Hello Kids Preschools: Ameliorating Preschool Education in India

The institution has struck a balance between the eastern culture and western competitive standards which will prepare a winning generation for the 21st century, with the motto that the children will grow up to be accommodative, caring, sharing and bright individuals.

Education that starts in the early stage is the education that stays with all of us till the end. It is the best education a child can get in the early years. To offer the best education, a number of institutions are there, but only few could outshine among them and Hello Kids Preschools is one of those stalwarts which have been known for their International integrated curriculum, which is affordable to all sections of the society.

Ushering a Better Future

Pritam Kumar Agrawal, the Director and the main pillar of Hello Kids has completed B.Com from Delhi University and MBA from IIPM. Now he is the Vice President of Early Childhood Association, and Business – Convener at International Vaish Federation. In 2017 he received honorary doctorate in Education Entrepreneurship. Apart from all these milestones, he is the Author of his first forthcoming book, The Brilliant Backbencher, displaying some of his skills from education and business.

Sunita Jain, Co- Director, with BE degree from KIIT, Bhubaneswar. She has also worked for Infosys and Huawei. In 2007 she joined as the Director of Hello Kids & Riverstone Schools.  In, 2017 she started a consulting firm for preschools as, School Consultant India.

Hello Kids started franchising across India and currently they have proudly announced that “We have 600+ centers across India and Bangladesh.

Significance of Preschool Education

Early years’ education is always important for the overall growth of the child, as the major development of physical and mental health of the child takes place in the first five years; Hello Kids Preschool is providing special care in maintaining the age proof scientific curriculum to offer the best to the kids. The industry is growing at a 20-30% rate annually, with an expected industry size of Rs.22,000 crores by 2020 and Hello Kids is trying to keep it up with the pace, expecting better government policies and regulations in near future.

Budget-Friendly Education

Established in the year of 2005, Hello Kids was started with the vision of taking the early learning experiences and education to every corner of India. With affordable business model and education system, Hello Kids has changed the preschool industry which was not that developed and was available only in metros and tier 1 and 2 cities. With the dreams of Pritam Kumar Agrawal and Sunita Jain now they are ushering the concept of the value of money with the best possible education.

Exemplary Learning Environment

Hello Kids has always considered the teaching methodologies, innovative learning technique or any other relevant data for inculcating educational values among the students.  Pritam added “Since the inception of the brand we have followed an integrated and used the best global practices, which is researched based and age appropriate. Methodologies like Montessori – By Maria Montessori and Multiple Intelligence theory by Howard Gardner are very much incorporated in our curriculum.

We are constantly working towards upgrading the curriculum so that these young minds are able to cope up with the fast changing world, special emphasis with safe and secure environment when they can develop holistically with brain, body and mind” adds Pritam.

Apart from that, regular outings in places like the temples, churches, fire stations, police stations, post offices, supermarkets and other places are part of the curriculum to offer the realistic knowledge of places and architectures.  On the other hand, Hello Kids pays importance to stage exposure and prepares kids with proper use of stage and mike on daily basis, to build self-confidence and liberate from stage fear.

Importance of Health, Hygiene and Safety

Indulging in good habits is a very important factor that can be achieved in the early days, and the proper education is required for that matter. Hello Kids offers routine activities like regular health and dental checkup, nutrition workshops, green earth concept for L-kg and U-kg kids, waste segregation for elder kids, plant trees and water saving programs and ‘Swacch Bharat’ concept has also introduced at this early years.

Child safe furniture to the verification of each individual working with kids are followed at each and every centers of Hello Kids.

Achievements, Acknowledgements with creating edupreneurs

With its unique study style and competence in building up physically, intellectually sound kid, it is bound to be recognized, and this institution has been garlanded with a number of awards and acknowledgements. It won Best Preschool Curriculum in 2016 by ABS, Achievements inn Business & Service Awards. In 2017 it became the Best Pre School Chain by Brainfeed School Excellence Awards. If that is not all, Hello Kids’ director, covered as the Top Influencer – Shaping up school education world in Digital Era in March 2108.

With the support of our channel partners, these passionate educators brings lot of value addition to our brand, about 90% of Hello Kids franchise partners are women. These new generation entrepreneurs, are really working towards quality education and we as franchisor works together to fulfil their journey with regular support and workshops.

Succeeding with Benevolence and Future

Hello Kids is moving forward with the zeal to be the best in the preschool business developing the best education and wholesome upliftment for the kids and to make them to be prepared for the mainstream studies of schools.

With our unique franchisee model and increasing demand for early childhood education, we aim to reach 1000+ preschool and 10+ K-12 Schools, by June 2020.

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