How GATE School Ensures Student’s Success

GATE scores are essential for admission to various post-graduate education programs (e.g. Master of Engineering, Master of Technology, Doctor of Philosophy) in Indian higher education institutes. With an aim to ensure the perfect preparation of students, Ufaber’s GATE School perfectly leverages the online platform by using five tools as mentioned below:

  1. Informative Videos: Our programs have been created in collaboration with renowned faculty from IIT’s and branch-specific experts. The lectures, key tips, important subjects are communicated through a series of videos.
  2. Personal Mentor and Study Planning: Learn from the best professors from reputed universities. Our mentors create a personalized study plan for each student to make sure they achieve their maximum potential.
  3. Regular Tests: Nothing matches the anxiety of appearing in the actual exam. GATE school offers you the most stimulating test experience before the exams where students can appear for at least 30 exams before appearing for the final one.
  4. Doubt-Solving sessions: Our online reviews are all praises for the regular doubt-solving sessions that are conducted by tutors. GATE School understands that students can be bombarded with questions and curiosity and who would want to live with doubt? At least we won’t.
  5. Offline Viewing: No internet or having a fluctuating data connection? Fret not as GATE School allows offline viewing. As soon as you enrol for the course, a pen drive with all the course material will be sent at your doorstep. You can view the content and study whenever you want to. The best part? Every time new content is added, it will automatically sync to the pen drive. We’ll forever be indebted to technology, won’t we?

Offline coaching is a thing of the past and with GATE School‘s online coaching, the student can study at his own convenience and pace. From working professionals to students everyone can benefit from GATE School’s exceptional service.

GATE School’s premier content has been made, curated, and reviewed by academicians, Ph. D. scholars, and teachers from IITs and IIScs. Its aim is that quality content should be accessible to everyone who is online, irrespective of their economic strata, or location.

Bid adieu to the days when only students from top-ranking Engineering colleges could crack the GATE exams. GATE school ensures every GATE aspirant performs to their ultimate potential.

GATE School’s online content has been vouched and reviewed by several students. You find their feedbacks here-

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