Forethoughts for the Modern day Organic Farmers

The backbone of the Indian economy, the agricultural sector, ranks second in the global farm output. In India, the word ‘organic food’ has created quite a buzz. This has resulted in more number of farmers turning to grow food without the use of chemicals and pesticides rather than the traditional method of farming. Organic farming has no universally accepted definition. However, it can be widely considered as the specific production system that aims in avoiding the use of harmful and synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, livestock feed activities and growth regulators.

The reason why one chooses to be an organic farmer differs from one to another. At first, this idea would be overwhelming; the path to it is different for everyone. This new trend in farming is now gaining prominence amongst the city dwellers too; who are venturing into this field. While the start line of this career seems all promising many are not sure about the finish line. Below are some of the ideas about how to get this finish line.

Personal Commitment

One of the most important aspects of being an organic farmer is to make sure that one must have the drive to accomplish a milestone in farming. Farming, in general, is a tough career path; nevertheless, organic farming is a much difficult path due to the need of gaining certifications and the rules that need to be followed. However, there is nothing that cannot be achieved if one has dedication and willingness to encounter anything that comes its way. To be successful in organic farming one must at first be clear about his or her reason behind, ‘why they choose this career’. Secondly, they must be willing to invest sufficient time and their resource into it.

Healthy Body

“The greatest wealth is health”!  People from all walks of life might have come across a variant of this legendary phrase. Speaking about a farmer, this phrase is more than just a reference. Stepping foot into farming is different from having a corporate job. Farmers have to spend long hours standing, pulling, lifting and the on-the-go moving swiftly and quickly from one task to another.  This one such kind of profession one is always on the move. On one hand were farming tasks are extremely strenuous, these tasks are often done under various conditions like extreme heat, rain, cold which might add to the stress. Unlike a regular 9 hour job, farming does not have time limit. All in all, there is no other alternative than being healthy and stable. Having a healthy diet and maintain body will help one to invest more time into farming.

Management Skills

A farm no matter how big or small, managing it effortlessly is what makes one a good farmer.  Farming does not end with just growing crops, there are other tasks like expanding farm, finding new employees, getting a good buyer or agent.  Ability to manage all these tasks without much hassle is the attribute of a good farmer.

Being capable of managing tasks swiftly also indicates being organised. If one is unable to balance their check book and locate health insurance, organic farming will come as much as a chaotic task. Farmers, especially the organic farmers should keep all the records accurately and should update themselves with any alteration. Being a farmer friendly nation, the Indian government frequently announces farmer friendly programs, offers financial supports and lots more. In order to be a beneficiary of such programs and following upon on such packages needs proper handling of documents.

Managing skills does not end with just handling the paper work. A farmer also experiences pressure at certain times.  Factors like changing climate, stress from both organic and conventional sides of agricultural industry and other issues can be challenging for farmers. Keeping oneself composed and calm and the ability to solve a problem are also the traits of managing skilfully.

A Business Savvy Mind

Unlike traditional farmers, the role of an organic farmer does not end with just growing crops and caring for other livestock.  An organic farmer needs the shrewdness of a businessman. Dealing with bank and other financial related matters, interacting with buyers and sellers, making deals with marketers, promotions, budgeting, bills to be taken care off, hiring employees, managing a  website and the list goes on and on.  Organic farming basically is practical like; growing crops, cleaning and harvesting which consumes most of the time while the pending time is spent running the business end of it.

Eagerness to Learn

Being an organic farmer means exposing themselves to new ideas and possibilities. Accepting and analysing new opportunities and willingness to learn are important to be in this profession. Learning goes in many forms; there are some farmers who get their training from experienced farmers while there are few who go to colleges. Along with knowing the drills of conventional farming, organic farmers should also equip themselves with some mechanical knowledge like running some machines, fixing these machines etc. Even though having mechanical knowledge is not necessary for organic farmers, learning to become a mechanical minded does no harm.

Unlike the earlier days when most farmers learned the trade by growing up in a farmer’s family, the farmers today are unknown to the conventional ways. Many of the new entrants have joined this career path for its unique feature and the increasing demand.  The modern day farmers have much more qualifications under their belt. Standing on the cusp of a new era, organic farming is set to make new levels. The above mentioned points will help the budding farmers to stay focused and achieve their goals.

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