How to Calculate the EMI of a Business Loan for a New Company?
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The ability of any business to expand and grow depends on the availability of money. You can use the same criteria, regardless of whether you want to invest in new products, expand your business or digitalise its procedures. Applying for a loan can help you meet the financial needs of your business. Failure to repay a business loan can affect more than just your reputation. It also increases the amount of unpaid installments. It is important to plan and calculate your EMI before applying for a business loan.

You can also find out more about the A-Team here. Calculator for business Loan EMI In this situation, it is useful to have a realistic picture of the monthly loan repayment responsibilities. It is important to have a realistic view of your monthly expenses and budget. The online EMI calculator allows you to select the term and amount of your business loan. This article will explain the function of a Calculator for business Loan EMI How to use it

What is an EMI Calculator for Business Loan?

The EMI Calculator computes the exact EMI to be paid over the course of a loan, including both interest and principal. A quick-access tool is available on the websites of lenders and customers to simplify the EMI calculation process.

You can also find out more about the following – Calculator for business Loan EMI This calculator uses an equation consisting of three basic parts (loan term, interest rate, and loan amount). This calculator is easy to understand and use. The user only needs to enter the loan information one time to get an instant calculation of their monthly payments.

You can also find out more about the following – Calculate your business Loan EMI You can compare different business financing offers. This is convenient for the users as it allows them to quickly choose which offer they prefer — a larger loan at a cheaper rate. Business loan interest rate With a lower payment per month.

How do you calculate the cost of the loan?

In order to calculate your payment, you must consider three factors. The three factors that determine your payment amount are the loan value, the interest due and the term of the loan.

Once this information has been gathered, a commercial loan EMI calculator can be used to determine the monthly payment schedule. You will be given an “amortization plan” which compiles this information in a table.

Amortization schedules will show you the loan amount, interest that you’ll pay every month, and total amount owed at the end of each month. A can be used efficiently. Calculator for business Loan EMI The amortization schedule is published once the loan has been approved.

How to Calculate the EMI of a Business Loan

The principal and interest portions of a loan are paid in equal monthly installments (EMIs). In a typical interest calculation formula, three factors are used to determine the monthly payment – the amount of the loan, the term of the loan and the interest rate.

Below is the mathematical formula for calculating business loan. It is based on a number of factors.

EMI is defined by P x r x ((1+rn-1)/(1+rn)n]

The formula is as follows –

The loan amount provided by the lender is P.

R is the rate of interest that the lender will charge on the loan. For this calculation, the interest rate is treated like a monthly rate. Then r = r/12/100.

The duration of the loan is shown as the number of months. (For example, a 10 year assignment is expressed as 120 months using the formula above).

Let’s take a look at an example to understand the formula.

DEG Bank has approved a loan to Company A for Rs. The loan is for Rs. 50,000,000, with a term of 10 years and an annual repayment. Business loan interest Rates In this case, the EMI will be calculated as 8%. The EMI is calculated in this case as follows –

EMI = 5000000 0.006667 (1+0.006667)^120 / [(1+0.006667)^120 – 1]

Rs. Rs. 60,664.

How to calculate business loan interest rates in India?

When applying for a loan to start a business in India, lending companies will charge you a fee. They may also add an interest rate. Interest rates are expressed as a percentage of the loan amount. When you apply for a credit, your lender will give you two different interest rates – an annual percentage rate or nominal interest rate.

The nominal rate of interest is the annual interest charged by the lender. APR is the total cost of loan repayments, including all fees, commissions, and interest.

The effective Business loan interest rate Also, the total cost is revealed. To determine the effective rate of interest, use the following mathematical formula –


The periodic rate of interest is denoted by r.

Variables that influence the loan EMI –

The Loan Amount is – The capital/amount of the loan is also known as principal amount. It is the money/cash that you have agreed to borrow, or the amount your lender has authorized. Determining the monthly payments is essential. The EMI payment increases when the loan amount is increased.

Rate of Interest When calculating the repayment capacity of a borrower, many variables are taken into account, such as the age, income, history of credit, and repayment ability. Business loan interest rate . This can vary from one lender and another.

Loan Tenure The EMI costs change significantly as the repayment period increases. If a borrower selects a longer repayment period, the monthly EMI will decrease. A longer loan term will result in a higher rate of interest.

You can calculate the difference if you change the loan amount, repayment period or both. You cannot afford to make an error. This sum must be correct. You can get into trouble if you borrow money that you cannot afford to repay. Use a calculator designed with such situations in mind to help you avoid them.


All businesses require loans. Helping customers is our priority In order to obtain quick financing at lower rates. It is important to compare the cost-effectiveness of all business loans before selecting one. This will allow the company to plan their spending and avoid loan repayments becoming a burden. Try this Business Loan EMI Calculator Calculate your EMI (annual installment), monthly payments, and due diligence on your Loan.

Need funding to expand your company? With the right knowledge and guidance, applying for a loan for your business should be simple! This article will outline the steps to apply for a business credit so you can get the funding that your business needs.

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