How Can Your Product Packaging Affect Sales?
Product Packaging

When considering the launch of a product, packaging often takes a back seat in lieu of ensuring the product is in its best possible state. However, according to a recent survey of consumers 73% used product packaging design to inform their purchase – indicating a significant correlation between one and the other, and illustrating the importance of devoting time and attention to packaging solutions. Here we will discuss some of the factors in play with regard to the appeal of packaging.

The Effect of Packaging Design and Materials

There are two design aspects to packaging, which together inform the majority of first impressions in consumers. These aspects are the package’s graphic design and its engineering. Loud and busy artwork can be arresting and draw attention to the product – but it can also be confusing and obfuscating, turning potential buyers off attempting to understand what the design is trying to convey. Simpler designs with bold accents draw the eye without being overbearing and communicate the purpose of the product with relative ease. Images on packaging can also add to the attraction of a product – if you’re buying chocolate online, for example, you could be more tempted to buy chocolate with clear drawings of what to expect on the exterior box.

The engineering of an item of packaging is also key. The materials from which it is constructed say something about the product’s manufacturer – for instance, using rough papers and cardboards might indicate commitment sustainability. The way in which packaging works can also entice customers, whether unique shapes and fastening methods or easily collapsible designs.

Packaging Content and Information

The content and information supplied on the packaging are also crucial to product sales. For starters, it is a legal obligation to provide certain information on product packaging, depending on the product: nutritional information for foodstuffs, or disclaimers for the inclusion of dangerous materials or choking hazards for other products. However, the creative content on packaging can assist in the marketability of the product. Prominently displaying a product description on the side can serve to inform consumers, while also selling the product to them. Branding taglines can reinforce memorability, especially in tandem with marketing efforts that use the same tagline.

Packaging for Online Orders

Of course, packaging serves more of a purpose than a marketing tool. Good packaging also protects its contents, a crucial task in a world of increased online commerce and product delivery. With more sensitive or fragile products, consumers appreciate robust packaging that protects their purchase in transit and are more likely to purchase a product in the knowledge that it is safely packaged.

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