Higher Education including Graduation Opens New Opportunities

Mele Tawake, aged fifty-eight, was one of 263 females to graduate from Pacific Polytech, demonstrating that education knows no age bounds. Despite being a market vendor for the past 12 years, Tawake embarked on a new journey, aiming to utilize her freshly acquired skills for economic empowerment and to support her family. As a mother of three who had dropped out of primary school, she courageously pursued her education at the age of 58. Overwhelmed with pride, she couldn’t contain her emotions while clutching her certificate. Tawake credits Pacific Polytech for equipping her with the necessary tools to enhance her skills.

“I left school when I was only 14 and this is my first education certificate. I am so proud of what I have achieved. It is actually a start of a new era for me, given that I can work in any hotels. I graduated from housekeeping.”

22-year-old Asesela Qiolevu was also among the graduates who despite facing challenges pursued his education and obtained competency in front office operation.

“I had difficulties and faced hard times when I was in school. But my mom encouraged me to continue with my studies.”

Qiolevu anticipates that the skills he has acquired will prove invaluable as he pursues greater economic stability.

Higher education has facilitated knowledge acquisition, increased confidence, and expanded eligibility for numerous job and advanced educational opportunities. Completion of graduate and post-graduate degrees has benefitted individuals across various sectors, opening doors to further education, specialization, and deeper understanding of their fields.

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