Harrisburg University of Science and Technology – A Pioneer of Innovative Research Programs
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

The university offers innovative academic and research programs in science and technology that respond to local and global needs.

One of the most comprehensive institutes founded in Pennsylvania was Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. Established in the year 2001, it was one of the first prime universities that found its focus in STEM. This was a much-needed change in the state as the provision of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math led to students finding jobs that helped them lead better lives. They also found themselves ready to start graduate school in just 6 months. Corporate Livewire gave HU the title of #1 STEM university in the U.S due to these constant efforts and implementation of quality education.

A Peek into the Infrastructural Resources

HU houses a 16-story academic tower that has a fascinating appeal of its own and is situated in downtown Harrisburg. It is also a couple of blocks away from the Capitol building and is at an ideal distance from popular employers. The university also has plenty of research centers dedicated to a variety of interests, issues and industries which give students the space to experiment while also serves as a bridge to businesses. The school’s research centers are:

The Government Technology Institute – This resource is mainly utilized to train, provide education and build networks so government technology leaders can explore many technological solutions for the state. Also, the GTI is a one-of-a-kind venture which underlines the university’s dedication for the sake of meaningful collaborations among the government and higher education.

The Agile Lean Center – One of the key elements of this center is to provide academic offerings and plenty of resources while also using agile and lean business to help local and global businesses. This process then leads to Product Development, Manufacturing, and Value-Centered Project and Software development.

The Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies – Utilizing the entertainment factor to help students learn and build a talented workforce is one of the top priorities of this center. This serves as a regional advocate for fast-paced growth while coordinating with new media companies throughout the state and country.

Harrisburg University’s Center for Environment, Energy, and Economy (E3) – The center was created with the intention of building connections between HU’s faculty, curriculum, and students and other change-makers. The center helps bolster environmental protection efforts as well as sustainability practices that function hand-in-hand with economic development. This works in partnership with businesses and government entities while also focusing on problem solving.

Guidance Programs for Students

The low student-to-faculty ratio is one of the biggest advantages for HU students, as it allows them to involve their mentors in discussions and interactions.  The professors are dedicated individuals who ensure that full attention is given to their students and all their doubts or queries are addressed. Various other resources are implemented to ensure that every youngster is ready to venture out into the professional world. An online tutoring service called Smart Thinking is a complementary tool that every student of HU can use to take part in one-on-one tutorials with an experienced academician. Each student also is assigned a mentor who works toward advising and guiding them in their academic endeavors. The sessions are focused on teaching  time-management or sharing strategies of success. Decision making ability as well as goal setting is clearly emphasized and any student facing difficulties aside from these aspects can also find assistance via the mentor.

The students can also avail tutors for help in academics and for any subject they find tough to handle. This service is free of charge and the tutors ensure that the appointments do not disrupt the  regular student schedules. The signing up process is done through the Student Services who also conduct a Bridge Program. This is an eight-week residential session that helps the students get used to the life within the university and helps them get involved in the functioning of it. The Seminar Series at HU is known for guiding students though Experiential Learning and develop their competencies within the undergraduate curriculum.

Describing the Person Behind Path-Breaking Changes

Dr. Eric Darr is the President of Harrisburg University. He was chosen by the Board of Trustees and assigned the position on May 9, 2013. His leadership has grown the university, which has expanded to Philadelphia and grown its enrollment to more than 6,000 students hailing from more than 110 countries.  Dr. Darr’s appointment marked a turning point in the history of the university, which has also launched new graduate and undergraduate programs, attracted scholarship support, and also opened new housing facilities for students. As president, he ushered in eSports as the university’s only varsity sport. His leadership has spurred economic development throughout the area. Whether its through the outstanding curriculum or Esport tournaments like the HUE invitational, which is the largest collegiate sports tournament in the U.S., Dr. Darr’s foresight has brought about a new era of prosperity at Harrisburg University.

Dr.Darr also is overseeing the construction of the university’s more than $100 million Health Science Education Center, which will stand 17 stories high and house at least an additional 1,000 students.

Student Benefit Facilities

Harrisburg University has a provision for on-campus accommodations for students, where they offer modern living spaces with the latest appliances and well-equipped kitchens. Students have plenty of options such as residences on Market Street where the apartments are situated right across the street from the Academic Center. The students also have many clubs on campus such as the Asian Culture Club, and Forensic Science Club, in addition to the Student Government, which allows students to get involved in campus activities. A newly opened Student Union Center situated inside Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts offers plenty of space for students to take part in a plethora of activities and events. Students also have the best in terms of nearby healthcare facilities. UPMC Pinnacle Hospital is located just a couple of blocks away.

The University also conducts seminars on educational topics, and hosts music concerts and plenty more of events throughout the year. These include the Climate Disruption and Sustainable Development Speaker Series, a Data Analytics Summit, and the university helps sponsor Harrisburg’s annual India Day event. These are some of the prime highlights of the university which have helped it become successful.

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