How IELTS Ninja Facilitates Aspirants for the IELTS Indicator Test?

IELTS Ninja has been pioneering for IELTS preparation since its inception. Over the years, IELTS made many changes and adjustments and IELTS Ninja has ensured that they modify their pedagogy accordingly.

IELTS Indicator is a computer-based test that a student can take from their home is the need of the moment. At IELTS Ninja, we have been offering the facility of Computer Based Test (CBT) to prepare for IELTS online since day-1. Over 50,000 students have benefited from this to date. Following are some highlights of our institution:

  1. The key feature of our programs: Personal Training.

The personal mentorship program is unique and the most effective way to prepare for a skill-testing exam like IELTS. It is indispensable when you are aiming at a higher band score.

We at IELTS Ninja purely provide personalized training, which is suited to one’s individual needs. Where most training institutes offer personal training for 5 hours at the most, we stand out with a whopping 25 to even 100 hours of personal training.

  1. We provide world-class and highly researched content.

Our study materials are our pride. After month-long, in-depth research and being reviewed by our first-rate tutors our material is deemed to be invaluable by our students. There are over 20 hours of videos, past papers, and exercises to work on even the most negligible of the errors.

There are also an additional 70- 150 hours of educational content, which includes lecture videos, exercises, assignments, mock tests, and practice and review tests. So if you are signing up for a month of training, you receive:

  • 30 hours of classes.
  • 70 hours of content plus practice.

This combination is our success formula and it never fails.

  1. Our pedagogy is one of its kind

We at IELTS Ninja are dedicated to offering you the best possible online tutoring experience. That is why our methods are innovative and carefully planned. We understand how valuable your time is and that is why we make sure that not a second of your time is wasted.

Our programs have three sections:

  • Instructional:

This is the classroom program where you learn strategies and various grammatical and syntactical concepts through video lectures.

  • Interactional:

The Interactional part is where you discuss your queries with your mentor, get feedback on your practices, and apply the concepts you learned from the instructional videos.

This is where you use your trainer’s expertise and knowledge to dive deeper into the topic and work on your errors and shortcomings.

  • Cycles:

We believe that the integral part of your improvement lies in how well you practice. That is why we cyclically designed our practice sessions so that you are always improving. For instance, if you enrol in a one month program, this cycle will run 30 times. So even if you join with a Band 6/6.5, eventually you will rise to the level of Band 7.5/8.

How IELTS Ninja can help you prepare effectively for IELTS Indicator?

IELTS Ninja’s experience in the field of online training and its growing success rate speak for themselves. Now that IELTS has gone online, it is natural that you would need to prepare yourself accordingly. It is one thing to write an exam in an exam hall with many other candidates but taking the same test from home is completely another business.

At home, the familiar environment itself can be a distraction. At IELTS Ninja you can take plenty of mock tests from your home and have the right amount of practice before you take the actual test. IELTS Indicator is a completely online test and IELTS Ninja can give you the right kind of guidance for it.

The students at IELTS Ninja are already familiar with the online setting so whoever among them is opting for the IELTS Indicator, surely has the edge above others.

In A Nutshell:

To accommodate the needs of the students who have international educational aspirations, IELTS has come up with the idea of IELTS Indicator, a fully online test that you can take while you are maintaining social distance. IELTS Ninja, with its ever-increasing experience of online teaching, provides online coaching, review cycles and mock-tests to give you the feel of the IELTS Indicator test, way before you take it.

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