Five most emerging online certificate courses in Health Science

When we talk about Health, the first word that appears on one’s mind is “Doctor” and the second word that appears is “Medicine”. People are not aware of hundreds of other courses in health sciences which too offer bright careers. Health science is defined as a branch of science and technology which applies to scientific activities to provide and preserve healthcare. It has various other sub-fields within the general area of health sciences that includes medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nutrition, therapy, clinical practice and even alternative medicine.

Wondering how to study online?

American students need not travel anywhere as America is the home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. But whether anyone is away from the United States of America or not, distance learning programs are open for all. A distance learning certificate program provide many opportunities for career advancement and the most interesting part is that its fully online-based study option which adds the feature of flexibility of time for the working students. The latest technology and communication advancements have helped the students to learn in the time and place they choose. Online course program allows those people to learn who are separated by distance and time.

What are the courses?

  • University certificate course in Health Administration

University certificate course of Health Administration is one of the study programs which is growing in a rapid speed in today’s growing U.S. The course  offered by the California State University Northbridge is rooted in the Master of Public Administration. This course prepares students to critically analyze, improve and implement effective public policy in public-and private sector programs and services that focuses highly on the healthcare industry.

This program allows students to use nine units from this curriculum to use in their master’s program. And the Master in Health Administration offers one of the best career prospective in anywhere from healthcare institute to outpatient centers which a job profile as Chief Executive Officer, Clinic Manager, Healthcare Consultants and many others like Program Managers.

  • Certificate course on Healthcare Information Systems

This is an extremely useful program designed for those seeking to gain the tools necessary to succeed in an IT role in the healthcare industry. This is a 2 month course program from Saint Louis University. The course which focuses primarily on information systems and technology, could include computing and virtualization, programming, database design, networking fundamentals, healthcare information systems terminology and IT systems for healthcare organizations. The students with a certificate in Healthcare Information Systems get career options as Medical Records and Health Information Technician, medical transcriptionist and many others in variety of domain including hospitals, vendor organizations and consulting firms.

  • Certificate of Pre-SLP

The Certificate Course of Preparation for Advance Studies in Speech-Language Pathology (Certificate of Pre-SLP) is offered by the Carolina State University Northbridge. It is specifically designed for college graduates who desire to have a career in the rapidly growing field of speech-language pathology but did not have a major in Communication Disorders and Sciences or Speech-Language Pathology while doing their under-graduation studies. The course is also designed with the aim for helping students who do not have pre-requisite coursework necessary for admission to master’s program. This course primarily focuses on hearing science, speech and language development, speech science, phonetics, phonology and articulatory disorders, auditory habilitation, audiometry and hearing conversation, voice and fluency disorders, diagnostic methods in Communication Disorders and Language Disorders.

  • Certificate course for Medical Biller

The University of Cincinnati offers a certificate course for Medical Billers. The course structure focuses mainly on the introduction to anatomy and physiology, introduction to anatomy and physiology lab, the health record, medical terminology for the health professionals, pharmacology for health education professionals, reimbursement in healthcare, healthcare applications, medical coding, healthcare information ethics and advanced coding applications.  Upon completion of Medical biller/coder certification course, the person can pursue a variety of career opportunities in hospitals, physician offices nursing care facilities, outpatient clinics, home health services and insurance companies and public health departments. Educationists suggested that if one can get certified by the American Health Information Management Association, then the medical biller will have the best employment options in the country.

  • Certificate course for Autism Spectrum Investigation Specialist

The Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) certificate course is offered by the Kent State University and is designed mainly to provide students with an understanding of the theoretical conceptualizations of ASD. The course also focuses on the skills needed to develop and implement evidence based lifespan intervention teams programs. It focuses mainly on autism spectrum disorders including its theories, disorders and lifespan interventions, social communications aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Pharmacological Intervention in SPED, Medical Aspects of Lifespan Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders Capstone.

While taking the career prospect of such certification courses in health science, Patricia Abbott, PhD, RN, an assistant professor and coordinator of graduate programs in nursing technology said, “The job market is so hot right now that employers are trying to hire folks before they even get out of our program”. Abbott added that it’s mainly because they act like interpreters with language knowledge of both healthcare and IT.

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