School of Hospitality and Tourism Galgotias University: Creating New Peaks for Hospitality Education
School of Hospitality and Tourism | Galgotias University
School of Hospitality and Tourism | Galgotias University

The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the sectors that covets new jobholders to have first-hand experience before entering the field. Today, there are various education facilitators who provide students with the necessary skills for employment in this field. They aid in the improvement of students’ productivity and skills, increasing their employability in the cutthroat global job market. It is because of them that the workforce gets better with increased exposure to real work and higher-quality education, which is reflected in the people and sector’s services. Ultimately, they help to improve the industry’s standard, broaden its application, and alter people’s perceptions of the Hospitality and Tourism services industries.

School of Hospitality and Tourism (SOHT), Galgotias University, Uttar Pradesh is providing hands-on experience and contemporary educational facilities to enhance the pedagogical methodology of this dynamic industry. It is sponsored by Smt. Shakuntala Educational and Welfare Society, and has been established by the state of Uttar Pradesh under section 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956, vide the Galgotias University Uttar Pradesh Act, 14 of 2011. The University commenced its operation during the academic session 2011-12. Today, the University receives the highest benchmark in academic excellence with an ‘A+’ accreditation from NAAC, thereby being the most awarded and top-ranked University in North India with 12(B) status of the UGC Act.

Journey to the Top

School of Hospitality and Tourism (SOHT) started its operation in 2012 and has been ranked as the 2nd Best Hospitality Institute in the State of Uttar Pradesh and the 4th Best Private Hospitality Institute in the country by GHRDC in a short span of 11 years. Institute is recognized as the ‘Centre of Excellence in Hospitality & Tourism’ and bestowed as the ‘Best Hospitality & Tourism Institute’ of the country by various prestigious ranking, rating, and awarding agencies. With a view to providing students and faculty members with the optimum contemporary learning and research environment, University is committed to an ambitious ongoing investment in buildings and facilities, the results of which are clearly visible today.

The university offers the following professional programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management (BSc HM) [3 years]
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) [4 years]
  • BBA (Tourism & Travel) [3 years]
  • MBA (Tourism & Travel Management) [2 years]

On an Endeavour to Bring Innovation

The Institute has set a vision to be known globally for responsive education, creativity, and innovation in hospitality and tourism.

Institute is also aiming to impart high-quality education to graduates and nurture them into competent professionals who can contribute to all spheres of professional activities while upholding ethics and human values.

The prime missions of the Institute are to:

  • Create a strong foundation on the fundamentals of global hospitality and tourism practices.
  • Establish state-of-the-art facilities and collaborations for excellence in the hospitality and tourism profession.
  • Develop well-rounded and thoughtful graduates prepared to excel in the changing and globalized world.

SOHT, Galgotias University is endeavoring to make hospitality and tourism erudition multifarious and integrative by keeping the curriculum abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the contemporary industry.

Dean as the Driver of Innovation

The present Dean of the School, Prof. (Dr) Rajiv Misha, is very keen and committed to delivering the best education and training to students by providing premium infrastructure, robust and holistic curriculum, impressive and efficacious practicum, the finest learning platform, and conducive environment along with the best scholastic and co-scholastic development of learners, thereby grooming professionals, who can easily excel with confidence in any path they choose.

He has always been successful in inspiring students to become better citizens, apart from transforming them into successful industry leaders & professionals. He is instrumental in various rankings and ratings of the institute, facilitating premier accreditations and industry-academia partnerships deliberating the best benefit for students and learners. He believes in the holistic development of our students by encouraging them in various scholastic, co-scholastic, and practicum activities to ensure that they become great achievers. He always tries to build harmony among students, parents, alumni, entrepreneurs, educators, and industry- practitioners in the exchange of workplace skills.

Overcoming the Obstacles

School of Hospitality and Tourism, Galgotias University, overcame various challenges since its inception in very fruitful ways:

  • The outreach was increased, and various awareness programs regarding the future prospects of hospitality professionals and leaders were initiated.
  • Assessment methodologies were modified by changing the age-old pattern of evaluation with the inclusion of continuous assessment pedagogies and making the courses into the categories of theory, blended, and comprehensive.
  • All the infrastructural developments and revamping of various laboratories were done based on contemporary industry trends and technology as per international standards.
  • The School was advanced as a ‘Centre of Excellence in Hospitality & Tourism’ with corporate collaboration with the best industry partner.
  • The robust industry-academia interface and recruitment of the best academicians enhanced the placement opportunities of students and learners.
  • Research and project-based learning pedagogies were introduced for enhanced practicum and placement.
  • Curriculum Conclaves were organized with the presence of all the stakeholders like – students, parents, faculty members, alumni, entrepreneurs, and industry experts for adopting the best scholastic and co-scholastic development of learners.

Meeting the Global Standards

To meet global standards, the university is taking the following efforts:

  • Making the syllabus and curriculum in consultation with industry experts.
  • Indulging students in live field activities.
  • Teaching Entrepreneurial component.
  • Regular training of educators.
  • Developing well-rounded and thoughtful leaders.

USPs of the Institute

Galgotias University motivates the students and conducts one-to-one sessions to understand each student’s preferences, likes, and dislikes, based on which students are guided as to which extra-curricular and cocurricular activities are suggested/advised. Students are constantly supervised, and mentors help them whenever they require guidance. The management makes the students understand that they also need to focus on extra-curricular and extramural activities besides studies. Not only does it make them fit and healthy, but it also creates a positive vibe and makes them socially responsible citizens. Institute also provides exposure to live field activities with the hotels & industry. The students are part of the activity-based learning, hands-on experience with leading brands of luxury hotels. Workshops, seminars, symposiums, and faculty development programs are being imparted on a regular basis. Guest lectures by industry experts are conducted periodically. Students are encouraged to make informed decisions to take over managerial & leadership roles within the field. Communication skills & problem-solving skills are in regular focus in all the semesters of study with clear and precise purpose.

Creating a Different Brand

SOHT is always keen on bringing innovation. Some of the notable innovative approaches of the university are:

  • A unique combination of regular English and professional communication classes with regular sessions on how to crack interviews and personality development.
  • Helping students get better at communication with a variety of programs such as life skills and seminars to help boost self-confidence.
  • Interactive sessions to help students understand the industry better and learn from the network.
  • Engaging in sessions with industry leaders to get a better idea about the industry.
  • Regular industrial visits and live field activities.

Enormous Trophy Cabinet

Galgotias School of Hospitality & Tourism is dedicated to creating future leaders, and seasoned professionals because of which they have earned many awards and recognitions. Some of them are:

  • Instituted as the ‘Centre of Excellence in Hospitality & Tourism’ in corporate partnership & collaboration with ‘Sarovar Hotels & Resorts.’
  • First institute in North India to have a corporate alliance with a reputed hotel company.
  • State-of-the-art Labs are certified by the ‘Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)’, under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India.
  • Education Excellence Award 2022 for consistent performance in Hotel Management Education by the esteemed ‘Global Human Resource Development Center (GHRDC)’ – Centre for Management Education and Research, New Delhi.
  • Empanelled as the ‘Ambassador of India’s National Education Policy (NEP-2020)’, which is a gateway to academic excellence.
  • Ranked as the 2nd Best Hospitality Management Institute in the State of Uttar Pradesh and 4th Best Private Hospitality Management Institute in the country by GHRDC.
  • Ranked as 3rd Best College in the state of Uttar Pradesh by India Today.
  • Awarded the ‘Institution of Excellence by International Education Award, 2021.’
  • Recognized as ‘The Best Institute in Hospitality Management 2022’ by the prestigious ‘The Knowledge Review Magazine’, Dublin, USA.
  • Featured as one of ‘The Most Leading Education Brands of 2021’ by the prestigious The Knowledge Review Magazine, which is a Global Education Magazine based out of Dublin, United States.
  • Globally accredited by Hospitality International Standards (HIS), Malaysia.
  • Internationally accredited and recognised by ‘International Accreditation Organization (IAO)’, USA, based on excellent (i) Organizational Management, (ii) Academic Management and (iii) Institutional Performance.
  • International collaboration with National Restaurant Association Solutions, LLC, USA, to offer the programs of the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI), USA, on campus.
  • Best Private Hospitality & Tourism Institute of the Year 2021′ and received ‘Certificate of Excellence by Brand’s Impact Education Excellence Award.
  • Bestowed as ‘Best Hospitality & Tourism Institute’ by Global Teaching Excellence Award 2021.
  • Recognised and honoured as the ‘Centre of Excellence for Hospitality & Tourism’ by the Kiteskraft Global Teaching Excellence Award.
  • Awarded as the ‘Best College of the Year (Hospitality & Tourism)’ by Perficio Award jointly with DHS Foundation, India and Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia.

Showing Route to Aspiring Managers

SOHT’s advice to budding hotel managers is to follow the “10-Is” principle of life, which includes being Interactive, Interesting, Innovative, Inspiring, Insightful, Influential, Intuitive, Ingenious, Impressive, and Impactful.

Future of SOHT

In the future, the institute envisions coming up with more collaborations with various hotels in India and abroad. The institute proposes to have more partnerships and collaborations with various International Institutes and Universities of repute. The immediate focus is to provide international exposure and skills to students. It proposes to expand and develop research and development labs with the latest and contemporary trends as well as technologies. As entrepreneurial project work, students would be motivated and guided to manage kiosks, food trucks, and cafeterias on the campus.

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