Exceptional Career Options in Music providing tremendous amount of Scope for Aspirants

“Music can change the world because it can change people.” says Bono, an Irish musician.

There are numerous professions in the world. To get into these various professions, people of different age, gender, financial background, literacy levels, and time zones work to satisfy their basic needs and sometimes even wants. All these people are totally different from each other as everyone has a different lifestyle. The one thing which is common among all the people across globe is music.

Music is one thing which never changes and goes beyond boundaries. It is one such medium which can communicate even over the barbed wires. No matter what the state of mind is music can always accompany one. Be it the times of joy, or in the times of grief, music always heals and makes the flow with its exotic waves. People prefer listening to music from various genres like folk, jazz, rock, pop, electronic and many more. In order to enjoy such variety of music, musicians need to create it by taking lots of efforts and practice. Singers, composers, songwriters, producers, musical instrument players like guitarist, drummer, pianist, are individuals from various walks of life who choose music as their professional careers. Apart from these, there are many other career options in the music industry which many would have not heard of.

Music Journalism

Journalism involves an extensive amount of research which is followed by writing daily news or stories, reviewing articles, events, and interviewing various personalities from their respective fields. Similarly, music journalists are individuals who carry out research on various events and happenings of the music industry. Writing articles and reviews about new music releases and live performances is another prime task in this profession. Music journalists get to interview various musicians, renowned artists and also people involved behind the music development process. They have the freedom to work as freelancers or can even be employed by print, broadcast, or online media organizations. This career is most suitable for people who love music and also have the passion for reporting. As far as education is concerned, Staffordshire University at Staffordshire, England, The University of Texas at Austin, Berklee College of Music and Mumbai University are some well-known universities that offer various courses in music journalism. These courses can help an individual in criticizing music with certain amount of authority. Instead of a program in music journalism, a course in English, Communications or Journalism may also be useful.

Audio Engineering

It is also referred to as sound, recording, or vocal engineering. The job of an audio engineer is a technical one as it revolves around the instruments, equipment and machinery used in a recording studio. This machinery is used to record, mix, synchronize, or reproduce music, voices, or sound effects for the production of movies, music recordings, live shows, or video games. Audio engineers have high employment opportunities in radio stations, advertising firms, TV channels, designing firms, recording studios, animation, movie production and much more. Individuals aspiring to be an audio engineer may come from backgrounds such as physics, computer science, acoustics, electrical engineering, or electronics. Lawrence Technological University in Michigan, SAE Institute located in The Netherlands and Soundtech Media Institute of Chennai provide the necessary programs in audio engineering.

Music Therapy

As interesting and unique as the term sounds, music therapy is the process in which music is used for the physical, physiological, mental, and social well-being of individuals. A therapy is carried out by listening to music, singing, or playing a musical instrument such as the ukulele depending upon the complexity of problems faced by an individual. It is a proven fact that listening to music and musical instruments soothes the body and mind. When trained therapists apply this phenomenon in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, schools, and nursing homes, it helps them in the treatment of wide array of problems like depression, anxiety, hypertension, and many other concerns. Music helps in dealing with not just the stressful situations at workplaces but also the various issues in day-to-day life. The right knowledge about music and a background in medicine or biology are necessary to create a career in this field. The Arizona State University located in Temple, Arizona offers a bachelor’s degree course in music therapy.

Cruise Ship Musician

A Cruise Ship consists of a wide variety of musicians like pianist, drummer, musical director, sidemen, and band leader. Being on one ship for around four to six months, these musicians get to not only entertain the entire crowd but also meet many new people from all around the world. In order to keep the crowd engaged with their music, they face many challenges by playing the best music they can which gives them many chances to practice. This increases their competency and also helps them to earn a living by doing what they love the most. Cruise ship musicians can earn hefty amounts of money and also have almost nothing to spend upon as their travel, accommodation and food are looked after. They do not have to worry about laundry, cleaning, grocery, rent, or electricity bills while working on a ship. Which musician would not love to live such a life where one gets to follow their passion and travel the world for free? Moreover, apart from knowing every bit about the instrument they play, they do not require any other educational qualifications. Therefore, this career is for the ones who are carefree or wanderers. Along with the recreational cruise, this sector offers numerous careers in navy ships too.

Music can be played, sung, heard, written, or even mixed. In today’s world where retro music is recreated and remixed, there is tremendous amount of scope in opting music as a career option. An individual who loves writing can be a songwriter or music journalist. One can apply one’s skills in the healthcare sector by turning into a music therapist. Basically there are innumerable options to choose from in the music industry. And, all one needs to pursue such a career is a passion towards music.

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