Cambridge Montessori Preschool: Revolutionizing Early Childhood Education

The brain of a child is akin to a sponge for its tremendous capacity to absorb information. In fact, 90% of a child’s brain has fully developed by the time he or she turns five. It is crucial, then, to ensure the quality of the information to which the child is exposed in this critical period.

The right pre-school can provide the guidance to nurture and hone life skills and establish the foundation to unlock their full potential. That is the reputation which Cambridge Montessori Preschool (CMPS) has developed.

The Knowledge Review was intrigued that a relatively new school has managed to outshine other, more established institutions. To bring out more about the institute, we spoke to the school’s Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singh.

About Cambridge Montessori Preschool, its approach to molding young minds, and the techniques used

CMPS is a subsidiary of Jalsa Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Its curriculum is based on the Montessori philosophy of early childhood education developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.

At CMPS, the curriculum is a unique combination of accredited Montessori instructional material and the latest in education technology. This curriculum itself was developed in consultation with leading Montessori specialists from around the world.

Various researches have shown over time that the most successful individuals are not the ones that study the hardest, but the ones that have a well-rounded personality. It embraces this fact and nurtures their students with that goal in mind.

Parents want the best for their children and Cambridge Montessori Preschool has shown them that its approach works. Today, their belief has made Cambridge Montessori Preschool the fastest growing premium preschool brand in India.

CMPS’s commitment to childhood education and the leader’s vision towards it

The Managing Director – Pankaj Kumar Singh – has been active in the management and education spheres for over 24 years. After graduating from Patna University, he obtained MBA from the Birla Institute of Management Technology. Management and entrepreneurship has always fascinated him and he was drawn towards both academia and the corporate world.

His first professional role in senior management was in India. Later, he gained extensive international experience in the same field. That exposure to different cultures led him down the path of entrepreneurship and investment.

Despite the success and achievements in those areas, education remained his true passion. The desire to mold a better future still inspires him. He chose the Montessori education system because he has seen it work.

CMPS has already achieved tremendous success in a short time but it is just the beginning of something much bigger. The team has taken the first step in India but the plans are to expand internationally in the near future.

Many schools employ the Montessori teaching system, but Cambridge Montessori Preschool goes beyond that

The Montessori system is a broad philosophy. One can base a school on any system but the execution of the core values of that system is what determines the efficacy of the results.

The Cambridge Montessori curriculum was carefully designed and refined by international experts. It is not static; the concepts are faithful to the original but it adapted itself based on India scenario and also to modern technology. We have not wavered from the basics of social life skills, daily life skills, and a strong academic foundation.

The curriculum consists of learning through movement, creativity, design, and music. The central tenet is to pique the children’s curiosity through diverse, unconventional exposure to new concepts and ideas.

A Cambridge Montessori student is socially conscious and does not just love a subject; he or she loves to learn it! The wellbeing and individuality of the child always remain the school’s foremost concern and it does not compromise on that.

Cambridge Montessori places extraordinary emphasis on health and hygiene concerns

Health and hygiene are interrelated; good hygiene promotes good health and vice versa. CMPS inculcate the students with an understanding that cleanliness is positive and that is why it reinforces the idea through numerous workshops, activities, and props.

Professional staff of the preschool closely monitors the health and physical development of each student. Regular visits from doctors and dentists aid the institute in monitoring each child’s progress. Every student has a personalized health record that tracks all their details like height, weight, and dexterity as well as vaccinations and vocabulary development.

Parents, teachers, and health professionals have access to this information so that they are able to identify potential problems quite early and take appropriate action towards preventing the child from health deformities.

About the business of the preschool

From the outset, CMPS was very clear that the goal, “To be the best in whatever we do.” That applies to both the academic and entrepreneurial aspects of Cambridge Montessori.

CMPS is widely recognized within education circles as the leading premium preschool and daycare brand. It is not easy to provide the level of educational excellence the brand offers but one has successfully demonstrated the ability to deliver consistently on all fronts.

Within the first year alone, more than 100 schools have already signed up as partners. This is virtually unprecedented and hints at further exponential growth in the near future. This success was noticed by the entrepreneurial world, too.

CMPS has earned several prestigious awards, including Preschool Emerging Franchisor of the Year 2017 by Business World, Top Preschools of India 2017  by Digital Learning,  Preschool Franchisor of the Year as part of the 2018 Education Excellence Awards by SDF International and Innovative Preschool Enterprise at 12th World education summit 2018 by Digital Learning

Envisioning the bright Future

CMPS envisions being one of the top ten preschool chains in the world by 2030. It is already in the process of coordinating with leading international Montessori education experts to achieve this. Together, it is developing a world-class curriculum that will be supported by strong safety and security measures. The foundation for this progress is strong operational support as well as a comprehensive, viable business plan.

The brand believes to be fortunate enough to have a great team that has allowed it to follow and make major steps towards the accomplishment of its vision. The achievement of this team is much bigger than one can state as with these efforts the team has made a difference in the future of the nation.

“Our visit to Cambridge Montessori Preschool was fascinating. We had the opportunity to see first-hand how an advanced education curriculum, innovative technology, and passionate educationists are coming together to reinvent the very meaning of childhood success,” concludes the Managing Director.

CMPS is already making waves in early childhood education today. We are convinced that Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singh’s staunch leadership and incessant drive will transform the institution into a world leader in the very near future.

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