Fadi Ganni: Empowering Learners, Sculpting Professionals

In an everlasting quest to attain expertise, profundity and a prominent career, we often disregard the gravity of the fact that a prolonged acceptance towards ceaseless learning is a necessity. Comprehending this necessity will not only pave our way towards a significant professional life, but will also enhance our otherwise limited knowledge, along with complementing our employability in the global market. When it comes to the question of how we could leverage these offerings, Fadi Ganni, the Founder and Chairman of Morgan International, is possibly the most apt person to talk to.

Fadi founded Morgan International in the year 1995, the muses of which, were a prolonged commute time to attend his U.S Certified Public Accountant (CPA) classes, and the concerning scarcity of  professional certification courses due to which so many students from the Middle East had to travel all the way to the US.

In 1997, Fadi became Group CEO and to this day, is responsible for managing and directing the company’s operations across the Middle East, Canada, Europe and India. In addition to his position as Chairman of Morgan International, he is also adviser to and member of various professional international associations. Fadi continues to share his expertise to this day with candidates and corporates alike by delivering specialized workshops in the areas of financial accounting, auditing, business law, and taxation as well as preparation courses for professional certification exams.

Delivering Knowledge Globally

Morgan International was the first training institute to introduce professional certification to the Middle East and 24 years on, is still the sole licensee of Becker Professional Education in the Middle East region, Europe and Canada. After the first office was opened in Beirut, Lebanon in 1995 and following the surge in demand for professional education, Morgan quickly opened a second office in Jordan, followed by Egypt, the UAE, India, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia and now has its branches spread out in 32 cities globally.

In 2001, Morgan International expanded its reach beyond the CPA credential to service the entire accounting and finance profession by adding other credentials to its portfolio. It now offers over 18 certification programs covering the fields of accounting, finance, human resources, supply chain and logistics, digital marketing and retail, including but not limited to the CPA, CFA, CMA, CIA, ACCA, DipIFR, CSCP SHRM-CPSHRM-SCP, CDMP and more.

Morgan has become a global leader in professional education, through its international network and delivery of premium educational environment and programs adapted to the needs companies and professionals looking to enhance their careers.

Morgan’s learning experience includes everything from career guidance to flexible, modified and customized learning solutions, expert instruction, full support throughout the client’s journey and plans to launch an international career portal to support its global alumni network. Through its international and online network, Morgan can answer the needs of global companies and mobile working professionals. Throughout its activities, Morgan International continues to adhere and promote its core values centered on empowerment, creativity, integrity and excellence.

Instilling Excellence

In addition to fulfilling the training needs of corporates and industry professionals alike, Morgan International believes in the importance of training and equipping its own team with the necessary skills required to maintain a competitive edge in an ever-evolving environment.

Other than the professional certifications that Morgan’s staff pursues, additional training programs are tailored according to each employee’s needs and weaknesses covering topics related to leadership, networking skills, coaching, client management, effective business communication and other essential topics needed to bring all employees’ skills and knowledge to a higher level.

With a faculty of over 350 part-time instructors across the globe, all certified and experienced professionals, Morgan believes its instructors are the backbone of the business, and they play an invaluable role in helping candidates achieve their goals. Many of those instructors are actually past Morgan candidates which makes them all the more part of the Morgan family.

Other than Train the Trainer programs, Morgan provides Continuing Professional Education (CPE) workshops to ensure they are constantly up to date and receive the tools required to maintain their credentials, it also facilitates their attendance of international conferences globally so that they stay up to date with the latest developments in their industries.

Surpassing Challenges

In his strife to attain entrepreneurial zeniths, like all successful leaders, Fadi too, came across a plethora of challenges. He also emphasizes on the institute’s challenge of forming strategic alliances with organizations and governmental bodies, both locally and internationally, at a time where professional education was not as widely recognized.

When it comes to maintaining Morgan’s market competency, Fadi constantly caters to the need of adapting to the changing demands and innovatively refreshes the institute’s product line, thus meeting all of the diverse business needs. Fadi also expresses that Morgan and its entire team, takes pride in the partnerships it has formed with a list of leading course providers and associations, as its aim is to deliver only the best preparation courseware to its candidates.

Bequeathing the Keys to Success

“Engage in lifelong learning,” is what Fadi advises the future generation of learners and professionals. He believes that the pace at which things are moving, working professionals are likely to find their skill set obsolete in less than five years. “We all have to remain students for as long as we’re working. Furthermore, we have to learn to embrace change; we can no longer expect our career to serve us for the rest of our working lives,” he adds.

“You are likely to change or shift careers many times, and this does not necessarily mean from one profession to another but changes are happening so rapidly within the same industry, so even as an accountant or HR professional, your job is likely to shift and change many times in the coming few years with the advancement of technology,” Fadi expresses.

He is of the strong opinion that to invest in lifelong education, especially if one is a certified professional, continuing professional education is no longer a plus, it’s a requirement in order to be able to maintain their license to practice or credential in general.

Foreseeing New Horizons

The future is essentially where true leaders and pioneers march towards, with grit, passion and commitment, and without a pinch of hesitation or skepticism over what awaits them at the end of their journey. Similarly, Fadi’s blueprint for a successful future of Morgan International includes expanding to new markets where professional development is a necessity and comparatively not widely available. He also asserts emphasis upon developing strategies to expand Morgan’s reach into new credentials and industries, in order to serve the needs and demands of corporates and professionals alike.

Fadi envisions growing the Live Online study format to ensure full-accessibility to certification wherever professionals are based and across all markets and adapt to learning behaviors and changing times.

Fadi has a thoroughly designed future plan with an implied emphasis on comprehensive development for Morgan as well as its enrolled professionals globally. He plans to invest in improved training, the latest technological tools, advanced assessment methods, creating transparency and engagement, and ensuring acquisition of the right knowledge to thrive globally.

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