Hotel Management: A Plethora of Opportunities

Amidst engineering and medical career options, what people used to imagine two generations back was law. Our parents didn’t even hear about multiple career options which many of us are part of now. And, when many of us say that we are going to pursue such a career like Fashion designing or Event Management, our parents would strongly criticize them, clearly because they are not aware of the courses and their prospects in the current scenario. But the industry is growing and expanding its arms towards serving the world in a better and more efficient manner.

There was a time when certain roles of today did not demand people with certain degrees or expertise, but things have changed. Now, people are looking for experts. Employers are ready to pay the extra bucks, but they expect an expert to fill in the gaps and lead their organization towards an extraordinary experience.

May it be a corporate meeting, major conference, corporate training session, family dinner, friends’ trip or an event filled with celebrities, hotels are the prime destinations where all of these takes place. To ensure all of these take place smoothly, the hotels need experts whom can manage them all and there arises the emergence of the hotel management courses and its institutes. But with the rise of hotel management graduates, rise in the competition and further segregation of branches in the industry, people are looking for career options beyond that.

With the rise in the career options in the hotel management industries, various new positions are coming up in this sector and some of them are as follows:

Accommodation Manager

As the name suggests, Accommodation Managers work in a variety of sectors including the conference centers, health worker housing, hotel, housing associations, care homes, youth hostels and hospitals. The job role of Accommodation Manager will vary depending on the sector the person is serving. But the typical responsibilities of the manager will include business planning, budget controlling and administering. This person holds the responsibility of ensuring that accommodation facilities are provided to the guests in a very smooth manner along with safety features.

Event Manager

Self-Motivator, Self-Initiator, Planner, and Proactive, those are the qualities one must possess if one wants to become an Event Manager. Though the responsibilities change from sector to sector and event to event, the primary role stays the same and that is managing the process right from the planning stage, to event to post-event evaluation.

From managing clients, events to liaising with sales, suppliers, and ensuring insurance and legal matters along with safety issues, Event Manager does that all. One must be enthusiastic in travelling, communicating and willing to work even on the weekends, and must not be a follower of 9-6 duty people, and then only one can be efficient in this profession. Mostly, the salaries are high and there are high scopes of entrepreneurships in this sector.

Tour Manager

If one has a degree in hotel management and has a passion for traveling and guiding people to explore new places with an exotic essence of those places. And, the only job responsible of the person is to offer an exotic experience to the tourists. Beyond that the person must take care of all the issue that the travellers might face and that includes everything from immigration, passport to tickets and accommodation and even emergency situation with safety concern. It apparently seems that this career too goes beyond the 9-6 schedule.

Apart from all these interesting career options, hotel management degrees offer much more. If one is passionate about food and cooking, undoubtedly, becoming a chef is the best choice one can opt for. Other professions like Catering Manager, Fast Food Manager, Public House Manager, Restaurant Manager, Customer Service Manager, Human Resource Officer, Retail Manager and definitely Hotel Manager.

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