Growing Stars Daycare: Another Home for the Little Ones Cared by a Compassionate Mother

The first few years of growth for a child is the most crucial period, in terms of holistic physical and mental development and adaptability towards its surroundings. This is when a child gets introduced to countless things for the very first time. The advent of nuclear families, working parents, and the intent of the parents to prepare their child right from a small age is changing the growth patterns of toddlers. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, this paradigm shift leads us to talk about the rise of Daycares in India.

Although the mushrooming of daycare, nursery, and preschool is on the rise, only a handful of them can sustain in the long-run. Nowadays, most of the IT-companies have also started their own daycares or have associated with the nearby daycares for their employees.

The ‘value-system’ that governs the owner or the principal of a childcare facility is the key factor that differentiates between the success and failure of the school. Rather than being a hub for generating revenues, a Daycare is an elementary platform that nurtures the children for having an all-around development in the early years.

One such Daycare that has gained prominence by the virtue of its unmatched services and keeping an honest approach of developing the skill sets of children is Growing Stars Daycare. Alongside showcasing the daycare facility’s journey, this excerpt talks about the highlights that have made it stand tall amidst its market peers.

The Inception Story

 Nestled in a quiet corner of Lane E,  Koregaon Park, Pune – Growing Stars Daycare saw the light of the day in May, 2019. It is a 1000+ square feet playschool inclusive of all modern-day amenities.

As a child embarks on a new journey, this daycare is a perfect launchpad for kids, as the expert teachers and caregivers are committed to defining a growth path for every child. Identifying the strengths and areas of improvement, individual care is given to each child as the team believes that every child is different and special.

Alongside providing half and full-day care services, it also provides tuitions and training activities as per the age bracket of the kids. Moreover, it walks the extra mile to ensure that all the homework also gets completed so that when the child returns home, parents get quality time to be with their child. As a full service ‘second-home’ for the kids, it also offers pre-school training and art classes for the children of various age groups.

The Cornerstone

 It’s said that personal experience is the best answer to solve the queries of life. The same happened with Manisha Sunder – a single expat mother who returned to India from Dubai. It was a hard time for her to find a daycare that ensured safety, hygiene, 360o development, and was affordable. This shocking reality was the spark that fuelled her to quit her lucrative career in Marketing and design a daycare that matched the world-class standards and was affordable for parents.

“My thoughts and vision are very simple and rooted in humanity. For me, the daycare might be my livelihood but will never become more important than compassion for the children that come here,” says Manisha.

 With impeccable facilities at the anvil, Growing Stars Daycare is nothing short of a dream come true for Manisha.  Knowing first-hand how tough it is to leave your child in the care of a stranger, she has built the daycare with the passion of a mother. She used her own experiences and resolved to provide all that was lacking in daycares that she could afford and believed that affordable daycare should be the right of every working parent.

As her mission manifests itself in happy clients who have entrusted their children in her care, Manisha adorns a satisfied smile today and is determined to take this forward. She expresses, “I thank God for showing me the way. At the end of the day, when I see a happy parent collect their kid from my daycare, my day is truly made; my mission, truly fulfilled.”

Exclusive Child-Friendly Services

 Manisha loves to keep little ones’ creative juices flowing by providing a variety of classes, not only for those enrolled in her daycare but also for other children. Art classes, painting, Zumba, Bollywood dance, Slime making workshops are just a few of the ones that she has recently conducted at her daycare.

 Security is a priority and therefore the daycare is equipped with multiple CCTV cameras that monitor every child, apart from the full-time teachers and caregivers who keep a vigil on the kids. Maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, Manisha ensures that housekeeping activities are done under her supervision twice a day. Rubber playmats are used extensively to ensure that flooring is child-friendly and devoid of any sharp objects/corners.

Embracing technology, the daycare shares WhatsApp photographs and videos of children with their mothers at regular intervals. The learning pace is very flexible that helps the children to be on one page. The daycare has devised effective learning techniques that assist the children to learn quickly without putting any burden on them.

Each activity is aimed at improving their all-round skills. From identification of common symbols, alphabets, numbers, and images, to reading, writing and motor skills, it aims to bring out the best in the children. On a concluding note, Manisha asserts that “all these services and methodologies help in bringing them up as genial children.”

Manisha has already set her eyes on the future. Her next milestone is to launch a preschool powered by FlintoClass at the same location alongside expansion in the coming days.

Exhibiting Trust and Excellence

 Being a working woman, it’s very difficult to take care of my 11 month old baby. Someone suggested me to check Growing stars day care. Now I’m very happy and tension free for my baby. They took care of my baby as he is their own. His learning and activities have also improved a lot. Thanks a lot Manisha once again. You are really an Angel for me sent by God. – Madhu Rathore, Working Mother, Pune

Our son is very happy and enjoying in your school. We are very glad to keep Mozes in your daycare. Once again, thank you so much teacher. God bless you all. – Mrs. Jadhav, Pune

Beautiful place and very safe. Loved the entire staff and setup. My son was very happy here. Dr. Anita Dharma


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