Two BTech students of Kashmir create low-cost ventilator using scrap items to fight Covid-19
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Two young Kashmir valley BTech students have developed a gadget that is not only beneficial to India’s healthcare system, but also reduces waste at a time when discarded markings, gloves, shields, PPE kits, and other Covid-19 paraphernalia are clogging up landfills throughout the world.

To counteract Covid-19, two Srinagar residents – Sajid and Jehangir, designed a low-cost ventilator constructed of scrap materials. Doctors may use the gadget, which is based on Internet of Things (IOT) technology, to remotely observe patients through a Wi-Fi connection.

This ingenious low-cost ventilator with a total cost of around Rs 5000 is IoT-based. A doctor can remotely monitor the patient, his or her ECG strain, humidity, temperature, pulse saturation, and other parameters by connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot. It will just set you back about Rs 5000.

The young BTech students explained, “We had a lot of difficulty manufacturing this prototype device in lockdown since getting the parts that were needed in this low-cost ventilator was difficult.”

During these trying times, when Covid-19 is sweeping the country, most hospitals are running out of ventilators to aid the victims. This was the driving force behind the development of this low-cost ventilator. It’s composed completely of recyclable materials and scraps, such as soapboxes, old printers, etc.

Despite the fact that this gadget is currently a prototype, these young innovators are hoping that they will obtain government funding and that their work would help India battle Covid-19.

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