Faculty of Hotel Management (FHM) Manav Rachna International Institute of Research & Studies (MRIIRS): Creating Global Innovative Hospitality and Culinary Leaders
Manav Rachna International Institute
Faculty of Hotel Management (FHM) | Manav Rachna International Institute of Research & Studies (MRIIRS)

Manav ki Rachna- Moulding human beings to become the best versions of themselves as children, citizens and leaders of tomorrow!

It is said that God has created the clay effigies, put life into the effigy, and provided abundant power to them over all the other living species on the earth. Also, GOD has taught humans that knowledge and love are the paths to salvation.

Following this path, humans have been digging for knowledge and spreading love and education for the upliftment of society for ages. Persisting with the same, humans have brought many developments in the world and raised their standard of living with the help of education.

In ancient times, people used to learn about Dharma. But with the rapidly changing landscape, people have started trading and earning money, which has raised the standards of human lifestyle.

Amid the busy lifestyle where everyone is seeking consistent development and in the quest to earn more money, people forget to spend some time with their families. Earlier in the 90s, whenever someone had time to spend with their families, they went to picnics, playgrounds, and gardens. But in the 21 Century, the scenario is very different; today’s generation of people take holiday packages and go on tours to various destinations with their families.

And since the amalgamation of the hotel and tourism industry, people can easily find reasonable hotels and destinations. Due to advancements, new hotels are evolving all around the globe. And the industry is seeking human resources with tremendous potential.

Catering to industrial needs, hotel management institutions are also evolving equally in nurturing the professionals who can serve the best services full of love and accurate knowledge.

Amongst others, the Faculty of Hotel Management (FHM), Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (MRIIRS), is one of the best institutes imparting hotel management modern-age pedagogies to the youths.

The institute emphasizes creating better human beings and is rooted in its values, ‘Manav-ki- Rachna,‘ based on love, empathy, and knowledge. And the hotel industry serves all these emotions to their customers. The institute focuses on instilling humanity in students and creating innovative global Hospitality and culinary leaders.

While in search for 2023’s Excellent Hotel Management Institutes in India, The Knowledge Review, crossed the path of the Faculty of Hotel Management (FHM), Manav Rachna International Institute of Research & Studies (MRIIRS), and interviewed the Vice President Dr Amit Bhalla, wherein he shared about the grooming tale of the institute, and its future endeavours.

Dive down to learn more about the institute.

The Evolving Tale

The university was founded in 1997, but the Hotel Management program was launched in 2009 at Manav Rachna in response to significant demand from the sector. Since then, the programme has developed from bridging the gap between industry and academics to becoming an international institute. The Faculty of Hotel Management facilitates the program at the Manav Rachna International Institute of Research & Studies.

In the current year, the institute has inaugurated the Centre of Excellence for Culinary Arts, where the students can have more engaging experiences. Along with its existing BSc Hospitality and Hotel Administration program, the institute also launched BSc Culinary Arts along with other short term courses in Culinary Arts, Baking and Patiserrie.

Manav Rachna believes in the strength of a strong team, and each individual has contributed significantly to the programme’s expansion and development. The Faculty of Hotel Management staff is equipped to act morally since they have the ideal combination of professional experience and academic competence.

Dr Amit Bhalla: Filling New Colours in the Institute

Dr Bhalla is a person who believes that ‘Education is like a clean canvas which can take whichever colours and strokes you want to give it.’ His conviction and belief have contributed to many successes for Manav Rachna pupils at the national and international levels.

He has supported the Faculty of Hotel Management at Manav Rachna by helping it identify its vision and direction, which has eventually led the organization to define and fulfil its goals yearly. He has also inspired students’ interest in sports and their capacity for invention.

Beyond that, Dr Amit Bhalla’s vision and dedication, as well as his capacity to foresee, think creatively, and establish high standards, have tremendously benefited the growth of this programme.

Statement of Objectives

While asserting about the institute, Dr Bhalla also enlightens us with the motto of the institute and states, “Manav Rachna operates with the motto that roots back to its name – Manav ki Rachna. The spirit of creating better human beings is the cornerstone of every initiative and endeavour at our campus. We ensure that the student who spends three years on the campus takes back a lot more than academic competence and employability. The student who walks out the corridors of Manav Rachna is the global leader of tomorrow, but before that, is a better human being, a better citizen, a better son or a daughter.”

Further stating the institute’s vision, he notes, “The vision of the Faculty of Hotel Management is to create innovative global hospitality and culinary leaders.”

Sliding down its mission, he asserts, “Our mission is to create a strong foundation by industry experts in fundamentals of culinary through the Outcome-Based Teaching-Learning-skilling Process so that our students:

  • Become capable of adapting to a diverse global hospitality environment.
  • Practice entrepreneurship and Conduct multidisciplinary research for developing sustainable, innovative solutions.
  • Imbibe social sensibilities, ethics and values.”

Smooth Seas do not Make Skillful Sailors!

When we asked Dr Bhalla about the challenges the institute has come across since its beginning, stating about it, he said, “Hospitality is an ever-changing industry, and with new trends every day, it is instrumental for us to work in close coordination with the industry to understand the requirements and also to have the support of trained professionals who could mentor the students. With this intention, we signed MoUs with several hotels like the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Okhla, and InterContinental Hotels Academy, and the collaborations have been beneficial.”

Stating further, he asserts, “As a result of all the hard work, the students today have access to the hotel from the first day itself in addition to supporting for weekend training, placement assistance, mentoring by experts, hotel visits and workshops.

Probing Alliances to Bridge the Gaps

It is crucial that hotel management institutes collaborate closely with the industry and look for partnerships to close the gap between industry and academics to serve an industry that is constantly adjusting to consumers’ shifting tastes.

In addition to getting ideas, students should be able to observe actual hotel managers and chefs at work in order to assist them in making connections between theory and practice. A more practical understanding will guarantee that the institute’s students are marketable and that employers are eager to hire them.

Moreover, it should be permitted and encouraged for the faculty members to regularly advance their skills. Students Awards & Achievements look to gain talents that would set them apart in a world where all knowledge is accessible online. Having said that, educating pupils on the value of entrepreneurship is essential. There are many things hotel management students can do, and creating jobs is undoubtedly one of them.

Lifelong Learning Skills

The Faculty of Hotel Management at MRIIRS is committed to the comprehensive development of its students by equipping them with the combination of strategic and operational skills necessary for job success.

Students are encouraged to take part in on and off-campus activities. Students regularly participate in industry contacts and industry trips to better understand hotel operations, develop their interpersonal skills, learn best practices, and determine their potential fields of employment.

To assist with practical work and life skills in students, there is a Career Development Center, Food Walks, and Manav Rachna Center for Foreign Languages. With its one-of-its-kind Manav Rachna Life Skills Programme, students regularly engage in activities that address various concerns and help them develop the required skills. In addition to introducing them to their better selves, these on-campus programmes also put them together to be a complete package for the industry.

The learning is also enhanced by Value-Based Education wherein active participation of the students is ensured towards corporate social responsibility through Dr O.P Bhalla Foundation.

International Exposures for Pupils

Global exposure allows students to accept the changes, be sensitive towards different cultures, and gain transferable skills. With this global outlook, Manav Rachna brings the industry experience to its campus through its Centre of Excellence for Culinary Arts and internationally acclaimed Chefs on board.

Besides, Manav Rachna also conducts a series of student exchange programmes and webinars in association with international universities and industry. This helps students interact, communicate and learn from the experiences of people sitting in different corners of the world.

It is enhanced by the association of the institute with more than 80 global academic collaborations bringing the world to the classroom. The highly experienced and research-based curriculum allows students to explore and learn. The association with The Crowne Plaza Hotel Okhla, New Delhi, and Creative Cuisines Inc exposes students to the top-class services known across borders.

A Pearl of Wisdom

When we ask about the future vision of Manav Rachna, while highlighting the same, Dr Bhalla postulates, “We are very excited about the future of our institute. Having started with a program in Hospitality & Hotel Management which is highly sought after, we have progressed to have a program in Culinary Arts where we have celebrity chefs on board to mentor our students. Our Centre of Excellence for Culinary Arts has a world-class kitchen with avante-garde cooking facilities to aid the journey of our students.”

He goes on to highlight, “Our recently launched certificate programs in Culinary Arts and Baking & Patisserie make expert knowledge available to enthusiasts from other domains who can’t pursue a degree, and people already a part of the hospitality industry but wishing to add a skill set to their profile.”

“We look forward to making these a success. In addition to that, we plan to encourage entrepreneurship in a big way. Students wishing to come up with their ventures will be given due support and guidance by faculty members to set up their own business,” he concluded.

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