The First Step towards Learning

As parents, experiencing parenthood is the biggest milestone followed by witnessing the growth years of a child. As this wonderful journey commences, its the early years of a child that requires utmost attention from the parents as the child experiences everything for the first time.

With the advent of the new-age education system, there is a steep rise in pre-schools and daycare in India. Although, the debate continues if pre-schools really add value to a child’s growth and if yes, what is the right age for admission. Another relevant change is the paradigm shift of the mindset of the Indian parents about their kids. Often the parents are in a hurry to inculcate skill-sets with an intent to ensure an all-around development of the kid. Alongside, nuclear families, working parents, are some of the other factors that have fuelled the rise of the pre-school culture in India.

As parents, setting the right age for sending the kids to a pre-school plays a crucial role for the latter years. As the first step to kindergarten, elementary and formal education, a pre-school is much more than just a learning platform.

Without any doubt, a pre-school act as a stepping-stone that evenly balances learning and fun. Apart from exploring the colours with crayons and a plethora of physical activities, pre-school improves the hand-eye coordination that further develops the motor-skills amongst the toddlers.

The most deciding factor for the parents is to understand the perfect time when their kid is ready for a pre-school. Apart from being ‘socially’ active and understanding the basic self-care routine, there are a lot of other factors that play a pivotal role. Right starting from Independence, Self-reliant skills, Socially independent, Communication, to Physical strength and more every element has a part to play.

Finally, when the parents have invested a lot of time in analyzing the growth of the kid, its the time to select a pre-school that fits the needs and is the perfect choice for your little one. As both parents and the kid enter a new phase of life, it becomes important for the family to get a positive feeling of being safe, secure, and happy.

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