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Digitoonz is an accomplished animation studio in Noida (Delhi NCR) which provides animation services and develops its own Intellectual Property (IP) for the kid’s content. The studio is a full-service animation production company specializing in the areas of producing TV series and feature films in 2D and CGI. The studio has worked on numerous TV series and feature films comprising children, entertainment, and edutainment and has been broadcasting it across the globe.

The studio leverages technology and process-enabled global delivery model, which assists it in building and sustaining a healthy relationship with its client. Adhering to the rule “Be honest from the Get-go” with regard to the clients is its biggest priority. By following this preference, the studio surpasses the client’s expectation by establishing credibility and trust.

The Inception Story

Vikas Kumar founded Digitoonz in 2009 with only eight members at the initial launch. He observed the industry and arrived at the conclusion that North India does not have a core animation studio. Hence, taking the leap of faith, against all odds, he set up Digitoonz. In its present nine-year run, the studio’s number eight has transformed into a larger number. Digitoonz is since growing from 2D animation to 3D animation and into gaming as well. It has collaborated with the top-notch companies and has touched bases in diverse countries like US, UK, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and many more. With immense proud and honor, Digitoonz has left its footprints in every sector with good notes. As a result, the clients appreciate the studio for its prompt delivery, work quality, and transparency, which is a key strength of the studio.

About the Illusionist Founder

Vikas Kumar, founder of Digitoonz is himself from the animation background. He served in the Education Department of Delhi Government since 2004 and worked there till the end of July of 2009. During his tenure, he always dreamt of setting up something big in animation all by himself and establishing his own organization. With leadership qualities in his blood, leading an animation studio was all in his mind throughout his years of working. By the year 2009, after paying close attention to the industry, he started a small team with Nadim Akhtar- Co-founder- and named it Digitoonz. Since the institution, the studio has suffered various bumps along the journey road, but Vikas’ principles and hardworking leadership has steered the ship of Digitoonz towards the excellence of success. Accessing the bumpy yet successful ride, Vikas asserts the famous line, “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it”.

Apart from Digitoonz, Vikas has taken step towards education as well. He has expanded his empire by opening an ITI institute, named Dikshant ITI and a school, Layford International School. He has also launched a YouTube channel called PariTV to make learning fun for kids and toddlers.

Digitoonz Ventures

Digitoonz being an outstanding animation studio has initiated its own ventures, which are:

Digitoonz Interactive

Digitoonz Interactive is an initiative taken by the “Digitoonz” to provide services in game design and development.

Layford International School

The Layford International School is the abode of holistic learning. Digitoonz has invested in Education business to provide education to children, especially in rural areas. Digitoonz has taken a little effort towards making the world a better place and help people to be able to navigate the world. Layford wishes to open doors for children for a good career opportunity.

Dikshant ITI

Dikshant is an initiative taken by Digitoonz to provide industrial training to teens. It encourages teenagers in going up for a career option through which they can work and earn all by themselves in rural areas. Recently, it has placed its students into leading mobile company Lava through campus placement.

Animation Services at its Best

Digitoonz provides a comprehensive package of pre-production to post-production. It is like a one-stop place for all. Its in-house provides the following services:

  • Toon Boom Harmony Animation
  • 2D Animation
  • Cleanup / Ink & Paint
  • CGI Animation
  • Lighting, Rendering & Compositing
  • Game Design & Development
  • Pre-production
  • Harmony Rig

Keeping Keen Eyes on the Industry

According to the studio, Indian animation will have strong growth in expected time. Earlier, majority of the animation companies were dependent merely on the service work but now the production of local content is very much in. Consequently, it contributes to many free zones to the animation studios to promote their own compositions. By carrying out the same and broadcasting it on independent networks like YouTube, these studios can monetize their content and earn from it. In addition, if the firms need to continue producing the service work than it has to provide a superb quality of production as the standards of animation is expanding by each passing time.

Another significant point that the studio marks out is that the animation institutes should cooperate in cultivating valuable resources for the future of animation in India. The resources are not as per the expected standards whereas these artists are enough capable to perform if they have been trained in expert level details.

Comprehending the Latest Technologies

The enterprise used to work on the conventional animation techniques, however, now, it is practicing the latest technology i.e. Toon Boom Harmony. By practicing the latest version, the inventors conserve time and ease himself or herself in achieving the animation. As the rig-based characters in the software fasten up the production, the composers recover up to fifty percent of the time and assist in preserving the pipeline, eliminating the need for manual maintenance required.

In India, Digitoonz is becoming one of the biggest team strength for constructing high-quality 2D Animation – TV Series and feature film. It is also planning to set up a new venture to serve into 3D animation and gaming.

Dedicated to the Clients

The firm believes in being transparent and honest to its clientele. The studio apprehends the appreciation by the clients and states, “the work becomes easy for us when we give clear image to our client. They know exactly where we are and what help we may need. By this, they know where we need them and they guide us if needed”. Apart from transparency, the clients also gain benefits from the quality of work and quick turnaround time.

Designing the Frames for Future

Digitoonz will continue to deliver the best of animation to the industry with the emphasis on accommodating the latest technology and conducting themselves in line with it. To carry up the same, the studio pledges to master modern technology and strengthen the artists for the same. In addition to that, the studio is working to raise its global presence and is trying out on numerous ventures to ensure its growth and development.

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