For Enabling the Masses, Maharashtra Gov to Offer Higher Education in Marathi

The Maharashtra government is committed to offering higher education in Marathi, according to Deepak Kesarkar, the state’s minister of education, who stressed the importance of education in the mother tongue on Wednesday.

According to him, the government has begun offering engineering courses in Marathi this year and plans to do the same for medical education starting in 2019.

At a meeting for Marathi entrepreneurs, Kesarkar, who was speaking on behalf of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, spoke.

According to him, it is the best practise for most nations to educate their citizens in their own language.

Urging the entrepreneurs to adapt to global developments, he said, “You should be job givers, not job seekers.” Kesarkar said Germany has 4 lakh jobs to offer and Maharashtra can fulfil that need. “Exports should not only be of commodities but also manpower,” he said.

The minister urged the state’s industrialists to adopt cutting-edge technologies and uphold the nation’s honour. According to him, Maharashtra has the most new businesses in the nation.

The minister stated that in order to improve oversight, the government intends to use artificial intelligence and put web cams at schools in outlying regions of the state.

The omission of the requirement for academic English is one of the main benefits of vernacular content-driven education for non-native English speakers. Today, almost everyone is able to speak in and understand English, but the mental clarity acquired through vernacular languages is astounding. Higher concept clarity enables in faster learning and productivity and paves way for all round growth. This is reflected in several countries including Japan, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, China, Gulf and others.

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