How the elimination of SAT and ACT is making admission process fairer this year

Universities in the United States have eliminated the standardized exam criteria for admission to the varsities because to the Covid crisis last year. This year, too, the University of California has determined that SAT and ACT results would not be taken into account when enrolling students.

The decision comes after a lawsuit was launched by a group of students and advocacy groups challenging the university’s standardized exam scores. Stakeholders have long claimed that the examination favors rich students and disadvantages minorities and low-income candidates. Privileged students have more opportunities to attend better preparatory classes and get higher grades than other students.

“This makes the process fairer and allows universities to assess students by considering their unique condition, challenges, and successes throughout their high school years,” says Bhavna Jolly, senior program officer, EducationUSA, United States – India Educational Foundation (USIEF), who supports the move to withdraw the SAT and ACT from admissions for Fall 2021 and 2022.

She claims that removing standardized exams from admissions will allow students to display their qualifications without being limited by their test scores. Students can now use their high school curriculum and extracurricular activities to emphasize their applications.

According to Piyush Kumar, regional director (South Asia), IDP Education, the abolition of the SAT and ACT last year resulted in a rise in the number of applications to US universities. He emphasized that the elimination of standardized examinations would allow Indian students to apply to prestigious institutions without fear of being rejected because they did not submit their SAT/ACT results.

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