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High Performanze Academy
High Performanze Academy

The field of performing arts has become widely popular in the recent years, with more students increasingly opting for the same. There has been a growing demand of educational institutions, which provide quality educational facilities to the students, hone their skills, and prepare them for a bright future. To fulfill this emerging need, the leading educational institutions have stepped in, to provide their dedicated services.

One such front runner in delivering brilliant educational services is High Performanze Academy. Situated at Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia, the academy provides highly effective learning & training programs for schools, learning centers, outreach instructors, and students. The High Performanze MultiTalent Center provides students the opportunity to explore various fields such as Arts & Crafts, Brain Training, Computer Applications, Dance, Drama, Language, Martial Arts, Mental Math, Music, Tuition, and so on. The center has already accomplished its mission for R&D (already moved on to the next stage).

Established during the early 90s, the academy always focuses on overall development of the students. Accordingly, over the years, it has carried out many observations and experiments on slow learners, average learners, fast learners, straight As high achiever, and other high performers. High Performanze has also collaborated with more than 40 training partners such as schools, kindergartens, and learning centers.

The Erudite Frontrunner

High Performanze was established by Raymond Wong. He started the High Performanze system in Canada and Malaysia in early 90’s. Being a music teacher and studio composer, Raymond has composed and arranged music for organ, piano, and synthesizers for performances and has also performed as special guest. One of his music compositions was selected for a national event held at Dataran Merdeka in 1993.

Raymond was offered the position of Director of Development and Training by United Conservatory of Music in Canada. Upon returning to Malaysia, he was offered by Sedaya College to devise the music curriculum. Being one of the pioneers in music education with the most advance teaching system, Raymond and High Performanze has inscribed their names in The Malaysia Book of Records for the First Cyber Music Lesson.

Owing to his dedicated endeavors towards attaining academic excellence, Raymond has achieved many awards and accolades. He was nominated for TOYM (Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian) in 2006.

Raymond was featured in magazines and TV programs such as Golden Teens with Stuffs and Malaysia Book of Records.

Raymond is renowned for developing several programs and teaching methods that are first in Malaysia. These include:

–The 1st Ambidextrous, Multitask & Synchronized Drawing Program in Malaysia

–The 1st Ambidextrous, Multitask & Synchronized Writing Program in Malaysia

–The 1st Cyber Music Lesson in Malaysia

–The 1st Front Brain Training in Malaysia

–BrainMaster Authentic Brain Fitness Program

–MathMaster Mental Mathematics Program

–NoteMaster Method, the fastest Way to learn Piano

Achieving Excellence in Education

The academy has always focused on providing excellent facilities to ensure overall development of the students. The first High Performanze World Music Achievement Fest (Examination) for keyboard and piano was held in Subang Jaya. International and local students participated in the event.

The academy was initially known as High Performanze Music Special Training Academy. To be in line with its expansion into a one-stop learning center and research & development center for multiple intelligence development & multi-talented child training programs, it was renamed to High Performanze Academy.

In 2010, High Performanze opened branches in golf & country clubs, resorts, learning centers, and schools. The academy is focused on providing quality education to students ranging from the age of 2 to 69 years old, from slow learners to high achievers, from nursery toddlers to university professor, and from general public to members of royal families.

Offering a Plethora of Brilliant Courses

The academy provides a variety of courses, which enable the students to explore their potential. Bringing out the best in them, these courses provide students the opportunity to learn more and improve in academics.

It offers a Keyboard Piano Course, which allows students to learn to play world music that encompasses music of different eras, countries, and cultures beyond western classical. It offers music sessions of different instruments in the orchestra, on a full featured digital piano. Students can learn to play by sight, ear, and memory.

The course allows students to improvise, harmonize, arrange, and compose music. This way, students learn more styles, more skills, and more techniques in a fun and entertaining manner. It further creates a pathway for students to become a more rounded and more versatile musicians. They can also play with notes, learn by hearing and feeling, and also create their own music.

High Performanze implements the revolutionary NoteMaster Method designed for students from 7-70 years old. This course allows students to play more than one tuneful melody with both hands by sighting notes in treble stave and bass stave within seven minutes of the first lesson.

The academy focuses more on skills rather than knowledge. It further adds, ‘Knowledge is something you can acquire anytime, but because of its convenience and accessibility, we may give too much priority to it and thus overlooked at the importance of the above mentioned skills’.

With an emphasis on fulfilling the requirements of fast learners, the academy offers the BrainMaster-Authentic Brain Fitness course. It is the 1st and only top level brain fitness training in Malaysia. This program is designed not only for slow learners, but for normal and fast learner too. It inculcates among the students various skills such as writing and drawing with both hands together, high speed sighting, reading, focusing, thinking, memory training, and so on. Many people know that learning music & playing sports can contribute to one’s intelligence, but that doesn’t mean every single part in the music lesson or sports does that contribution. BrainMaster training is the extractions of those essences, not only from music & sports but from a variety of skills.

The academy believes that the current generation of education and enrichment programs are equipped with many brain accommodating features. That’s the reason why almost every kid needs authentic brain fitness training to counter the regressive effects. Furthermore, it also provides licensing for Brain Fitness Center and Instructor Training.

Serving the Society Responsibly

In addition to providing excellent educational facilities, High Performanze believes in providing various services to the society. It is a member of Martial Artist Against Bullying, a global movement to guide students how to deal with bullying. The academy is also associated with Code Adam child safety program. Further, it offers licensing for Brain Fitness Center and licensed instructors.

The academy supports education by conducting carnivals. It conducts concerts to support organizations that serve patients suffering from HIV. Furthermore, the academy also carries out concert for supporting the Cultural Society and offers free lessons for the underprivileged children.

High Performanze conducts instructor training sessions for community service organizations. It also provides career development and training services for single moms and youths. It also focuses on educating students to care for the society, and bring happiness to the underprivileged children and old folks.

The Future Blueprint

Moving ahead, the academy intends to become a major educational institution, making its mark in the Malaysian education scenario. It also plans on working with investors and invites them to grow with the academy.

Mission Statement: High Performanze Academy aims to provide highly effective learning and training programs for educational institutions.

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