and I personally am involved in each client’s process on a daily basis. I am a trained career counsellor and have also undergone intensive training for overseas education in general as well as country-specific training.”

Ever Aspire Consultants is an ISO 9001-certified firm, and the number of university associations they offer to students expands the list of many studies abroad consulting firms. Further emphasising that Ketan Trivedi says, “Our other associations with the best global third parties enables us to offer a wide bouquet of choice to our clients in various areas – whether it be education loans, profile building activities, student accommodation, foreign exchange services or the best immigration-related advice for our immigration clients.”

“Our deep knowledge of student visa requirements of different countries ensures more than 95% of our students get their student visas successfully through us,” he further adds.


Taking the platform to advise the young generation, Ketan Trivedi says, “Today’s young generation is very smart, focussed and hardworking in terms of planning for their goals. My biggest advice would never lose the “trust” of people in the process of achieving your aims or goals by shortcircuiting any processes, systems or documentation. In today’s dynamic and very competitive age, work hard, stay focussed on your dreams and differentiate yourself from others to stand out to the best of your abilities. And yes, never stop learning; else, you will get outdated very soon. Keep reading a lot, build relationships, participate and network actively – traits that are necessary to succeed in today’s times in most fields. And lastly, remember, Failure to plan well is a sure shot way to planning a failure.

Envisioning the Future

Further highlighting the future plans for the firm, Ketan Trivedi says, “We are planning to migrate to a comprehensive online platform for overseas education wherein students can manage a major part of their entire journey for study abroad or immigration with utmost simplicity and ease of use and we are working towards that. We are also working towards associations with organisations that help our student clients with work/internships, that help them build their profiles and gain employment.”

“As we grow, we also would obviously like to keep expanding our team and geographical presence to more locations so that we can offer our services to a wider set audience,” Ketan Trivedi concludes.

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