Found My Teacher Launched; Platform Will Redefine the Online Education Space
Found My Teacher

~ Raunaq Kakkar, Founder of Lawpreneurz forays into online education space with this newly launched platform ~

Mumbai, October 1st , 2021: Founded by Raunaq Kakkar, Found My Teacher (FMT), an online education platform announced its launch today. This unique platform will bridge the gap between compassionate educators and passionate learners by helping them to connect, from anywhere across the globe.

FMT is on a mission to redefine the way education is imparted and received in the present-day scenario by offering the required infrastructure to every educator empowering them to pursue their passion of teaching from the comforts of their homes. It will not only help educators impart knowledge to the students but will also help educators to become teacherpreneurs. For the students, across India and the world, FMT acts as the perfect tool to get access to the best of teachers and mentors, basis their choice of location, language, expertise, budget, and timing.

Key Take-away for Educators:

  • A perfect platform for any individual who wishes to impart education
  • Will be provided with the complete infrastructure required to conduct classes
  • Active promotion of the educator
  • Limited screening of the educator, thus allowing any and everyone who is passionate to teach
  • Opportunity to earn income basis the educators’ commitment and convenience, hence enabling them to become teacherpreneurs
  • Nominal registration/subscription fee that won’t burn a hole in your pocket

Key Take-away for Students:

  • A perfect platform for any student/parent looking for an online personal tutor
  • Convenience of selecting an educator basis the student/parent’ choice of subject, language, expertise, budget and timing
  • Registration for free consultation with an educator of their choice available
  • Basis the student’ need, the required number of sessions can be planned and finalized
  • Entitled to a refund if after attending 20% of the classes, a student is dissatisfied with the educator

The launch of Found My Teacher is in line with the brand’ vision to become a learning platform that is not limited to just academics, rather anything and everything that can be taught will be available through this unique platform.

Raunaq Kakkar, Founder, Found My Teacher, said, “It’s a proud moment and gives me immense pleasure to launch Found My Teacher. With this platform, we look forward to redefining not just the ways we learn, but from whom we learn. FMT will bridge the gap between students and educators, helping each student to connect with their desired mentors and learn anything of their choice from the best educators in India and around the world. It will be the one-stop solution for students and educators, alike to receive and impart knowledge.”

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