eQuinoxx Creative Academy: An abode to Expression, Innovation & Imagination

“We don’t teach students to duplicate Art or Design, we inculcate the passion to create it instead”.

In the times we are living, people are defined by the work they do and the skills they possess. These two attributes are highly interlinked with each other. Moreover, the value of any skill is directly proportional to its capability in shaping one’s growth at work and subsequent career-development. Albeit at a slow pace, but the infatuation towards conventional career options like engineering and medical sciences is receding a bit, and our nation is now looking towards several newer, livelier and innovative career ventures. India is witnessing a paradigm shift in this regard. And, in this environment of change, eQuinoxx Creative Academy is bringing an aroma of fresh air for greater good.

Bastion of Art and Design

From the historical lands of Gujarat, comes this institution which is unique and innovative in several subtle ways pertaining to modern areas of education and skill-development. eQuinoxx Creative Academy has created a unique position of its own in the fields of Animation, VFX, Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Creative Arts, Film Making and Photography training. Not only it has famed in Gujarat for winning many national awards but also, it has acquired a strong reputation across the nation for imparting job oriented skill-sets and shaping careers of country’s budding talents. The academy offers degree and career courses along with Job Oriented Certificate programs. It strives to provide the world with talented professionals, courageous and confident enough to break-away from the so-called mainstream working fields, for shaping their careers through artistic and creative methodologies. Every single effort at eQuinoxx is channelled towards creating a sustainable environment which could foster unique contemporary designers and could generate more employment opportunities for them. Such efforts are aptly bolstered by the state of art infrastructure with high-end workstations and leading-edge systems for students at the academy.

Brand Image of eQuinoxx

eQuinoxx is all about “Creating Unique Learning Experiences”. It is Gujarat’s largest creative academy and has the peculiarity of being the only Canon, Wacom and Adobe Certified Training academy in Gujarat. Though creativity is a virtue at eQuinoxx, the academy has shed equal focus on modern technological advancements as well. In fact, for bringing the much-awaited revolution in country’s methodology of imparting traditional art and design education, the academy has focused on proper amalgamation of Creativity, Technicality and Digitization. In a small span of time since its inception, the academy has created a niche of its own. During the course of its journey, the academy has bagged a number of awards and distinctions at national and international levels. Its recognition and acceptance are nothing but living validations of the persistent efforts being made for quality education at eQuinoxx.

Eloquent Offerings

Relevance is the mantra of educational offerings at eQuinoxx. The academy does have a rainbow of offerings, but the peculiarity lies in the importance and orientation of educational courses available at eQuinoxx. Each and every stream is oriented towards Skill Development, which impeccably matches with today’s market and industrial requirements. The thrust is impressed upon the motto of learning the skills that Industry needs. For the young, bright and talented minds of our generation, eQuinoxx Creative Academy offers-

  • Degree and Career Programs in Animation.
  • 1-year Program in Print & Digital Advertising certified by World’s leading companies.
  • Job Oriented Certificate courses in: Graphic Design, Web Design, Video Editing & Motion Graphics, VFX Compositing, 3D Architecture, Game Designing, Creative Arts Specialization, Film Making, Photography, Digital Marketing.

The pertinent continuation of quality education is ensured by eQuinoxx’s management team, which brings above 15 years of experience in USA and India. The faculties at eQuinoxx are veterans of their respective fields and also are internationally certified by Adobe Systems.

Leadership’s Mettle 

Though talent at any organization plays a vital role towards its success, the efforts of a visionary have paramount importance for its progress on roads to success. eQuinoxx’s Managing Director, Mr. Aasit Shah is the formidable force behind outstanding achievements and tremendous success of the Academy. Leadership qualities come naturally to him. For the extraordinary efforts and dedication in his field of works, he has bagged multiple awards and recognitions at national and international levels. An alumnus of University of Southern California; Mr. Shah is a Silicon Valley veteran who came back to work on his home-grounds, after having a successful stint with famous companies like Adobe Systems and eBay. The zest and zeal to ‘Create’ something innovative was the reason behind this call of his conscience. Inception of eQuinoxx Creative Academy was the apt result of his dedication and persistence indeed.

Aura of Creative-Excellence

Each of the courses at eQuinoxx is bolstered with strong curricula and purposeful methodology. Pursuit of excellence and persistent support to creative ideologies has been the way of teaching at eQuinoxx. All these efforts have resulted into precious outcomes at the academy. eQuinoxx has already produced a large section of creative artists who have made their mark in respective field of works. It has excellent placement records. The academy has placed more than 3000 students in prominent studios across India. Today, the presence of eQuinoxx’s alumni can be felt in various leading production houses across the globe.

Today, our system is in a dire need of detox from mundane jobs and skill-less workforce. Time is ripe for the ‘incarnation’ of gen-next Picasso and Da Vinci. In such times, academies of calibre as eQuinoxx shall not only be supported but shall also be campaigned, cherished and celebrated as well!

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