Silver Fern Education Consultants: Overseas Education Consultants Empowering Students to Become Global Leaders
Silver Fern Education Consultants
Mr Almasto Kapoor launched Silver Fern Education Consultants in 2009, and Mr Shivam Garg officially joined as a partner in 2014. Read for more information.

In the era of excessive information, establishing authenticity as a genuine source of knowledge and information is undoubtedly challenging. With the idea of transforming students into global leaders at its epicentre, Silver Fern Education Consultants thrives as a trusted name in the overseas education and student consulting industry. Silver Fern’s underlying principles align with mentoring students and optimizing their journeys rather than looking at them as business opportunities.

Mr Almasto Kapoor launched Silver Fern Education Consultants in 2009, and Mr Shivam Garg officially joined as a partner in 2014. This partnership between two incredibly intelligent, honest, and ambitious leaders created the stage for an exceptional turnaround. This flamboyant duo hasn’t looked back since and has continued to progress. While Silver Fern originally served only New Zealand as a study destination, it eventually grew to serve all of the world’s top academic locations, including Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Dubai, and Singapore, in addition to New Zealand. The journey undertaken by both partners of the company has so far been extremely fulfilling and growth-oriented. Silver Fern has grown tremendously as an organization, from a single-room office to eight offices worldwide, thanks to a balanced partnership between Mr Almasto and Mr Shivam.

Both Mr Shivam and Mr Almasto have clearly defined leadership responsibilities and a great deal of faith in each other’s dedication to their shared goals. They complement each other’s unique personalities to create an influential think tank that propels the organization forward rapidly. While Mr Shivam has a talent for innovation and taking chances to improve the status quo, Mr Almasto can provide stability when things become tough. The fact that their responsibilities are perfectly aligned with one another disproves the myth that business partnerships cannot succeed without inconsistencies and conflicts. The success of the organization and the hundreds of students who have succeeded with them is largely due to these partners.

Exclusive Education Assistance Offerings

Personalizing a broad spectrum of services to suit the individual needs of different students is what Silver Fern commits to. Silver Ferns’ specialization further expands to one-on-one counseling and mentoring to guide students in the right direction and make them self-sufficient in making informed decisions. The wide-ranging, credible services offered by Silver Fern make it a one-stop destination for all student needs, from identifying the best opportunities to study abroad and apply for prestigious scholarships. The verticals of services include mentoring and profile enhancement, admission applications, scholarship applications, visa applications, accommodation applications, preparation for personal interviews, pre-departure briefings, assistance with forex and travel arrangements, and customized assessments.

Silver Fern offers these services in a stepwise manner with the highest effectiveness, transparency, and guidance. The central idea is to provide students with opportunities for holistic development, which the organization emphasizes. Besides the standard services, Silver Fern also hosts various experts and global universities to interact with students and add to their knowledge and exposure. Silver Fern Education Consultants’ premium division, Career Desk, has been exclusively working with some of the most renowned schools in North India, including St. John’s High School, Chandigarh, Yadavindra Public School, Mohali, Bhavan Vidyalaya Chandigarh, and various others. The Career Desk is the company’s attempt to provide students with reputable counseling services on school grounds by establishing a permanent help desk inside the school for round-the-clock assistance.

Expanding the Visions

The entire idea of the inception of Silver Fern Education Consultants was inspired by the need to assist young learners and show them the right direction to emerge as global leaders. Almasto Kapoor and Shivam Garg, the men behind Silver Fern, have always been passionate about setting an example and enacting significant change. Their passion and conviction became the core driving force behind Silver Fern. Fern, as a leading education consulting company since 2009, Silver Fern Education Consultants will accept nothing less than excellence, quality, and honesty. The company’s primary goal is to assist and advise students seeking an education abroad. The guidance is comprehensive, spanning the entire student journey from applying for overseas education to settling down once students reach their dream destinations. As a business, Silver Fern aspires to grow not only in terms of numbers but more essentially in terms of the value addition offered to students in helping them succeed across various spheres of life. Originating in the city of Chandigarh and having established a stronghold in the beautiful city.

The vision of Silver Fern to grow into other cities and provide reliable services to more and more people around the country was further realized. Having said that, the group has subsequently grown to include Amritsar, Gujarat, Mumbai, Sangrur, Patiala, and Ludhiana. Additionally, the organization expanded internationally by opening an office in Mississauga, Canada, giving Silver Fern new heights and adding another feather to its cap. They are currently working with more than 450 institutions across six different nations internationally, and they are regularly recognized as one of the best consultants in the nation for their unwavering excellence and openness. Over fourteen years, the organization has successfully recruited between 800-900 students and obtained more than 16,000 student visas.

Their ethos is built upon their tireless endeavor to make the journey students undertake as comfortable as possible through many services. They have a brilliant team of dedicated professionals that ensure the best outcome for each student who chooses them. The faith that collaborating universities and colleges instill in the organization shows the uncompromising and firm principles they stand for, and the value thus offer.

Working for Student Welfare

The company’s vision encompasses a multidimensional approach to offering value addition at each step of customer service and personalizing customers’ experiences. The organization is more than happy to provide services and solutions tailored to perfection for every client or student it caters to. Silver Fern aspires to guide and aid students in achieving their dreams of a better future through quality overseas education. Silver Fern assists students in identifying and applying to institutions that align with their academic and career goals, providing guidance on financial aid and scholarship options, and offering support throughout the enrollment process. With the welfare of students as the primary concern, Silver Fern works to establish new partnerships with universities and colleges throughout the globe so that clients can profit from the efforts in the form of successful career paths. The company’s core values include maintaining transparency, ethically conducting business, and prioritizing the needs of students. Silver Fern collaborates closely with students, institutions, and all other stakeholders to create the best possible outcomes for all parties involved.

Pointing In the Right Direction

Making reliable information available to everyone has proven to be Silver Fern’s most significant difficulty. The corresponding industry, specifically North India, is widespread with false information about international higher education. As a result, parents and students are likely to make mistakes. The company works to ensure students have access to reliable information so they can make informed decisions.

Building a student’s profile is advantageous, but it must be done with two things in mind above all else. First and foremost, it needs to be subject-focused, show the student’s passion for the subject, and, most crucially, get them ready for the rigorous academic demands of the course. The second step is to emphasize a student’s uniqueness to the admissions committee, and the value addition students can provide.

Taking the Clouds Off of Abroad Learning

People frequently hold preconceived notions about concepts that are foreign to them, and this is undoubtedly true in international education. Mr Almasto says, “Learn as much as you can about the country and institution you want to attend as a strategy to combat misconceptions.” One will be better able to grasp the situation’s truth and be more self-assured while addressing any preconceived notions or stereotypes that others may hold.

Here are some worthwhile strategies to address the stereotypes:

  • Be receptive to others’ viewpoints: It’s crucial to be receptive to hearing others’ views and to make an effort to comprehend where they are coming from. This can make for a more fruitful conversation and may even lead to new knowledge.
  • Provide accurate information: If a statement is made that one is aware is false or deceptive, one can try providing factual facts to dispel the misunderstanding. If someone claims that all universities abroad are expensive, one may educate them about the scholarships or financial aid programs offered.
  • Avoid taking a defensive stance: It can be easy to do so when someone questions their beliefs or presumptions but doing so frequently is ineffective. Try to maintain your composure and concentrate on what is being said.

Guiding Notes for Future Generation

In pursuing success, there can never be a replacement for consistency in hard work and integrity. This is the idea Silver Fern puts forth collectively as a family and inspires youngsters to develop a growth mindset and believe in the process of continuous learning. Mr Shivam has worked tirelessly to achieve his goals. Additionally, he emphasizes that trusting one’s own judgment is essential for success.

According to Mr Shivam, the perfect recipe for disaster is the fear of choosing the wrong course of action or, even worse, of putting off making a decision. He says, “Don’t live in terror of what may have been; instead, make mistakes and learn from them. But most importantly, you have to play a part in the whole. Complete that pending assignment. Carry out that online investigation. Reach out to that lost lead repeatedly. Network in a dynamic way.” He also adds that these habits helped him, and he is confident they would support the young aspirants. Particularly in Chandigarh, the society has a thriving start-up culture; thus young generation shouldn’t be hesitant to take chances to capitalize on it.

Expanding to Reach Every Student

To ensure that people from all regions of the country can access high-quality foreign education services, one of the critical principles of the company’s future objectives is to expand methodically to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. In order to scale the business and create a positive change that impacts the entire world, the company also has aggressive worldwide expansion goals. Other than them, one of Silver Fern’s future aims is to enlist new stakeholders through successful partnerships and broaden the range of services provided while maintaining the highest quality standards. The company takes pride in its vision to make global leaders out of young girls and boys and empower them to bring change. While business growth is on the agenda, the company also envisions a future where it can offer more to society, emancipate more leaders, and benchmark industry standards.

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