Future Prospects of Biological Science
Shekhar Jain Associate Professor & Head Faculty Mandsaur University | The Knowledge Review

Biological Science includes study of all the living forms present on the earth and life processes thereof. It involves study of structure, function, evolution, development and ecology of microbes, plants and animals. Broadly, Biological Science has too much vast range of study and, hence, is divided into different branches leading to be expertise in particular field and growth thereof. Based on education and interests, there are a variety of career specialties that biological scientists can have, such as zoology, ecology, botany, biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, physiology, marine biology, genomics, bioinformatics and so on. Biotechnology and Microbiology are the two most emerging and advanced fields of biological science. It provides students a variety of career opportunities in almost each and every sector. The most important point for the biological science students is to have practical knowledge of the subject along with the theoretical part. Carrier opportunities in biological science also depend on the academic qualification of the student but the most important thing is that opportunities are always available at every level. Graduates students can get entry level jobs in various fields as technician, QA/QC officer, Project Assistance, Junior Executive Assistant, Executive Officer etc. and are eligible to appear in every competitive examination organized by government of India for various reputed posts such as IAS, IPS, IFS etc. Higher studies such as post graduation, Ph.D. are always an added benefit for every field and open up door for so many reputed positions which was inaccessible for graduates.

In the public sector as well as commercial sector there is always demand of Biological Sciences graduates. Research organizations, National Health Service, government departments, Environment Agencies and forensic science laboratories of the public sector required Biological Sciences graduates. Similarly, different pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, water and agriculture industries of commercial sectors actively recruit graduates from the Biological Sciences. Agriculture Sectors has a huge demand of life sciences candidates. Agriculture biologist plays important role in development of potential varieties, biofertilizer formulation, increasing the crop production and hence pay important role in economic growth of the country also. Candidates having specialization in microbiology can move to the food sector and play important role in preservation of food from microbial spoilage. Like biotic, abiotic components also have an equal importance and students specialized in environmental science/ biotechnology play a vital role in maintaining sustainability of the environment. Due to growing population and exploitation of natural resources, problems related to environment is increasing day by day. That’s why this sector always welcome environmental researcher to ameliorate it and offer various positions. Marine biology sector provide opportunities to work on aquatic living forms. Marine microbes are the potential source of biotic compounds including drugs. This sector offers various research opportunities to interested candidates to explore potential of marine resources. There is a huge demand of the microbiologist for the sea food processing industries. Potable drinking water and beverages manufacturing industries always recruits qualified microbiologist / biotechnologist in quality control division which is most critical part of the industry. In addition to this, each and every industry needs to develop a waste management plants to detoxify the hazardous effect of effluent and make it eco-friendly where Biotechnologist and Microbiologist role are crucial.

Potential candidates with business minded brain can set-up “Start-up Business” by using various funding support offered by Indian government. In addition to start up funding, different government funding bodies like DBT, SERB, ICAR, DST, UGC etc. also provide financial support in the form of impressive research fellowship to researcher and encourage them to pursue research work as well as higher education. Various academic positions such as Assistant Professor etc. are always there in the government as well as private education sectors for the deserving biological science candidates. A well qualified, potential and passionate candidate doesn’t need any introduction. Various level scientist post are always available in reputed research laboratories/ institution such as CSIR, NRCS, IISER, IISc, ICAR etc. in India and abroad as well for such candidates. Overall huge career opportunities are available for the biological science. The need is to be goal oriented, focused, hard working and to grab the opportunity.

About the Author

Dr. Shekhar Jain – M.Sc.- Biotechnology, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Head, Faculty of Life Science, Mandsaur University

  • Past employment: Asst. Prof., Department of Agriculture, Mandsaur University, Mandsaur
  • Served as Research Fellow at IARI, New Delhi and Amity University, Noida
  • Member of  Associations of Microbiologist of India (AMI), Indian Phytopathological Society (IPS) and Asian PGPR Society
  • CSIR-NET, ASRB-NET, R-SET, GATE qualified
  • 26 Research publication and 3 patent filed

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