How convenient is it to study while travelling abroad?
travelling abroad

Let’s face it: studying and cramming in the library is not what most students envision when they think of studying abroad. For most, it’s the first, and often the best, opportunity to travel.

If you want to have a really interesting time during your college years and see the world, it’s definitely possible, even if you don’t have a lot of money in your wallet. All you need to know is how to cut travel costs while staying within your student budget.

The tips at will help you plan fun and affordable trips that will diversify and fill your college life with a new colour!

Take the right flights at the right time

One of the best ways to save money on travel is to choose a low-cost airline. You’ve probably heard of EasyJet, Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Flybe, WizzAir and others. Of course, these flights have their own special features. For example, the flights may be less comfortable, there may be slight delays on arrival and departure, there may be considerable restrictions on baggage weight, and the flights may be between different airports rather than between major airports. But in the end, none of this matters compared to how much you could save on your ticket!

Another good way to save money on travel is to choose the right time to travel. For example, you should not travel “in season” or during vacations. During these times, airlines, carriers and hotels raise their prices. There are even days of the week when air travel is more expensive or cheaper, such as Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Make friends with hostels

Stay in hostels, not hotels. Hostels are known to be a student’s best friend when it comes to travel. For very little money, you can get everything you need at a hostel: a bed with clean sheets, a drawer for your things, access to a shared bathroom and toilet, and sometimes even breakfast. Of course, you may have to share a room with 10 other people, but that’s okay if you pay about $10 and spend time getting to know the new place rather than staying within four walls.

Remember to save wisely when you travel

There are many other budget-friendly ways that travel enthusiasts take advantage of. Here are a few…

Once you have enrolled in a university abroad, you will receive an ISIC student card. This card will give you access to a huge number of discounts of all kinds around the world. These include discounts on transportation, discounts at certain coffee shops, restaurants and stores, and discounts on museums and tours. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity for additional savings.

Don’t try to eat at expensive restaurants abroad. If you really want to try the local cuisine, try to find out in advance where you can buy it without paying a lot of money. You can often find it at street fairs, food stands and even local fast-food chains. It’s much cheaper and often tastes no different than restaurant food. If fine dining is not your thing, you can save money on food by buying simple, hearty items at local supermarkets or markets.

Finally, souvenirs are another expense you should save on while travelling. Who among us hasn’t looked at all sorts of tourist trinkets and been willing, at some point, to pay a tidy sum for them? In fact, most of the time, it’s a waste. As long as you don’t have a lot of money in your wallet, focus on collecting inexpensive or even free travel souvenirs – postcards, tickets, maps, etc.

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