An Eye for Technology in Education
Technology in Education
Technology in Education

Technology is best when it brings people together – Matt Mullenweg

Technology is a paperless flair that has bought salient modifications into the bigger picture. In a general outlook, every industry has its own share of advantages and disadvantages when dealing with technology. Talking about the education fraternity, it has significantly evolved with modern times and is well-advanced and aware of the present scenario. Education is the most integral aspect to an individual’s life, it’s not just about having a degree that reads a qualified Engineer or Doctor, but to broadens one’s mindset by shedding old layers of societal norms and building strong career paths for the longer run.

With the help of technology, education has stepped up notch by embracing it in an effective and convenient way to cherish a healthy learning atmosphere. Technology has paved its way in institutes, schools and colleges and has given education a whole new meaning. Education and technology is a perfect blend if used together with proper vision and reason. The educators, students and parents have a variety of learning tools at their fingertips.

Personalized and Adaptive Learning:  The numerous learning platforms, software and digital devices are together bringing countless new ways to upgrade education. It makes sure to cater to the needs of every student’s academic potential, strengths, weaknesses, aptitude and learning pace. Various schools have made sure to provide the students with digital devices like computers, laptops and tablets.

The saying ‘one size fits all’ goes hand-in-hand with this, as this particular teaching model is being accompanied by adaptive and personalized learning. This is a new trend that will prepare the students for the future to be technologically skilled and equipped for contemporary workplaces.     

One-to-One Relationship in E-Learning: When it comes to a traditional method of teaching, students often are unable to get individual attention or guidance from their teachers. This is because of the number of students in a classroom and also the time constraint that every school has. In contrast, E-learning is a platform that allows one-to-one context of learning in digital mediums. It enables students to learn through videos and chat with the teacher/expert and also resolve any queries. This gives every student personal attention and can make communication possible across the world in an instant by allowing teachers to collaborate and share their ideas and resources online.

The teacher/expert adds that extra touch to refine the students work and let the students track their work progress, identity improvement areas and go ahead accordingly to excel their performance. The teacher/experts are able to know a student’s feedback on the basis of the teaching of subjects and the content shared on a day-to-day basis. With this, they are able to improve and enhance their offerings and also share practical knowledge based on the on-going momentum to further benefit students.  Bringing technology in the class has made the teacher an advisor, coach and also the one encouraging students to achieve their goals.

Technology completely transforms the learning experience and also develops valuable research skills at a young age. It gives the students immediate access to an abundance of quality content which increases the ability of learning. With this we can conclude that students and teachers have access to a ton of information and a handful of resourceful, credible websites available. The Internet makes it easy for both teachers and students to utilize it. Internet keeps on growing and provides a diverse variety of knowledge and doesn’t add constraints and limit to a person’s opinion.

This overall experience gives students the much-needed boost and opens new doors of opportunities. Be it learning particular subjects, coding language or collaborate with people or teams, technology empowers students to be innovative in their approach and become more connected. Technology is like a super power and all about how we learn today.

-Apurwa Bhosale


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