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“Haven of Excellence International Learning Center & Consultancy strives to deliver qualitative and holistic education to raise and empower the next generation of leaders by providing them relevant and contemporary education, all for the glory of God.”

A learning culture which caters to every single student irrespective of their cultural background, intellectual capabilities and age criteria, is unquestionably an innovative and promising approach towards education. This kind of an approach is what the Haven of Excellence International Learning Center & Consultancy exhibits as its niche. The school provides unique and diverse education programs such as Kindergarten to Grade12 in-school and distance learning programs, one-of-a-kind English and Music programs for children, youth and adults alike, including Special Education programs for learners with special needs, learning difficulties and disorders who are residing in Vietnam.

Since its inception in September 2014, Haven has been committed to providing the highest quality, needs-based education and interventions to its learners, both in Ho Chi Minh and the whole of Vietnam. It is a 100% Asian company, driven by its team’s passion for education, training and development and more than 100% commitment to delivering excellent services. The school is on a mission to raise and empower the next generation of leaders by providing them relevant 21st century education.

Haven aims at being a school of influence, growing its branches in every village, city and province with a very strong educational foundation recognizing and respecting the uniqueness and the individual needs of every learner. It take pride in its teachers and staff being trained, committed, empowered to raise new generations of leaders who display an inclination towards productivity and creativity, whose students are equipped to make a competent personal choices and wise decisions that would enable them to withstand today’s trials and temptations.

The school inculcates a surrounding where mistakes are not reasons for failure and punishment but considered as opportunities to create new learning situations; where students are trained to set goals, making them responsible and accountable for their own actions; where students are zealous with so much information about variety of subjects, relevant to their personal growth and development; where students are stewards of their parents’ resources, able to understand value and apply financial skills early in life.

HAVEN boasts about being a place where students have a growing passion and enthusiasm to attend school, where their talents, capabilities and ideas are considered, honed, and appreciated; where parents are considered as partners; where assignments are not additional burdens for mothers and fathers to complete; a school where off-school hours should be occasions for more quality time interactions among the members of the family, whose head is God, whose help is the Holy Spirit and whose focus is excellence in education. It molds and builds its students character by ministering to their spiritual lives as well.


Aiding Inclusive Development

Instant Reader

A distinctive English Reading Program using an effective and innovative way of teaching kids to read in just 30 days. This revolutionary, researched-based, Filipino-developed program pioneered a system that can make any non-reader and non-English speaker read and speak English the fastest and most effective way. Part of Haven’s vision is to reach the widest number of kids possible and subject them to the life-challenging benefits of being able to read and understand what they are reading.

This money-back guarantee reading program has significantly helped hundreds of Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Cambodian, Vietnamese and soon Indonesian, Singaporean and UAE kids enhance their reading capabilities. The program’s approach is far from traditional, being phonemic-based. Kids are introduced to the concept of sounds as the core of the reading process, aided with fun techniques and strategies to capture and hold the learners’ attention span. One such unique approach is the use of ‘ridiculous animal picture associations’ to assist kids in their recall of the phonemes.

The aforesaid strategy has gained popularity with the kids due to their colorful, catchy presentations and unique names. In addition, the program’s story-telling component is also a hit with the kids. Each of the stories features the animal story adventures in various identifiable, everyday situations that are both value-laden and engaging. The approach not only encourages the love for reading but also promotes character development in a fun and exciting way. To add to this already amazing program is the IR DysPro – a special reading program for dyslexic kids or kids with reading and learning difficulties and disorders.

–  K-12 In-school and Homeschool Programs

This comprehensive Kindergarten to Grade 12 program in partnership with the Distance Learning/Homeschooling Department of The Learning Place International, using a curriculum called Alpha and Omega for its core subjects and customized curricula for each student’s country’s education requirement and standard, provide a pro-active, creative and relevant 21st century education to both Vietnamese and expats children residing in Vietnam who opt to choose Haven.

– Multiple Intelligences Programs 

Haven upholds Gardner’s advocacy in defining intelligence as a bio-psychological potential to process information that can be activated in a cultural setting to solve problems or create products that are of value in a culture. According to Gardner, there are more ways to do this than just through logical and linguistic intelligence. Gardner believes that the purpose of schooling should be to develop intelligences and to help people reach vocational and avocational goals that are appropriate to their particular spectrum. With this belief in our hearts, in HAVEN we give the children the freedom and avenues to express, explore, discover, develop, hone and master whatever gift, talent and skill they may have. Hence apart from academic programs, we offer a variety of Multiple Intelligences programs such as Music (Violin, Piano, Keyboard, Recorder, Guitar, Vocals), Arts (sketching, Drawing, 3D Paper Mache Painting, Art Calligraphy), ROBOTICS, Multimedia (Short Film Making, Photography, Videography), Performing Arts (Acting, Stage Plays, Mini Theatre Productions), Literary Writing (Poem Writing, Article Writing).

The Backstage Story

Importance of language got noticed primarily when a  Bible Baptist , Filipino family, the Garcinez family came to Vietnam in 2010. They got to know about the enormous desire of the Vietnamese people to learn English. They noticed lack of English center everywhere which cannot cater the huge need of the country. There were some societies and sectors that couldn’t afford the high tuition fee since then, the Garcinez family started going to public parks, making friends with the locals and started teaching English for free through Park English Clubs. Soon the children suggested them to open their own language center with an affordable fee so that they can continue helping more Vietnamese People, thus HAVEN of Excellence International Learning Center and Consultancy was born. This institute was also built in memory of the deceased, Dan Renzo, the eldest son of Mr. Garcinez and Mrs. Garcinez.  Dan and his siblings had put forward the need to establish this institute.

Along with catering the educational needs of the locals, Mr. Saturnino Manaloto Garcinez Jr. and Ms. Shella Marie Villano Garcinez were also taking care of the education of their four children, though home schooling because international education in this part of the globe is quite costly. Mr. Garcinez started thinking about other expat families living in Vietnam too. Soon, he started thinking about other families who faced the same struggle. Not long after, a group of Filipino parents and several other nationalities requested them to open a Learning Center where their kids could learn together and enjoy interacting with fellow home schoolers, thus HAVEN for Kinder 1 to Grade 12 in partnership with the Distance Education Department of The Learning Place International; based inside the campus of the most prestigious school in the Philippines, University of the Philippines (UP), Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines came to be.

HAVEN, currently caters students from 19 different countries headed by Mr. Garcinez as the President and Mrs. Garcinez as the Director and Administrator who just finished her first course on School Management and Leadership with Harvard University’s Graduate and Business College. Their children, Hannah serves as the CFO, Dan Reuben a student of 12th Grade serves as the student’s Arts and Baking tutor. Eloisa, the Haven’s future ECED academic head, is currently awaiting her Early Childhood Education graduation.

Collective Expertise

Haven is a core team of exceptional individuals who are all committed and dedicated to serve the community through education, even on a voluntary basis with a wide array of professional associates and support personnel as-need arises.

The school has a diverse human resource capacity that consists of individuals that have worked on international, national and local levels with proven track records of delivery in the education, training and development programs and voluntary service to the state, private and non-governmental sectors.

Within its pool of professionals are people that have worked extensively in various corners of the Philippines and Vietnam. It is noteworthy that Haven’s staff and associates come from a host of backgrounds including national and local government, business and civil society organizations.

Offering a Shoulder

As part of its commitment to social development, Haven has initiated the Instant Reader We Care Program where it will choose a group of comparatively less privileged children to enjoy the full benefits of being Instant Reader’s full scholars. It is franchised 100% money back guaranteed program from Readright Inc., Philippines. Being their franchise, Haven launched this program in 2019. Together, both the organizations desire to reach the unreached and help the less privileged.  Envisioned to achieve the same goal, the school also launched the Dyslexia campaign. For one Instant Reader kid enrolled, one student will enjoy full scholarship with Instant Reader. Haven has also started an Awareness campaign on Dyslexia among parents and fellow school operators which will raise awareness that there are children with special needs in our community who also have the right to adequate education.

Haven’s Instant Reader DysPro Program is willing to work hand in hand with the community to cater to the needs of these kids with special needs, most especially the Dyslexic kids. Its ‘English for Everyone’ is another community service where the school’s team of teachers with its students have been conducting free English classes in parks and several provinces since it started HAVEN in 2013.

Haven will also be publishing a book titled as ‘HAVEN OF HOPE’ which is a collection of poems by its students. Part of the sales proceeds will go to a beneficiary group. This coming school year 2018-2019, the 3D Paper Mache Good News Painting which uses old/used newspapers, junked laptop casing, and other recyclable materials to make masterpieces of arts has also been launched by HAVEN last year as part of our advocacy to inculcate in the hearts of our students the love and care for our environment. The Good News Painting is founded by Filipino Baptist artist Beverly Gatpandan. Haven is privileged to share this unique and eco friendly art in Vietnam because the artist entrusted the sharing of the same to Dan Reuben Garcinez and Hannah as its ambassador in this country.

Delivering Distinction

Haven’s courses are tailored to its clients’ needs with a structure that is flexible and designed to match clients’ available time and budget. Haven produces its own learning materials as-needed, apart from the ones already provided by its partners viz. The ReadRight Inc. of Instant Reader and The Learning Place International. It also provides off-site and on-site training for fellow companies and educators.

Haven pursues the highest quality in all its programs by ensuring that its materials are relevant and standard aligned. Its facilitators are experts and experienced professionals in their field and its approach to learning is both visionary and innovative. The school has a subscription to the International Children Bill of Rights. It places a high value on diversity of race, language and culture.

Collectively, Haven owners, staff and associates are able to draw on a wide range of influential role-players through their active involvement in education, training, development and community service for almost more than five years now in Vietnam, and its partners The Learning Place International, Philippines and Instant Reader Philippines now for 18 years respectively.

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